Saturday, January 18, 2014

What I made last year for Christmas Gifts. (Dog Paintings)

I just realized that I never shared the gifts that I made this last year for Xmas!
I guess the new snowfall made me think of Christmas....
and that I kinda only like snow for Christmas.
Anyway, this is what I made for the two girls that work for me in boarding.
Taylor adores her little Elvis -

So I did a painting of him -

and Pam's furry family has suffered a couple of losses in the last couple of years 
and now she is just left with just her two dogs,
Rain and Princess - 

and finally Lily, my niece has a new puppy
a Dachshund/Shih-Tzu mix....or sometimes called a mutt.
I was very upset with Lily because she BOUGHT him from a Pet Store.
Most Pet Stores get puppies from Puppy Mills
and with so many dogs needing homes.....
OK, anyway. I can't hold it against her little guy.
His name is Lucius Fox
(after the Morgan Freeman character from the Batman movies. Lily is addicted to all things Batman)
So here's her pic of her puppy in the snow.

And the painting I did of him.

For some reason, I was unable to get a really good pic of it and I couldn't scan it
because it's covered in glitter, to look like sparkling snow.

So, that's what I MADE for Christmas.
The rest of my gifts I bought throughout the year.
I got my sister some really cool Smith and Hawkins garden things
when they were marked down after summer.
I try to remember to search all year so I can get good gifts at good prices.
But usually, I prefer to make my gifts, if possible.


Anonymous said...

What fine paintings!

Dogs and cats aren't allowed to be sold in pet stores here but unfortunately puppy mills do exist here too. Not as bad as the ones I've seen from the US because since they must sell them from their homes or kennels the place must be well kept but still I don't like it.

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Christer!
Yeah, while I don't know for sure that those puppies came from a puppy mill, I just don't like the idea of her paying someone who breeds a mixed breed dog for profit when we are constantly having dogs and puppies that come into the clinic that need homes.
Sigh, but it's done now.
And he is very cute and actually very well behaved. She's even got him potty-trained already!

Pamela Smallcomb said...

I love your paintings! And even though he's from a pet store, Lily's pup sure is cute. :) I made Christmas presents, too (for my kids) but I forgot to take pics (smacks forehead). And my phone and my laptop aren't talking to me, so I couldn't post them anyway. :) xo

tammy j said...

i love your art.
the simplicity of it.
the heart of it.
you manage to capture them without a lot of detail.
you capture their soul.
it's just wonderful!
and puppy mills.
don't get me started.
our state is one of the worst.
a shame upon us.
i have tried in vain to get stronger legislation.
those evil people simply pay a fine and continue business.
my heart aches. no one cares about it. horrendous.
almost as bad as the factory farms that ... oh. i'd better stop.

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh Pam! I wish you had taken photos! I love everything you create and would love to have seen what you did.
I'm glad you like my paintings. The girls liked them so I was happy.
I totally understand about phone and laptop problems!
In fact Blogger isn't showing this post in my feed so I'm glad to know it's actually out there in blogland! and it's been hard to answer these comments. I keep getting a pop-up thingie asking if I want to "kill pages".
Anyway, thanks for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks so much Tammy for the great compliment!
Yes, puppy mills and factory farms, abandoned's frightening that there are such cruel people out there that can cause such suffering.
It breaks my heart.

Vicki said...

Wonderful, heartfelt renderings of these beautiful dogs, Cynthia. Well done - from one animal portrait artist to another, I love how you've captured their characters.
And, I believe, when it comes to painting animals, it's all in the eyes. I was always told how I "captured their essence".
If one doesn't get that right, well, it won't be right. The eyes are truly the window to the soul - no truer words were spoken. Particularly when it comes to animals. Sentient beings "speak" with their eyes.

As for puppy mills, we battle them here too. Hateful people running concentration camps. Keeping poor dogs in filthy conditions, wearing the mothers out, litter after litter, then discarding them without feeling when they are battered and broken.
People don't see beyond the darling little puppies faces in pet shop windows. Beyond back to the origin of the puppies birthplace and parents conditions.

More education is required to make people aware and then (hopefully) make the choices which eventually force the closure of such hideous operations.

I can't at all blame the sweet puppies that (luckily, mostly) find their way into good homes. But, there are problems at the very heart of the PM industry and the parents should suffer production line treatment.

Sorry, it's a soapbox of mine, and I get carried away :/

No one can (and should) begrudge dear little Lucius Fox his existence. It isn't his fault. And, I'm so glad he has a loving home and a wonderful human aunty to watch over him :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Vicki, Thank you THANK YOU for this comment! It means so much to me that you liked them. It's wonderful to get such a compliment from someone who's work I admire so much!

The battle of puppy mills and trying to get laws changed, I live in Illinois but work in Iowa where the battle is met with a lot of opposition because they are worried about farming issues.
And a lot of Amish people live in Iowa and they look at animals as a commodity, I've been told, and don't view them as living beings with a soul.
It makes me so angry, sad and sick.

Vicki said...

It's a battle we have to keep fighting - for them.
My heartfelt wishes are with you, Cynthia xx

Cynthia Myers said...

xoxo to you Vicki

Nita Stacy said...

Oh...I love them! Love each of them for different reasons! That puppy is soooo cute. A friend of mine has a shitzu dachshund mix and its a darling dog.

sarah @ homeologymodernvintage said...

love them all! i'm write this as my cat, fritz, bites on my fingers as i type. (he knows how to get the attention he demands!)

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Nita!
and somehow I just KNEW that you would love Lily's puppy!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!

poor Fritz,
kitties never get enough attention.
But I love how they aren't shy about demanding it when needed.

An Urban Cottage said...

I was going to say what Nita said so I'll say it anyway. I love all three but each for a different reason. I love that the first fills the space and wraps around the edges. It gives him a personality that's spills over because it's just too big to fit. The second one is really sweet. It strikes an emotion. Perfectly imperfect handwriting adds to the sweet, innocent quality. And the third one is almost an abstract. It's obviously a pet painting but it goes to a higher level. I couldn't say which one I like most.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you SO much Steve!
It's so kind of you to describe what you felt and liked about each of the paintings.
I'm not sure which one I like the most but I know which I enjoyed making the most!
Thanks again!

Abi said...

I love how you capture their characters. You are gifted Cindi.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks so much Abi!