Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ruby, her Heart and the Van saga continues...

Do you ever share something on your blog and then when something else happens you feel you must share that too.
Because it's part of the story?
But you are worried that people are yawning and nodding their heads and thinking enough already!
So, here's the very last of the van saga and then I will move onto something much more serious.
Like my Ruby.
I took my Ruby with me to work today. I know that she's got some heart issues, she's on medication for it.
But I thought I heard a rattling in her chest and...well, something just didn't seem right.
I'm pretty focused on just her right now.

When I get to work this morning and there's a phone call up front in the office for me from the car dealership.

Now they want me to pay out of pocket for the towing.
Everything the guy said to me over the phone I repeated firmly and slowly back to the girls in the office as they stared at me with widened eyes.
"So you want me to pay out of pocket for the towing and then send in the receipt to the warranty place and be reimbursed?"
The guy replies, "Yeah. YES."
So, I tell him "Noooo. YOU need to send in your receipt and let them reimburse YOU"
He states that he told them that and they refused.
"So, you told them to reimburse you and they refused?" I repeat.
"Yes" he replies.
"OK", I tell him matter-of-factly. "Give me the phone number and the name of the person you talked to"
He hesitates and then gives me the info.
I went back to my office area and call the warranty place and talk with them.
Then I call the guy back, and it goes right to his voice-mail, so I leave him a message to email me.
He does and I send an email back to him as follows:

(Insert Guy's Name Here.) -
I spoke to Blank of Blank.
I told them how the battery light had been on in my van and how worried I was driving it, especially in this weather so I brought it to YOUR DEALERSHIP and was told it was fine.
I told them how the next day as I drove to work on River Drive, that my windshield wipers stopped and I could barely see.
I told him how the heat and radio suddenly stopped and how then the engine light came on.
I told them how terrified I was that I wouldn't make it to work and how I called YOUR DEALERSHIP, in a panic and afraid to drive it anywhere else.
So you guys called a towing company.
I told them that I hadn't even been sure that I had towing but that I was sure YOUR DEALERSHIP would have covered it, given the fact that I had been there THE DAY BEFORE!
anyway, he asked what the problem was
and I told him that you said I needed to pay the towing and I'd then be reimbursed but I thought that YOUR DEALERSHIP should send in the receipt and be reimbursed. and he agreed.
He said to mail this info to them:
my member #
the original receipt
and an explanation as to why they were not called.
then send it to:
Blank Blank Motor Club
Customer Claims Dept.
Blank Corporate Blank Drive
Suite # Blank
Miami, FL 33126

personally...I can't believe you are making me do all this legwork for you.
and to think that I had planned to purchase a Honda from you guys once I paid off this dumb van. Ha!
Jeez, if I had gotten into an accident because I could not see to drive with the bad weather and no wipers
I would have called my step-mothers attorneys, who she works for, and sued YOUR DEALERSHIP ass off.

So that's how my day started,
The guy did get back to me via email. 
Basically saying sorry for the mis-communication and "Thanks Again"

Blah, Blah
So, now back to Ruby
They ran an EKG
Did x-rays. 
I told my vet about the rattling, I had him press his fingers on the side of her chest to feel the vibrations.
I tell him about the constant dark discharge from her eyes and how I have to carefully wipe her face so as not to excite her and bring on a "Spell".
I tell him how I can't give her bathes anymore because she becomes too upset and her tongue comes out and turns blue and she appears to be not breathing.
He looked her over and studied her x-ray and didn't seem overly concerned and said to just continue with the meds she's on.
While he attended to another client I told the techs that I wanted bloodwork done.
All the techs crowd around her, stroking her, calming her while they get blood.
She does fine.
My vet comes into the lab area and we tell him that we are running her bloodwork.
I'm holding her and she's calm.
One of the techs offers to trim her nails and gently takes a hold of her foot.
She hasn't even brought the clippers close and Ruby's tongue is blue.
I look at the tech and ask her "Does it look blue?"
and then it turns bluer and then it suddenly purple blue.
I turn and quickly move towards Doc and suddenly she's peeing. 
I'm holding her straight out away from me so that she's not urinating all over me. 
Doc said for them to get some of the urine, run a sample.
We rush her to the table.
For a moment my head is swirling around the room.
I can't focus.
I look down and the tech said she's breathing again. 
Doc is listening to her chest, her heart has dramatically slowed.
He says to run an EKG again and we hurry into the surgery room and hook her up and also start giving her oxygen.
Her color starts to return to pink.
One of the techs said that she had a mini heart attack but in dogs, they call it something else.

