Wednesday, April 29, 2015



Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love you new header, and the thank you note from your child is so sweet. Have a wonderful day. xoxo Su

Cheerful Monk said...

I love your new header! It's so springlike --- it makes me smile. :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!
and Blue says thank you too!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!
I'm so happy that it makes you smile!

tammy j said...

i love this whole new blog!
and YOU blue. and your hug.
there is no other like blue!
not to even mention his MOM!!!
A#1 !!!
i can't quit grinning! LOLOLOL!

Cynthia Myers said...

LOL! Tammy,
I'm so glad you like it!
I still have to make so tweaks to it,
but I felt it needed to be more COLORFUL and FUN!
Thanks again for EVERYTHING!

Christer. said...

And I missed that post totally :-) I'm sorry!

Well for one thing, those with many followers usually write about design, fashion or pop music and they post often and regularly. Sometimes several times every day. That's not for me and therefore I don't have many followers but the ones I have always check in to see if something actually has happened here in the village at the outskirts of the world :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

That's true, I hadn't thought about how they sometimes post more than once a day! I struggle posting several times a week! LOL!
NO, everyone gave me good advice and I won't be worried about that "number" any longer!
and yes, even if I don't always leave you comments, I'm still reading your posts on my phone as I let the boarding dogs outside!
I have to know what Bertil and the rest of you are up too! HAHA!

Laura C said...

I found your site from Nita's blog and have been reading backwards. So far am in summer 2013. I love your paintings, your compassion for animals, and just getting to read things you have written from your heart! I also seem to be an animal collector-we have 6 cats (all indoors and 4 of them strays) as well as a standard poodle (but not a snotty, foofy one). I would love to know how to purchase a cat painting!

Cynthia Myers said...

I love poodles!
OK, I love all dogs but I do adore Poodles.
And obviously I love cats too.
You have really been reading if you are into 2013! Wow. Thanks.
And about purchasing a cat painting...
Is there one that I posted that you like or were you meaning you had a request?
Feel free to email me what you are thinking and I'll be glad to give you a price quote.
My email is
Thanks again!