Saturday, October 31, 2015


Jimmy Chew is going as a Gentleman.

We all know THAT is a big act.

I went as ....

Everyone at work dressed as CATS!
Doc dressed in a robe, slippers, a scarf on his head and carried a Hello Kitty Halloween bucket plus a few "cats" hanging about.
His costume was a "Crazy Cat Lady" and we all were his cats. 
It was a big hit with the clients. 

I posted my photo on Facebook.
I, unlike many people on that social site, hate posting photos of myself.
One person REALLY wanted to see " the rest of me"....
Sigh and Grrrrr.
Finally I posted this as a reason.

Obviously I need to start dieting so that I feel better about myself AND of course to get HEALTHY.
I took some Fall photos the other day.
I went over to one of the cemeteries in town.
Chippiannnock Cemetery.
One of few beautiful spots in town.
Lovely but kinda spooky at this time of the year.
I was alone and the leaves kept swirling, rustling and making noises at though someone was walking through them
but no one was there.
The birds were really loud.
Cawing and chattering.
I didn't stay long!
Have a Happy Halloween!


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Just reading about the setting and the rustling leaves scared me. That Halloween idea of the crazy cat lady with cats had me laughing. what a great idea.

Vicki said...

What an amazingly beautiful cemetery! I've never seen anything like it! We certainly don't have them quite as lovely over here, sadly. I would spend hours and hours there - and alone, even better.
You know, you weren't really alone. The dead are always with us.
Unseen feet, from the other side, enjoyed kicking through the autumn leaves alongside you...

Jimmy. What a ham. He really is a treasure - give him a cuddle from me :)

I love your eyes - seeing as that's all we get ;) The eyes of kind "old soul".
I understand not wanting to reveal yourself in full - I'm exactly the same...
Facebook is full of skinny, narcissistic show offs, lol.
But... they're not as wonderful as you. Yup, I'm biased, and I don't care.
I like your glasses too. Mine are not quite as turned at the edges (cats-eye), but are thick, funky black frames.

Hope you had a great Halloween, Cindi!
Hugs xxx

Cindi Myers said...

I'm glad that the Crazy Cat and his cats made you laugh!
LOL! It was pretty funny!

If the part about the rustling leaves scared you, you should read my post from 4 years ago when I went with my sister to the cemetery at night!
I just went back and read it and I was scared all over again!
Here's a link to it -

Now THAT was scary! LOL!

Cindi Myers said...

I just shared a link to Sharon from a post I wrote 4 years ago.
Here it is -

I think you will enjoy it and it confirms what you said,
about the dead being with us... or at least that's what I think too!

A treasure? LOL! ok, that's not the word I'd use for Jimmy! but I do love the stinker.

Thank you for the compliment about my eyes. I don't know if I'm an old soul.
I mean I feel like I've been learning things all my life that I should have known! LOL!
and I have several pairs of glasses.
I usually wear turquoise blue ones or a pair of wire rimmed ones.
My cat-eyes ones are my Favorite so I tend to wear them at just special times so as not to get them too scratched up.
I'm hard on glasses!

I hope you read that link because I'd love to hear your take on it, although I think I already know!

Vicki said...

OK, I went and had a look at the photos – up close. And, while I don’t usually put a lot of stock in orbs – too many “natural” (rather than supernatural) explanations for them – I will say they are very interesting.
As long as all other orb possibilities are ruled out, then, if there is going to be somewhere that orbs show up, it’ll be in a cemetery I guess. Especially one as old as the one you visited.

Tell me - the photos with the motion blur streaks – were they taken when your sister and nieces were shining torches in the graveyard? Or, are the photos taken while facing the road – hence car or street lights?
If not, hmmmmm…

And, the image with “Redecker” on the gravestone is interesting. Or not. Hard to say as I wasn’t there, but… is that one of the girls hunched behind the rear/middle stone, and had taken a photo or shone a torch at the time you took the photo?
I saved it to desktop to maximise the image, and it looks very much like someone crouched and holding something forward towards you, like a camera.
If no one (alive) was there at that exact time, then, it’s a very compelling image. And, creepy.

