Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A lady called a vet clinic
She was upset because a stray cat that she had, kept vomiting in her house.
She was asked how long she had this cat in the house and she said 6 months.
and it kept vomiting. 
She was at her wits end.
She had even tried to take it to the no-kill shelter but they were full.
She didn't know what to do, she thought that maybe it was just time to put him to sleep.
The receptionist asked more questions.
He was an adult black cat but not old.
He wasn't her cat, she said, she had just found him, 6 months ago.
She was told that an appointment needed to be made to look at this cat.
When asked what his name was, she replied. "He doesn't have a name"
He's a stray cat.
Rather than make an appointment, the woman decided to give the situation more time.
The receptionist hung up and turned to her co-worker, the Boarding Manager.
"Sounds like this would be a cat for YOU!"
but the Boarding Manager said "No way! we are full up at my house"
A couple of weeks went by and the woman decided to bring him in and have him looked at.
She just couldn't take it any longer, he was vomiting all over her house.
So she dropped him off to have him observed for the day.
He sat in the cage and just looked at everyone.
Never vomiting.
Eventually the boarding manager walked by and saw him in the hospital cage..
"Who is this black cat named "Stray Cat?" she asked as she opened the cage to hold him.
The receptionist told her, "That's the cat I told you about a couple of weeks ago!"
The boarding manager frowned and put him back into the cage
and walked away.
So the stray cat sat there and just kept looking at everyone.
He ate and used his litter box and didn't vomit.
At lunch time the Boarding Manager took him out of the cage and held him again.
He leaned against her.
The receptionist walked up to behind her. "Isn't he just the sweetest thing!?"
"Yeah" said the Boarding Manager as she put him back into the cage and walked away again.
The day went on.
Different tests were run. Nothing was found
and he never vomited.
Finally x-rays were done.
The Boarding Manager walked back up to the lab area and asked the vet techs what the x-rays showed.
"He looks to have an inflamed bowel, some sort of irritation, hopefully a change in his diet, some medication to firm his stool will do the trick."
Everyone started to try to think of a name for him.
They called him several names but the Boarding Manager looked at him and said
"No, that's not his name" and walked off as the others exchanged looks.
The Boarding Manager went up to the receptionist and they talked.
The owner hadn't called back yet to check on him, so the receptionist called her.
No answer.
Just before closing, the woman called.
The receptionist gave her an update and started to comment on how very sweet he is
and that "one of the "girls" has really taken a liking to him"...
The woman immediately interrupted her and said
"She can have him! I'll pay the bill but she can have him".
The receptionist went back to boarding and talked with the Boarding Manager.
So the Boarding Manager went back to the lab area and took the stray cat out of the cage.
Doc looked him over again.
He checked his ears and looked into his mouth.
He stared at the x-rays.
One of the vet techs said to the Boarding Manager
"So are you taking him?"
Doc wrinkled his forehead and looked at the Boarding Manager.
The Boarding Manager replied hurried "Yes, but she's paying the bill!"
Doc mumbled, "She's paying the bill?" and then shrugged, shook his head and walked away.
The stray Cat went back to the Boarding area where he could be monitored and medicated.

He was given meds for a week and the Boarding Manager brought him organic pumpkin to firm up his stool
and he never vomited.
One of the vet techs came back to visit him and the Boarding Manager said
"Here, hold him out so that I can take a photo of him that shows how long he is"
So the tech held him up and stretched him out.

"What's his name?" she asked.
"Stretch" replied the Boarding Manager.

The Boarding Manager took him home.
He vomits.
She buys him canned gluten free food and special dry food.
It seems to be working.


leslie said...


Nita Stacy said...

Oh...that is soooo funny! Poor Stretch!!! Poor You! I hope you find something that he can eat. Is he still sweet?

Cynthia Myers said...


Cynthia Myers said...

Yeah, we are working on it.
Most days are good but he still vomits sometimes. Luckily for me I have Naugahyde furniture and other surfaces that I can just wipe down.
He's still sweet too and not scared of any of the others, not even from the very beginning, which is amazing because he's front declawed.

Vicki said...

Heartwarming. And, I cried.

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh Vicki!
Don't cry.
It's all good.

regreta said...

baby stretch!!! love that story!!! i just cannot understand the mind of pet owners... if you take a pet its a life commitment! why else would you bother??? I hate people who think of pets as disposable objects....

either way, your vet tech rocks!!!! that baby is too cute for school!! infinite blessings!

regreta said...

sorry boarding manager... my bad

tammy j said...

oh cindi.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes, some people really suck.

- LOL!
I will tell Katie that she rocks.
She's a sweet kid.

Cynthia Myers said...


Vicki said...

I couldn't help it, the tears flowed because I'm a sucker for such a heartwarming story of a very, very beautiful black cat.
Now he has a home with you forever. I'm so glad for dear Stretch - great name, you're very clever :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Vicki,
Yes, he is a beauty.
I'm thinking there's a book in his future too!

An Urban Cottage said...

I hope the Boarding Manager can find some food that he can tolerate. He looks like a sweetie.

Cynthia Myers said...

By trial and error I've discovered that Sheba and also a special type of Iams canned is gluten free and he seems to tolerate that very well.
I've also added a dry food called Evolve that he sometimes throws up on but he does better than any other. I add a little of that because I didn't want him completely on canned....my sister recommended the Evolve after finding that it worked well for her elderly cat that she acquired at an Estate Sale! LOL!

Art @ Home said...

Aw, poor Stretch!!! I love his name, and I'm happy the new diet is working out for him.

Pamela Smallcomb said...

Stretch! You are a sweetie. So is Cindi. :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Ricki,
So far the diet is working out well for him but now EVERYONE wants to eat his food!
Oh well...

Cynthia Myers said...

Aw Thanks Pam!

Anonymous said...

That's a big and beautiful cat! Looks just like my Cosmos did but much longer :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

He is a handsome cat.
And he's scared of nothing!
Nora cornered him behind a chair (he's front declawed) and I was about to call her away when she just calmly walked away from him.
I don't know what happened back there but he won!