Saturday, March 8, 2014


This weekend
is devote to getting rid of STUFF
and cleaning.
But mostly to thinking,
which always leads to writing.
I don't have WORD on this laptop
or maybe I do

sort of
but it keeps asking me for a KEY and I don't have a key.
and then it tells me that I have one less time to access my saved words.
I think I down to maybe 12?
and it started at 28.
So, need to get those words out of there
and into my email folders.
I save all my writing in drafts in my email account
so that I can open it wherever and look at it.

Sometimes I open them up and read the draft, maybe tweak it a bit and publish it as a post.
But it's a good place to store the thoughts in my head
that I need to get out.
To get rid of them for awhile.
I had a draft that I wrote last night
something about feeling like I was losing it at work.
Ya know, like where you are on the verge of a crying jag?

Rambling on about being tired,
tired physically and emotionally.
And maybe sharing an another tragic story from work
but then deciding to keep it to myself, mostly...
(sorry, Tammy)
rather than bring everyone else down too.
Yeah , it was about burn-out just before one of the busiest times of the year for me.

and about needing to remember not to dive out of the pot
into the fire.

Yeah, mostly stuff like that.
Hey, we've all got our problems.
So, this weekend will be spent
sorting through more of my STUFF
some to be donated and others things to be maybe sold
and sorting through my thoughts
and dumping them into my DRAFT folder.
So I hope everyone has a good weekend.
It's supposed to be much warmer here tomorrow.
Just enough to melt the snow and ice
and expose the layers of mushy poop out on my patio.

Yep. lots to do this weekend
and one hour less to do it in.
But one hour of sunlight is a good thing.


tammy j said...

oh dear heart.
even when you're writing a post on being down... you shine.
the pictures you choose.
the lab in the mud! priceless!
the words... all of it.
you've had a bad many months.
with no let up.
and that alone takes its toll.
not even counting the pain you have to see and be a part of each day in your job!
good grief charlie brown.
but i'm always happy getting rid.
it's fun to 'get rid of stuff'!
i'm in your corner. xo ♥

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Tammy!
You will be happy to know that today I opened a cabinet, looked inside and closed it again.
But then I sucked it up and went back and's EMPTY!!!
well, almost.
The few things that I did keep fit into a small basket.
Yep, purging feels good, whether it's a empty cabinet or rambling on the blog.
Thanks for being there!

Vicki said...

Putting your thoughts down in a drafts folder is always a good idea - I do it. I either have a notebook at hand, or I ramble on in drafts and tweak from there. Sometimes, my thoughts and words tumble over each other, so coming back to it a day or so later, helps :)

Sorry to read that you're down, Cynthia.
I hope that a weekend of decluttering is helping - it can be very cathartic.
Clearing physical and mental spaces.

Appropriate and cute photos. Labbies and retrievers will find even the smallest amount of water to get into won't they?

Our Sunday here has ended, but yours has begun. I hope you have a fun and productive one :)

Cynthia Myers said...

I find the same thing happens to me.
The words tumble out so fast that sometimes when I go back and read the draft I wonder what I was really trying to say! Ha!
So many times as I drive to and from work, I have so many thoughts in my head that I wish I had a way to get them out and down on "paper", so to speak. Once I get home or to work, chaos usually ensues so I forget what I was thinking.
and Thanks, I think sometimes everything hits me at once and I just feel overwhelmed but...I'm in better spirits now and Hey! it's sunny out today!
Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I remember when one bought a computer and Words came with it and no key was needed. Now they only give us a few trial runs and then we need to buy Words to be able to get that key. That's one way to make money I guess.

I use something called the note pad if I need to save something. It isn't as good as word but it works.

I hope that Your year will improve from now on. I can't complain too much after all. I won 6 dollars on the lottery this weekend :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

I just checked and I DO have Word pad...jeez, how do I survive?
This thing probably is capable of doing so much more than I realize.
Sometimes I'm so clueless.
I do like using drafts in email because I can look at it at work... on my break, of course! ;)
Someday I hope to get an Ipad like one of the girls has at work WITH a keyboard. I would probably have to have my niece show me how to use it though. LOL!