Sunday, March 23, 2014


Thank god this week is over.
Of course it's just the beginning.
But Spring Break always hits hard at the kennel.
I had dogs and cats everywhere.
Friday morning as I was trying to get dogs outside and back in and feed and medicated,
several owners showed up to pick up their dogs early.
One of the receptionists offered to run the dogs up front for me.
She was racing back and forth and I was loading her up with their food and supplies 
and then another receptionist starting paging me.
She had more dogs coming in.
So the receptionist ran back more dogs and it was a mad house.
She finally stopped and looked at me and said
"I have no idea how you are able to do this every day!"
"Neither do I" I replied.

At the end of the day, my kennel worker showed up to take over.
She stated how tired she was of doing "all of this".
She does it four times a week
for 4 hours intervals.
I told her that I was tired too
and that I do it all week for 9 hours shifts.
But I reminded her that at least we worked with animals
and didn't have to deal with people.
She agreed, it was a better situation.
I left out what I was thinking,
That I'm 35 years older than her, so I didn't really want to hear how tired she was.

Yep, I hate to say this but it is REALLY getting to me.
Maybe it's the stressful situation happening here at home right now
that makes me so tired of it all.

I feel like my home has turned in a old dog nursing home.
I mean, I knew this day was coming but
I don't know...
Anyway, the other night as Ruby stood all wobbly at the water bowl,
she fell over
so I stood her back up.
and over she went again,
so I set her back up
and down she went.
I lift her up again and
finally she had her footing.

Later that night, after everyone had been out for their final nightly potty.
Claude just stood at the bottom of the three steps.
Staring at them and then at me.

It was like he needed a running start
and he just couldn't do it.
As I started to go get him, he walked away and circled around
and with great effort, hurled himself up the steps.

The next morning I let everyone outside and then when they were finished, I called them back inside.
Button was pacing back and forth along the fence.
She's totally blind now but usually knows her way around.
But she was confused out there and although I called out to her
she just turned around and listened, not sure where to go.
I went out and picked her up.
I reassured her and her tail was wagging like crazy.

And then there's Rosie.
Older than dirt.

Just two random snaggleteeth left on bottom of her mouth.
She's doing fine
but very quirky.
She has to walk against the walls
or along the furniture to go room from room.
She even squirms under the china hutch to get to the laundry room
rather than walk across the floor, out in the open.
Maybe she's not so dingy after all.
Maybe it's self-preservation.
After all, packs of dogs are known to take out the weakest link.
Although I would never leave her alone with the bigger dogs
where that could be a threat.
but she is very old.

So, I'm tired.
Which is why I recently turned down a Maltese dog.
I love Maltese's.
My first "little" dog, my first small rescue was a 10 yr old Maltese.
and this one is only 9 months old and deaf.
He's a boy dog. So there would be the potential of a leg lifting hassles.
Not all male dogs do that but some do.
But I don't have the energy
I'm trying to share info with them about deaf dog rescue.

So, no more animals are coming home with me.
Which reminds me
I need to do a post about my newest cat
that I got a couple of months ago.


regreta said...

oh my dear.... I feel ya... I know its tough to see the old pets go thru this... but remember miss cindy, this is what you do, you give comfort and love to the animals that cannot defend themselves, and that makes you honorable. hang in there, were with ya as well...

have you thought into going into a business of your own in pet care?? just wondering, I know you enjoy the kennel but if its time to move on..... just a thought. have a nice sunday afternoon, hope you get some rest.

Art @ Home said...

I know how difficult it is to take care of one older pet, but multiples must be very difficult. You're earning stars in your crown, my friend!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Greta,
I just had to rant a little bit.
and get some sleep! LOL!
No, I would never go into it myself.
Too much of a liability and too many financial worries that I don't want.
No, if I'm going to work with animals, I'll stay where I'm at.
Or go and do something entirely different. That's why I'm working on my creative things.
Thanks for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh Ricki!
I don't want a crown! LOL!
But yeah, it sucks.
Thanks so much for commenting and
CONGRATS on the new puppy!

An Urban Cottage said...

Yes, that's a lot weighing on your mind. I don't know how you do it.

Cats are easier than dogs day to day but introducing a new cat to a group is much harder than adding a new dog to a group of other dogs. How is that going?

