Tuesday, October 13, 2015


So, full disclosure.
Someone I know has Dachshunds.
She used to breed them but no longer.
She just has a little "retirement home" for her remaining weenies.

After I created my "Playing in the Leaves"  illustration, I posted it on several of my social media sites, one being my Facebook Art Page.
This woman saw it and immediately said she wanted it.
So I said I'd put it aside for her AND I told her that I was going to be doing one called
Her reply was "mine, mine, mine!"
I LOL'd her back.
Funny that she wanted it before it was even created!
I finished it yesterday and posted it on my FB page and her reply was
"Love, love, love it"
Yep, totally had her in mind when I thought it up.
Hmm, besides getting busy on my calendars and Xmas cards,
I'm gonna have to think up some Christmas- weenies!


CheerfulMonk said...

I love it! Thank you. :)

Cindi Myers said...

:D :D :D

tammy j said...

you're on your way now.
I CAN FEEL IT! can't you? it's gaining momentum!
i'm so happy i can't stand it! LOLOL.
that picture is adorable.
it reminds me of papito.
he is perpetually on a DIET.
i guess weenies have a weight problem because they like treats.
when i saw that weenie racing to the door with his little treat buckets... well LOLOLOLOL!!!!!
and ps
this blog is perfect! it's so clean. modern. simple. happy.
every piece of art and post just stands out and shines.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Yeah, what Tammy said! Lol

That's so so awesome!

Can I say I knew you when?

Cindi Myers said...

I do feel like I'm on a roll!
A girl at work who has horses (and who is an amazing horse trainer) and has a bit of a Following on FB asked me to create some horse illustrations that she could post on her FB page. She thinks they'd go like hotcakes!
So I've added that to my list of things to do! :D

Yes, Dachshunds can be little chubsters! Except my Hattie but that's probably because I monitor how much she eats and also because she's super active.
I'm SO HAPPY that you like my illustration!

And thank you about the blog. I like it like this too.
Very clean and simple.
But I need to eventually get my Art blog switched around and updated.
I think I will make it very similar to this one.
That's the one that will link to my Etsy shop.

So many things and never enough time.
I worked doubles this Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday (today) was my half day when I leave at Noon. (except I left at 1:30) so I'm kinda running at top speed right now!
Thank goodness for caffeine!

Cindi Myers said...

Oh Doreen!
You are so funny and SO SWEET!
Thank you!

Cindi Myers said...
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tammy j said...

on somebody's facebook...
word of mouth...
that's JUST what it takes to take off!
that's cool!
i clicked on your art blog over there and it said it couldn't be found or something...
is that because it's under construction... for changes? ... etc...
maybe i'll try it again now. it could have been my own computer.
just letting you know.. in case. xoxoxo

Vicki said...

That is such an awesome picture! Lucky, lucky weenie owner who'll have this sweet image in her home :)

The Universe is opening doors for you, and you are definitely headed in the right, wonderfully creative direction... feels good doesn't it? :)

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, Horses!
I plan on doing a whole post about Mindie.
I know her from way back when I worked at the no-kill shelter.
She is very cool.
I swear that she's a horse-whisperer.
I've always dreamed of horses.
I haven't ridden one in 40 years!
Truly 40! I can't believe I've been around that long.
I think the Universe brought Mindie to the clinic. LOL!
More on that later.

No, it's not you.
I'm changing the name over on my Art blog
so the link doesn't' find it.
It is indeed "under construction" LOL!
Thank you for the heads up though!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
The dachshund owner was very happy so I'm VERY happy.
I do feel like things are rolling along and I'm finally ready for it!
:D :D :D
It feels GREAT!
My mind is in such a better place!