Now they are researching what other medications they can add it to what she's already taking.

................seriously, 2014 is really sucking so far.


Nita Stacy said...

Oh Ruby!!!! Thank god you were at the vet when this happened. I hope the new meds help her situation. She is a doll! So sorry about the Van situation....but that is nothing compared to Ruby. Be thankful you still have Ruby and let the van thing go. she is so precious...

Cynthia Myers said...

I know Nita!
I was so worried about her and angry that I had to take my focus off of her to battle this stupid van problem again.
I debated bringing it up but upset that the situation keeps draining my energy and trying to take my $$.
All that I really care about is that my pets are happy and healthy.
Thanks for commenting! xoxo

tammy j said...

oh dear heart.
that precious little face. the word precious is over used i know.
but that's just what it is.
CoQ10 is a supplement of an enzyme that our bodies produce that puts 'oxygen into our blood.'
when i put myself on it... btw...
you can buy it at walmart.
only be sure you get the gel kind.
some of the amounts are quite small and easy to swallow.
i also have a heart problem... have had 2 attacks and 1 cardiac arrest after a stent implant...
so. i read about it and started taking it. it made me feel better.
i told the doctor next time i saw him about taking it.
he said "that's one of the best things you could be doing."
since hers also seems to be an oxygen or lack of... maybe you could research it for dogs.
it would be worth a try.
not sure i like your vet all that much... HE should have noticed her little tongue turning blue i would think.
i was already to shoot some bear anyway after reading about that STUPID ARROGANT LAZY car dealership.
don't even get me started.
blood boiling as i read it.
my heart to yours.
it HAS to get better for you. xo

An Urban Cottage said...

What a sweet little thing; she does have a really cute face. I hope she's okay. How old is she?

Anonymous said...

Well, it can only be better from now on can't it :-)
I'm glad that You had her with You to Yor job so they could take care of her directly!

I love how You handled that guy :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

Tammy, Thanks so much! I will definitely research that. It seems that whether it's for yourself or your pets, people have to do so much research on their own. Which isn't right since that's what those in the medical profession, get the big bucks for. I'm not mad at Doc, because her tongue didn't go blue until after his exam of her. But he does always look on the positive side of things and sometimes I wish he'd be more alarmed and start with the BIG guns rather than slowly work his way there.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Steve, she is adorable if I say so myself.
She will turn 10 this April.
She's the puppy I got after my heart was broken over losing my Golden, Maddie.
And she was the one that got bit in the skull as a puppy and who Doc saved way back then.
Ruby and I have been though a lot together.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes Christer, I am indeed lucky that I work at the vet clinic. This time I even made an appointment because I wanted there to be plenty of time to discuss her symptoms.
I do HOPE that it gets better after this.
I told my step-mom about the guy from the dealership and she replied back to me that I was definitely my father's daughter. :)
My Dad never took crap off of anyone and he taught me to stand up for myself with people like that.

Vicki said...

Oh Cynthia, I'm catching up on blog reads and am so sorry to read this.
Poor dear little Ruby. And, how very distressing for you. So sorry.
I truly hope she is faring better now - the look on her little face catches at my throat.
It really tears at the heart when our fur-kids are unwell.

And, you've been through the ringer with the car dealership - although, you handled the situation so very well.
I truly hope that, as the year progresses, things will be brighter for you.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Vicki
Today they decided to up her one medication and told me to keep her as calm as possible until Monday.
On Monday another vet returns from her vacation and she's been talking on the phone with one of the techs and said she might have an idea.
Fingers crossed.
But thanks so much for your kind words. xoxo

regreta said...

oh no ruby-doo!!! poor baby girl! yer doing your best with that baby miss cindy, remember that. sending lots of love and positive thoughts for ruby baby.

oh gurl! remember to breathe breathe! breathe!!

and as far as the dealership goes, does not surprise me they made the whole ordeal as difficult as possible, its their job, well you got thru it, well handled and next ordeal... also yer not the only one on this continent with a bumpy year, so dont feel too alone.
go sage the car and house, get the juju out!

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh Regreta! You make Smile and Laugh! even when I don't feel like it!
I think my niece has some Sage!
I will think positive thoughts for my Ruby.
Thank you for the love sent her way and the good jibes!