Cynthia Myers said...

At work we always tell people to keep the cats separate and maybe even put the new cat in the bathroom where the others can smell him through the door.
We tell them to introduce them slowly and that it will take time and to make sure they add another litter box so that they others don't guard the original ones....
That being said, I walked in with the newbie and took him downstairs and set him down in front of the others and went back upstairs leaving the door open. He immediately followed me upstairs and all the dogs ran up to him and he turned his face back and forth as they sniffed and ignored them. He hissed a few times and that was that. It was the easiest introduction I've ever had and everyone is now upstairs lounging about. The only odd incident was Blue walking up behind him and smelling his butt and then Blue looked at me like "This cat is NOT our cat" and I just shook my head and Blue was like "Whatever!" and went to his bed and laid down. Every now and then Blue will look at him and then at me and I will shake my head and he will go back to what he was doing.
It's all very funny.

Nita Stacy said...

I loved all the cartoons with this post. I know that took you some time but it was really enjoyable. I know you worry about the old ones and that adds to the effort. I know what you mean about young people complaining how tired they are at work and being 30 years older...its way harder. I can do it but I'm tired at the end of the day and have to sleep. When I was young...I'd stay up past midnight after a days work. But I am working a much more physical job now than I used to. I don't know how you do it wrangling dogs and cats all day. My Mom is going on a little trip and will be dropping off her three with me next week. Not what I needed with starting a new job. Thanks Mom! I'll get through somehow but it will be a rough week. I am surprised you turned down a dog. But you have to look at it like this. The ones you have need your attention even more so now. And it wouldn't be fair to them for you to be busy with a new one. But I didn't know you have a new cat!!!! Explain that one!

Cynthia Myers said...

I hate to actually say this but I think a lot (not all) but a lot of younger people are just lazy. One of the vet tech assistants walked up front to the office to ask me something and the girls told her I was in the back in boarding and they said she grumbled about having to walk ALL THE WAY back there. OMG! I walk that so many times a day that I lose count.
Yes, I turned that dog down (it's found a home now though!)and to be honest, I've turned down so many since Christmas, you would be shocked.
And the cat...I started to write a post on him, I'll finish it soon. I hesitated mentioning him but felt I had to. Sometimes I just stay mum about things and leave it up to readers to notice...but I let this cat out of the bag! LOL!

Vicki said...

Phew! I got tired just reading about all that you do!
I know if I was an old doggie, I'd be so happy to have you as my kind human mum.

You're certainly earning karmic brownie points. Don't use them all up at once ;)

Hope you get some quality sleep in these busy days of yours.

And, now that the cat is out of the bag, let's hear about it, er, him!

tammy j said...

i just did a rant on your behalf.
and when i hit publish...
i was disconnected from the network. and i didn't even use any really bad words.
the lazy little louts that you work with... well. they're EVERYWHERE. i call them
the "blow it off" generation.
not all of them are like that of course. but enough that it's common to easily find them.

and YOU.
if i were a zillionaire i would build you a perfect house... just the way you wanted it. so you could rescue as many as you want and still have a beautiful place to live. you could hose it down if you had to. it would be in a warm climate. sunshine. happiness.
and there would be a GORGEOUS
human spa ... right next door.
so when you desperately needed some pampering yourself...
you'd be ALWAYS a free guest.
i wish they'd make a movie of what you do.
who would play you i wonder?
i have to think about that!
who would YOU want to play you?

do you realize what an amazing combination of things you are?
an artist with a heart of gold.

better than being a ho with a heart of gold! as the old saying goes. LOLOLOL.
MAJOR snoopy hugs.
xoxo ♥
i think i see why i got disconnected.
cause i wrote a book here... disguised as a comment. LOLOL.

Anonymous said...

You do have an awful lots of dogs to be honest :-) and as long as they are young and healthy that's no problem at all.

It's now when they are old and need a lot of help we usually understand that we should have stopped a long time ago :-) But I do so understand You! Who can say no to a lovely dog that needs a good home?

Then we have that moment that comes even if we don't want it, the time to say good bye. It just gets harder every time and it tear me apart each time. It doesn't help that there are plenty of other dogs around because we do have a special bond to each and everyone of them.

