Friday, March 28, 2014


Meg Ryan, Poppy


tammy j said...

have always loved meg ryan.
and the solid smouldering stare...
i think i see it!

Cynthia Myers said...

I loved all Meg Ryan's romantic comedies! I think she has such a cute little face and with her hair curly like that, it reminded me of Poppy! LOL!
(although I wish Meg Ryan hadn't gotten that bad plastic surgery on her mouth. Lately she's looking a bit ducky. I hope she doesn't have anymore nips or tucks. I hate to think she might end up "scary").

An Urban Cottage said...

I'm not seeing it but it's hysterical for some reason!

Cynthia Myers said...


leslie said...

love this.

and agree, t and c.

Nita Stacy said...

Ha! Ha!

Vicki said...

Awwww, Poppy! I wish I could give you a cuddle. So sweeeet!
A cyber hug from me xx

And, Meg Ryan, beautiful too. In her French Kiss hey day, she was so sublime.
I hate that she got plastic surgery.
There's one gal that so didn't need it.
Damn Hollywood.

Cynthia Myers said...


Cynthia Myers said...


Cynthia Myers said...

I know!
Poppy is so special to me.
And yes, Meg Ryan in
French Kiss
Addicted to Love
You've Got Mail
Omg, I have watched those movies and some of her others, over and over and over again.

denise said...

that photo of Poppy is so great...cutie pie.

Cynthia Myers said...

I know isn't she just the cutest!
and she is SO GOOD.
The perfect little dog.
I don't have "favorites" but...

Anonymous said...

Cute dog. Cute Meg!

I share your love for Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, and many other films (Prelude to a Kiss, Addicted to Love, Flesh and Bone…) Meg and Tom Hanks were also both fantastic in Joe vs. The Volcano. That is such an underrated classic. And I absolutely love You’ve Got Mail…the last really good Meg Ryan flick in my opinion.
Outside of my youthful crush on Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg was the one and I’ll always love her even though she hasn’t aged gracefully and has made bad film choices of late. Your post has put me in the mood for a Meg movie fest now… I might have to do that really soon.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks for commenting.
Yes, Prelude to a Kiss!
That makes me cry every time.
To have someone love you to the point that they love the negative things about you and miss them.
For someone to know you so well that they recognize your soul...sigh.
Anyway, I have not seen Flesh and Bone!?!
I will remedy that shortly.
Thanks again for commenting!