Whether the atmosphere was so thick, that it obscured your sister in the photo, or the camera's depth of field didn’t quite reach the shadow line and your sister was “blended” into the darkness, it’s hard to say. Cameras sometimes have a mind of their own, and there may not be an otherworldly explanation.
Although, those wispy streaks rising from the ground are very curious. Again, they can be a natural environmental event, like radiation fog/mist - which this looks like - where it rises off the ground – and can be very dense. This could also explain it.
Or not :)

I adore the Angel photo BTW. Worthy of printing. But then, I’ve always had a love of the creepy and macabre.
I've spent many years studying supernatural phenomena, so subjects like this interest me a lot.
If I was there, I'd take you along and we could really explore the possibilities - and try to capture some EVPs.

In a place such as that, you have more to worry about with the living than the dead. Some real nutjobs like to play Satanist among the graves. And others like to vandalise. Or, some just want a quiet place to shoot up.

Always remember to "protect" yourself and firmly tell any wayward spirits, that they are NOT welcome to come home with you.
There are many ethereal hitch-hikers who will gladly hop on board, and create potential problems later on.

Great post. I enjoyed it. And the photos.

Doreen@househoneys said...

The picture of the cat is hysterical!

I love cemeteries. The older the better. I went to one the other day and posted a pic on Instagram of a beautiful tree that was there. The cemetery you visited has some very interesting monuments!

I'm going to go and read your old post. After IS Halloween ;).

Cindi Myers said...

CRAP!!!!!! VICKI!!!!
You are SCARING the crap out of me!
I seriously was scared to go back and look at the photos.
Thank god that was four years ago and not right now or I'd be worried about "hitchhikers".
Jeez, I just shivered again.
OK. now...
My nieces weren't around for most of the photos.
They were still run off and in the other cemetery across the street at the time.
Me and my sister were parallel with one another as I recall and I don't think she was ever way ahead and crouching down.
And... she didn't have a torch, but rather one of those little teeny flashlights on a keychain type of thing, the type you use to see your lock in the dark to open a door. Nothing big.
That last photo was aim towards the other cemetery across the street. So I suppose there might have been car lights but we were very careful not to take photos if we say any lights as we didn't want anyone to see our cameras flash.
But.... the one streak of light, where you thought someone was crouching down? That was aimed away from the street and more into the depth of the cemetery.
Um, yeah. I WAS going to go to bed soon here but not now!

Cindi Myers said...

the cat photos are funny!
Sadly for me, it's true! LOL!
I didn't know you were on Instagram, but I just went there and I'm now Following you.
and you are right, that is a BEAUTIFUL tree!
I love how it's so ORANGE!
and my old post is a spooky read!

Vicki said...

Bugs have been known to create streaks/streams of light "anomaly" with some cameras. And, I'm not talking fireflies. The iridescence in wings can reflect light streams funnily enough, seeing as they fly so fast.
And, cameras can sometimes create mechanical "errors" which are literally, tricks of the light.
Having said that, there are a few streams in your photos which look interesting.
I'd love to take a recorder out there and take some more photos. Might capture something pretty cool.

Well now. If that definitely isn't one of the girls hiding behind that stone... it raises some interesting paranormal questions, as well as the hair on your head :)
Especially as there is that streak of light right at the very point where the figure is. Creeeepy.
Cindi, don't look behind yuoooooo.