I've decided to never have more than four dogs, since I tend to have big ones :-)and two cats is more than enough for me :-)

I've actually been thinking of taking a short break from dogs and cats when the ones I have now is gone, just a short one so I perhaps could travel somewhere. But I know myself too well, I know that call will come the one when theyt ask if I possibly could take care of tyat wonderful dog that deperately needs a new and safe home. I know I'll never be travelling again :-)

Have a great day and do rest when You're home from work. All other things won't go away You know :-)



Vicki said...

Sorry Cynthia, it was late last night and I forgot to mention how much I loved your art pics here, and how well they complemented your post.
Your book will be a treat indeed, with heart and soul :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!
For some reason I am just not happy with the art that I've done so far for my Kanga book. I keep starting over, but...I feel like I'm getting closer!
I will do the post about my new cat very soon! LOL!
I'm trying to get some good sleep but this morning some loud vehicle was clanging down the street at 4:30 in the AM!
Sigh, lost a half hour of sleep.
Oh, well!
Thanks for your comments!

Cynthia Myers said...

OMG! Tammy!
You have me laughing! LOL!
I'm glad that I'm not a ho with a heart of gold, although in my younger days, I certainly had my moments! Hahahaha!
I wish you were a zillionaire too!
Ha! Ha! HA!
I have house ideas saved over on "Houzz" complete with concrete floors and kennels on one end of the room and a fireplace on the other with the sofa and TV in the middle. I could hose the whole place down. I'm "saving" the photos in case I win the Lottery!
Yes, today one of the girls complained that she has to scoop poop during the down time. She works up front and I do think her days are numbered. I have to admit that my niece that works with me is a hard worker (she's 19) but then she's been helping me since she was 9! I've trained her right!
Truly, you and the others are being way too kind. I know others who do the same as I do. They just don't have blogs! LOL!
Anyway, xoxo
and as always Thanks for commenting.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes. I have probably too many dogs.
I would never have this many if they were all large or even medium size.
You do totally understand about loving each and every one of them for different reasons.
Ruby has always had my heart and I think I'm slowly allowing myself to realize that I'm losing her.
Yesterday afternoon we had another scare but today she's good again. If she keeps having bad days, I know that I will have to do something.
But not yet.
I know I've said this before but I REALLY don't see me taking anyone else home (unless they are tiny and ancient) but no more young ones for me. I too want to be able to have some free time someday.
I would never be pet-less but I would like a manageable number.
(sometimes I whisper in Poppy's ear that some day it will just be me and her) I know that's awful and I would never have just one. One is a lonely number.
Thanks for your nice comment!

Jan said...

I love your illustrations to this post. So dang cute! I fully understand your feeling tired and worn out, it seems you have had a rough year so far with your work and the weather and the never ending job of taking care of your animals. I think you need a vacation, that would do you wonders. Even a couple nights away would be good. I know how difficult it is to find someone to take care of your animals while you go away, especially old dogs with so many special needs. I just had my MIL's 14 year old Jack Russell for the weekend. It was like a spa weekend for her because I take such good care of her. Taking her and my oldster out at night, bringing them back in panting and coughing with the effort and then giving them their pills. I'm so happy to have the one young dog who bounces around all healthy. With any luck she will some day be the old dog I am caring for with love and patience as you are doing for yours. With any luck you will have a young healthy dog to take care of again some day when you feel ready. If I was close I'd come take care of your family so you could go on vacation. I'm doing that now for two neighbors as it is spring break here. Of course out here in the country it isn't just cats and dogs but also horses cows chickens goats...take care.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Jan!
It is a problem getting away for many reasons. Right now it's my busiest season so I can't leave AND of course I'm worried about my old dogs AND I really can not afford to go anywhere. The car problems and the heat bills have me treading water.
In fact I have a friend that wanted me to come visit her in Florida and is now mad that I can't come. I tried to explain but I don't think she understands...
Anyway. I'm so glad you like my illustrations. So sweet of you to say! :D
As far as a young dog...I do have 2 that are only 5 and then I have a little poodle "Ping" who turns 2 next month, so I will most likely have her for at least 15 more years. Yep, I'm kinda done.
But maybe, many many years from now....No, wait. Then I will be old. So forget that thought.
I always said I'd only get old dogs when I myself am OLD.
Thanks for commenting!