Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm not Moving, so...

OK, So I'm not moving but one of the things that I love in a house is a 3 season
or even better, a sunroom.

Every single house that I've been interested in, has had one.
Now as I've said before, my home is thin and tall.
Not very big.
The other day as I was watering my plants

                                                   (these looked dead when I brought them in.)
which are all the plants that I brought in from my patio/dog area,
I had an idea.
Probably it's more of a "dream" since I'm flat broke.
(more so after the car problems/missing work fiasco)
but, who knows...maybe someday I could have a sunroom built!

My kitchen, used to be my dining room.
When I first bought my house you came in the front door in the living room
then into the dining room 
and then the kitchen.
It was a tiny kitchen, 6 ft deep and 15 ft wide.
One day I was talking to a friend how I hated having my washer and dryer in the basement
and she said I should swap out the room and make the kitchen into a laundry/mud room
and the dining room into the kitchen.

I thought that was an excellent idea because the dining room was just wasted space for me.
I won't go into what happened because it's a very long story
but the work was done by someone who said they knew what they were doing, but didn't.
A relative of a friend.
But I guess for the $200 bucks, I got what I paid for.
Lucky for me, I mean incredible luck, I fell into the good fortune of getting the plumbing fixed, along with the wiring.
Now my kitchen is next to the living room sort of, great room style.
Anyway, as I was watering the plants in front of the two windows
facing the end of my driveway,

I started fantasizing about replacing those windows with french doors that would lead into a sunroom.

So that's the dream that I'm pinning to my boards in Pinterest and Houzz.
This is my favorite picture of the interior -

and while there are fancier exteriors

I think this one would be more appropriate.

so that's my thoughts on that.
and a few peeks into my home.
(my cat - Ghost)

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments the other day.
Most of you have "no-reply" when I go to respond to your comments via email.
So I've decided to start responding from now on, here, in the comments.
I did have a rough week and after all that happening,
on Friday, as I drove to work, suddenly my windshield wipers slowed down to a stand still.
then both the radio and my heat shut down as I drove.
I rolled through a couple of stop signs, afraid to come to a complete stop
and then my engine light came on!
I barely made it to work.
I was so terrified that when I got inside at work, I called the dealership where my car had been the day before and
I ripped them a new one.
I'm usually very nice and not confrontational.
but I just let loose and told them that they needed to tow my van in and fix it.
When they told me that they would see if towing was covered in my warranty
I told them that I didn't CARE whether it was or not because I wasn't paying for it.
They were.
Anyway, long story short. My van was towed in and they ended up replaced the alternator.
The good news is that when I got home that night, my new cell phone was on my front porch.


tammy j said...

YOU GO GIRL! take no poop.
especially from a car dealership.
I am covered for tows within 20miles on my state farm insurance. paid for three tows one time before finding that out. pays to read the policy i guess! you might check yours. it's handy.
and . . .
i love your house! all the white with the dark wood accents . . . the lightness and airiness of it.
and the sun porch ... perfect. it will happen! just keep visualizing it. it works.

Cynthia Myers said...
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Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Tammy!
I need to check my insurance policy, just in case, for the future.
Thanks, I do love White! :)
I've thought about painting the kitchen a different color but then I'm always glad that I didn't when the sun shines in!
I know about visualizing and that it does work...sometimes I forget that and I needed the reminder. Hey, that's how I got my plumbing fixed! :)

Vicki said...

Good on you! I would've done the same. Some car dealerships will "walk all over" women if they can. You had a good outcome, finally. Touch wood that's it now with your car :)
I would love a sunroom that led out to a garden. They're not very common in houses over here.

Love your decor BTW, and Ghost has such a sweet face :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks so much Vicki!
I'm very slowly getting my home to be the way I'd like it to be. I've come a long way but still have far to go.
Yes, A sunroom is the dream, although I know it would actually be an art room/dog room. :D
and anything about cars freaks me out and I worry about when the warranty expires and maybe having someone telling me I need something, when I don't. There are so many scammers out there.
(Yes, Ghost is a sweetie.)

Vicki said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, coming over from Janet's blog, the gardeners cottage. I see we have two Vickis - I'm the one from West Coast USA, not Australia. I was feeling your pain with the vehicle mess, and the cold weather and everything else, but I love how you are trying to rethink your situation on housing and seeing possibilities because it's really, really important to have something to look forward to; and I love the sunroom as "service porch" (kinda) like the one photo you show that looks like it's to the rear of the home; don't have to have a lot of space for it! I think you have a good, positive attitude on lots of stuff, which is why I came over here in the first place because I loved what you said on Janet's blog (on her "resolutions" post). Hang in there and have a good week!

Nita Stacy said...

I missed the post about all the car problems. I would have said alternator also. And that is what it was....I loved seeing your house a little. It looks pretty hip. Relaxed and fun. I think you definitely need a garden room and so do I! I'd love one. I ended up bringing in four of my ferns from outside and am weathering them in the breakfast nook. I cut back four of them so that they wouldn't take up so much room and one of them I left big. In the spring...I'll separate them which will give me 8 ferns. But I don't know if I have pots for them all and after I buy dirt and would be cheaper to just buy new ferns. Yes, I know....I should try to keep them alive and not kill them and that is why I am doing it. But I don't think it's going to be saving me any money in the long run. Plus if these four turn into 8 then next year I will over winter 8 which means I will have 16 for the next year and where oh where will I over winter 16 ferns and then 31 and so on an so on. Oh...I'd love 8 ferns outside next year and even better 16 the next year...I could put them in all the shady spots in my backyard and all over the porch....but where will I keep them in the winter?

I don't know why I am writing so much here...I know I am No Reply - yet again. I fixed it about a month ago and it was good for about two weeks and then it reverts back again.

I like that you can share your blog on google + but I hate it that it makes you No Reply!!!!! Hate it very much!!!!!

lynn said...

Boy girl when it rains it pours on you. I am so sorry!
Better days ahead for you I hope. Lynn

Cynthia Myers said...

Welcome Vicki!
I didn't realize that I had two followers by that name, so glad you pointed that out!
I try to be positive but sometimes...Ha!
I figure if I research the hell out of something (like adding on the the house) I won't make a huge financial mistake.
I love Janet's blog but many times I don't comment because I'd just be repeating what others have said. I love her outlook.
Thanks again for commenting and letting me know you are out there reading!

Cynthia Myers said...

Ha! Nita! you are so funny.
The plant hanging in the laundry/dog room (the one with "Blue" art) is a plant I divided from work. There was this huge plant in Boarding that was going to die it was so crammed in. So I took it home and repotted it in 8 pots and took one back to work. Now the one at work has multiplied again! Of course all the ones here are doing the same. I gave one to my sister and plan on just keep dividing them. I put them in pots from the dollar store and I got my eyes open at garage sales and estate sales for more pots. But I feel your pain, it's hard not to try and save a plant.
I know! Almost everyone is coming up no-reply! Luckily I have your email if needed!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Lynn!
I got my fingers crossed!

regreta said...

nice job kid!!!! keep building, dont stop the imagination! build it in your dreams first! dream big! and watch it all come true... but always remember to be very specific.. you dont want to have a dream house with termites and bad plumbing... be specific.. love the sun room... I have always wanted a breakfast nook....lots of flowers!!!

glad to hear the car prob has been taken care of...on with life...

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Regreta! I will be specific!
Specific, I could near say that word when I was young. My tongue would get all tied up. I still have to say it slowly. (along with aluminum!)
Ha! TMI as always!
But I will build the sunroom in my head as I "pin" it to my boards!