Pretty neat I say :)

What cemetery is it? There might be some paranormal reports on the net about it.

tammy j said...

the minute you showed that cemetery i remembered your hilarious post of your sister and you in it that year! and yup. it WAS scary!!!

i'm glad you left the link again here... i couldn't remember the year.
i had just been going through all the posts in your archives then.
you need your own tv show! LOLOL!!!!

and here's how to handle feelings about your weight and such...
i picked myself a famous doppelganger that i love. and i relate to.

she wears a pixie and doesn't care if it's a good thing or not.
she... like me ... has worn it for so long that it's a trademark!
(yup. i gave up the yoplait girl. i had that haircut about 23 minutes i think)
and my doppelganger is definitely CHUBBY. that's how i think of myself. it's such a cute word. conjures up more self love instead of FAT... which conjures up self loathing. it's true! words make all the difference!

my doppelganer is judi dench.
i love her. and her acting. did you see the marigold hotel movies?
"as time goes by" will always be my favorite though. it's wonderful.
it's the bbc tv series.
this is turning into the great american novel again. DANG.
i think i'm beginning to REALLY like doc after all. XOXOXOXOXO♥

Cindi Myers said...

As the title of that post read: I AM NOT GOING BACK.
Especially after thinking about the different possibilities!
You are much braver than I.
and...I've had some weird experiences in my life and I push them from my mind.
My mom was much into the Other World train of thought and it might seem strange but I kinda feel like if you open that "door" you can't always close it, if you know what I mean.
.... the name of the cemetery is Chippiannock Cemetery in Rock Island, Illinois.
(and yes, tonight is the night for the Day of the Dead.)

Cindi Myers said...

Actually I know exactly what you mean.
Many times throughout my life I have reinvented myself.
I mean my "look".
I once was irritated many years ago, when I was out with a friend and someone I had met before acted like they had never met me. I thought it was so rude but my friend said that I shouldn't be mad because I was a chameleon.
I asked what THAT meant and he said that my look changed A LOT.
He reminded me of how I had long red hair and how everyone called me "Red" and then I cut it off and had very short blonde hair and looked a little punk and then I grew that out to a bob and made it very dark and went for a classic look and then my hair got long and I hi-lightened it for a beachy wild look and...
I told him ok, OK I get it.
So... I guess maybe it's time for reinvention! LOL!
I suppose it has to do with being bored and being artistic?

One doppelganger that I had in my life was Patti Hansen.
I almost wrote a post about her once.
I first saw her photo in a magazine when I was 15 and she had strawberry blonde hair and freckles!!!
In a world of Cheryl Tieg's and Christie Brinkley's, I was ecstatic! Finally someone that had more my coloring!
Then going into the 80's she went for a wild look and married Keith Richards.
At the time, I couldn't imagine anything cooler than marrying a Rolling Stone! LOL! OMG How I've changed.
But I again, imitated that look!
Now I Google her and it depresses the Hell out of me.
I sure don't look like her NOW!
Oh sure, it's all very shallow but so is decorating a home and choosing the car we drive...but I think for me, it's more a visual thing.
A way of creative expression. I think it makes the world fun and colorful but of course I realize it's not really what is important.
And while kindness and compassion is all that really matters, I wish I looked better trying to be that way!

(and I love Judi Drench! She's beautiful, classic and confident with a quiet elegance. Yep, a perfect Doppleganger for you!)

Vicki said...

I Googled it, and Chippiannock Cemetery is one of the "top 10 most haunted cemeteries in the US".
Nice pick for a spooky night out :)

Lucky you to have such a pretty - and paranormal - place in town.

Cindi Myers said...

and my sister text me about an hour ago to see if I'd like to go again.
I said "NO"!
She called me a cry-baby and I said "Yep!"
Now I will NEVER go!
Yikes! LOL!

Vicki said...

Haha! Don't blame you though. If you're not comfortable being there, don't go. Wayward spirits like to latch on to those who are not confident. They're good at finding the "chink in one's spiritual armour".

Show your sister what I think about the photos - especially the "hunched figure".
She might not want to go either :)
Or, it might spur her on further, lol.
If she does go, ask her to make some recordings on her iPhone... she might get some good EVPs.

Cindi Myers said...

I told her about the "hunched" figure and her reply was "cool"
and then I told her about them latching onto not confident people and how they can "hitchhike" home.
Her reply was that its a good thing that she's Snarking B! LOL!
But she's too tired to go tonight so thankfully I won't have to worry about her... THIS year! LOL!

Vicki said...

'til next year then.....

Cindi Myers said...

Vicki, year.