Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It rained on and off yesterday.
Not hard rain, just drizzles and spurts.
There was a cool wind that started to turn cold.
I worked a double, but it was OK,
not a lot of boarders so I got to spend more one on one time with the dogs

and a big sweet black diabetic cat.
Just a slow day.
Sometimes a person needs that.
A day to take it slow and catch your breath.
I couldn't leave early because of the diabetic cat. His insulin needed to be spaced out.
So when I left work, it was dark and windy.

There was a light rain.
Leaves were swirling a bit but then as it rained more, they would stick to the pavement and make it slick.
I'm glad there wasn't much traffic because I really had to concentrate on the black wet road.
It did seem magical, driving through the night and over the government bridge.
The clanging of metal against metal as I crossed it. The rhythm of it, like a song.
Rolling towards home.
I've been unhappy with my hometown but last night I had glimpses of what I used to like about it.
I liked the song on my radio and I felt peaceful as my vehicle came down road from the bridge into my city.
To the left of me is the renovated building that used to be the Illinois Electric Company.
Now it's pretty, and made into upscale apartments.
Ahead of me I  could see the cars at the stoplight. I'm always cautious at that stoplight because I've seen semi trucks take wide turns into the side lanes before.
Right on clue a huge semi rounded the corner and swung way into the lane.
It barely missed the cars at the light and I think that was because they quickly steered to the right.
The truck driver must have seen how close he came to clipping them because as if in slow motion, I could see him turn hard out of the wide curve he had made.
But that caused him to slide for a moment on the wet pavement towards me.
The side of the truck cab and the huge double tires were right there, in my peripheral vision.
It was just a moment.
A quick instant and he was past me.
I let out my breathe, I hadn't really realized I had been holding it.
Really, my only thought was - I hope this doesn't hurt.


Vicki said...

Awwww, who's the little white teddy bear bounding towards us? Great captures - such a sweet, cheeky face.

Great illustration there - poor cold kitty, I hope he got inside for a saucer of milk and a curl up on the sofa :)
Seriously, your characters have so much expression!! Sigh. I love them!

As your winter approaches, please be super careful on those roads, Cindi. Please.

Cindi Myers said...

That little guy is Ozzie.
Everyone loves him, he is such a sweetie.
When I lean over to pick him up, he always rolls onto his back and waits.
He gets lots of kisses and treats!

Thank you about the illustration!
:) Don't worry, he's safe inside. (Inside between the pages of one of my books! LOL!) I'm so glad you like him!

Don't worry, I'll be careful.

tammy j said...

oh that little ozzie!
coming closer and closer and closer...
and then looking up at us so adorably there! i'm in love!!!
you had one of those... those lifetime seconds ... it just wasn't your time second.
in a flash it could have all been so different.
thank heaven it turned out alright.
hug blue for me. and all the darling furries.
stay warm and dry and cosy there at home...
until you have to go back out into the world! XOXOXO♥

Cindi Myers said...

Ozzie is adorable!
As I stood out in the play yard with him, I realized I have become more of a poodle person than I ever was.
Which is a good thing, since I have 4 of my own.
Actually my own Ping is one of my favs but (sssh) don't tell anyone that! LOL!
Yep, sometimes my job stresses me to the max and sometimes it's quite the opposite.

I think we all probably have those seconds, maybe even frequently, we just don't happen to see what could have happened. Kinda of puts some things into perspective..... um, hmmm.
Makes me count my blessings.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Someone once wrote me you have to have some rain in your life to appreciate the sunshine. That truck was a little rain for you.

CheerfulMonk said...

Great pictures of the sweet pup! And your illustration is priceless. It would make a good greeting card for winter.

I'm so glad you made it home safely. Take care.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Where EXACTLY are you Cindi? Because I'm simply going to have to go there and dog nap Ozzie.

Cindi Myers said...

That is so TRUE!
a "scary" reminder.

Cindi Myers said...

Ozzie is very photogenic!
Thank you! Glad you like the illustration.
and love your subtle hint to get busy on some cards!

Cindi Myers said...

Ozzie is adorable!
Full disclosure though....
he is NOT housebroken.
I mean I am changing his potty pad constantly.
It's no big deal for me, as we have washable pads
and he's so tiny, that it's not that big of a deal.
I would think it must be more frustrating in a home though.
I do hope they have easy to mop floors and not carpet!
But he is a sweetie!