Sunday, April 5, 2015


In my coffee cup!


Christer. said...

Very cute :-)

Happy Easter!

Vicki said...

So cute!
After delivering all those eggs, I'm not surprised that he needed a coffee, badly.
Watch out, you might find him where you store the Kahlua next :)

Looking at him, I had a brainwave... although, you've probably already thought of this, but I'll say it anyway ~ bookmarks!
You could look at having some of your favourite characters printed onto thin flexi plastic (Google sources), made into bookmarks and sell them online or ask a bookstore if they would keep them near the front desk when people check out - as a last minute, "oh, and I'll take a bookmark too".

At say, $5, they make a nice little gift to pop in a card for booklovers.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Christer!
Happy Easter to you too!

Cynthia Myers said...

LOL! Vicki,
I just had an image of him hanging out of a cup of Kahlua! LOL!

Bookmarks are a good idea.
I think I need a sales rep. because I'm not very good at approaching people about my Art but maybe I could (it just scares me!)
I had planned on making little "extra's" such as a notecard or a bookmark to be included in my packages. I was reading how you are supposed to add a little something in the package when you sell a piece of Art and I haven't been doing that. :/

But mostly I'm just experimenting with the cut-outs because that's how I plan to do my Kanga book.
I have that sketched out but I want it to look like I have it in my head...does that make sense?
I mean, I pretty much know what I want but I want it to "click" for me.

Thanks for the great idea about the bookmark! Maybe I will work my nerve up.

Vicki said...

I learnt through markets how to treat everyone the same and not be intimidated... because the shoppies can sometimes "play it" that way.
But,remember, you are the creator and need to show utmost confidence in your work.

Think of it this way, when people drop their animals off to be boarded, are you timid and unsure when you take the leash? Or, do you put the owners at ease by assuring them confidently that their babies are in very good hands?
I know it would be the latter.
I think you are super confident and caring, so, you need to show that confidence when showcasing/selling your work.
You need to believe that your work does - and will - sell well.
And always remember, shoppies are often in admiration of artists, so you have "one up" on them. Don't let them see otherwise - years of teaching also honed this skill for me.

Have a batch of artwork (bookmarks, cards, whatever) made and ready to go, and first test the waters by sending a really well-styled photo to the shops, asking for expression of interest.
Some will get back to you, some won't. Those that do, obviously are impressed and will want to trial your work. So, that's one hurdle overcome.
The rest is up to you to "sell yourself".
When you walk into a place of business, don't seem unsure or talk too much or come across amazed that they love your work - you're already there because they do.
Just let them do the gushing and the talking and answers questions simply and with knowledge/confidence, and with a smile.
If they offer the "wholesale or commission" option, go with wholesale. Be prepared, and know what is your bottom dollar/wholesale price and stick to it.
Also, they may ask what you would retail them for if you sold them anywhere. So prepare for that too.
Think like a shoppie and you'll be ready for the questions.
And, if they really like your work, they might ask that you don't sell your work anywhere else locally - or at your own wholesale price if you attended a local craft market, as they won't like the competition.

There's a lot to consider, BUT, don't let it put you off - at all. You need to get market savvy.
You need to get your work out in the world wherever you can.

If you want to discuss more, we can chat via email on this.

Love your wee cutouts, and I just think they would look awesome poking out from a book.
And, what about little bag tags? I imagine little characters with a hole and chain/strap so they can be attached to a backpack or child's school bag. Maybe even personalised with the child's name.

Don't give too much of your hard work away.
An artists trading card or something simple is just as appreciated :)

tammy j said...

he just makes me GRIN!!!
i love his teeth. his tooth.
oh my gosh.
and i'm so glad he's purple.
and if you ever do cards or book marks ... i'm BUYING!
and of course...the kanga book too. and all the other books.

Nita Stacy said...

Super Cute! Happy EAster!

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh my goodness Vicki!
You must have sent this comment after I'd gone to bed! and now I see there's a post on your blog too. I must get over there!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
You are so right.
I need to get a good supply of my work ready. I recall some quote about "Luck" is about being 90% prepared when opportunity arises. I need to work out a time schedule so that I'm donating more time to creating because if I wait until I have time, it seems like I never do!
Thanks so much! I have so much to think about!

Cynthia Myers said...

LOL! Tammy!
I'm so glad you like him!
and yes! I must get busy!

Cynthia Myers said...
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Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Nita!
Happy Easter to you too!

Cynthia Myers said...
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