Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thank you, a REVEAL and WTH?

First, before anything else.
THANK YOU for all your kind and compassionate words about Rosie.
They meant so much to me.
I have had, but not DIRECTLY said to me...
a few not kind people make a side remark, to others...
who then let it travel back to me that-
How can I care so much about all my pets?
The fact that I have more than the norm apparently makes them question how I can care
Well, I do.
And I feel very VERY sorry for those that can't understand it.
How awful to go through life with such a selfish hard heart.
Of course, I DO have some that will completely devastate me when they finally leave.
Truthfully, I hate loving some of them as much as I do.
Without question my Blue.
(Wow, even just typing out that sentence, filled my eyes with tears.)
But there's my cat Harry... oh god, he must live forever!
And my cat Ghost, he has to sleep as close as possible to me.
To say nothing of my little Ping and Poppy... but they are both young.
And my faithful Nora
and even irritating Jimmy Chew.
Yep, all the rest of them have my heart too.
So there.
It's just the way I am.
I was told as a child that I was too soft-hearted.
As I got older, I was told I needed to harden up.
Recently I was told that I needed to STOP caring so much.
I can't. I won't.
and why should I?

OK, On to a much HAPPIER topic!
My blogger friend Sharon, finally got the piece of Art that I did for her,
so I can reveal it now!
I showed some WIP's on Instagram but never the finished piece and here it is!

She wanted it to be of Jimmy Chew
and also the bag of dog food that he knocked over.
Here are some close-ups of the details.

I did it on art board in Inktense.
Then I did Jimmy, the bags of food and the kibble on paper and Inktense and ink
and collaged it on.
The kibble actually took the longest as I drew each piece, filled them in with Inktense and then went over it with my waterbrush and then relined it all.
But honestly, it felt like a form of meditation.
I went into a Zen mode!

Then I made a few more "pieces" of kibble and collaged them on top of it to give it a more 3D feel.
I also extended the images over onto the sides.
Usually I don't do that because then I wouldn't be unable to copy it and make prints.
But I knew this was not to be copied, it was just for Sharon.
It meant so much to me that she wanted Jimmy and that she believes so much in me.
Yep, Definitely a GOOD THING!

And finally,
while I don't REALLY care...
the other day I noticed that my "blogger" Followers dropped from 98 to 95.
While I secretly had a little thrill that I was about to break a hundred,
I also know that there's many ways to Follow and that number doesn't mean much.
That and the fact that I really only care about QUALITY over Quantity
and my blogger friends here are THE BEST.

Then the other day the number dropped to 91!
but really, WTH?
I hope I didn't say or do something offensive
or worse, BORE people.
OK, letting it go...
Deep breaths.
(by the way, I have corrected the links to Follow my Art blog via email and subscribing. Thanks to Anne for giving me a heads up on that!)
I'm still thinking that's a lot to ask and maybe I just need to keep it all over here in one place....
Any thoughts or opinions?

Finally, my credit card got hacked! or whatever.
Luckily they text me immediately of possible fraudulent charges to a Walmart in central Iowa.
Yep, NOT me.
So they had to shut down that account and open a new one
and put a fraud watch alert on my credit reports.
Right after that, TWO people on Facebook,
both who used to work at the clinic but have moved on, had the same thing happen to them!
And none of us go to any of the same places or live in the same town!
Scary stuff.
But we all are questioning using our cards at gas stations.
I hate to go inside and prefer to pay at the pump but this has me thinking.
Have you dealt with fraudulent charges?
Do you think it could be the scanners at the pumps?
I hate to carry cash but maybe I should.


Anne Specht said...

Hi Cindi, love the inktense art work. Beautiful colors and the 3-D effect is so cool. You are so talented!!
On another note; I signed up to receive your art blog new postings via email. I have not received any so far. I also searched for it on bloglovin and nothing shows up. Am I doing something wrong??? xox

Cindi Myers said...

Anne, THANK YOU about my art!
And OH NO! let me check it out. So sorry and thank you for trying so hard!

tammy j said...

I love that little painting! she has GOT to be delighted with it!
I remember that look on jimmy chew in his pj's. LOLOLOL!
I hate to say it. but yes. i'm a walmart gas shopper.
ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.
I have one of their gift cards. they can be used over and over.
I buy the exact amount of gas I want at the gro store cashier with my
DEBIT card. it requires a pin number. so if someone stole it they have to know my pin for it to work. anyhow... she enters the amount I want on the card...
then I pump gas... use the gift card and easy peasy. you don't put in any numbers. the cashier person in the thingy never sees the card.
the cashier at the store doesn't even see my pin number... only the transaction. I get a receipt and gas and GONE!
you probably know all this... so this long winded comment is for nothing! LOL. also... remember if you use that gift card you get $3 off the price per gallon.
I've also been told my entire life i'm too soft hearted.
I couldn't nor would I even want to live any other way. kudos to YOU. ♥

Ellen said...

Hello Cindi, I'm so sad for you.....I actually made myself ill with grief over one of my pets....dear black cat Sooty....I love them all but for some reason saying goodbye to him was too much, so I understand how you must be feeling.
A close friend is in the same place this week after having to make a decision over her little sixteen and a half year old dog Sam.

On the different subject of blog followers....I have recently lost 3....and just when I had started to blog again, so I'm wondering what I said!!
Perhaps it's just folk who decide to close their blogs dowm, as I know that facebook, instagram and twitter are apparantly the most popular sites now, so I think blogs may be losing out.....and just when I though I would get going again.
Sending you a hug xx

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
I'm happy to say, she was Happy!
Now with this giftcard thing, do you still have to go inside?
I hate going inside. But I guess I might have to do that.
Yeah, I don't care if I'm soft-hearted.
(to animals anyway! LOL!)
There are enough mean people out there already!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes...12 years ago I lost my Maddie, My Golden retriever and I hate to admit it but I took it as hard as I took some deaths in my family. Some people understood, because that dog literally saved my life twice.
I was ...lost. To this day, I still haven't been able to get another Golden.
I realize that I have a house full of critters that I will have to say good-bye to and I need to get my head on straight about it because so many are older. I could be headed for a lot of heart ache in the next few years but... what else can a person do?
Thank you for being so understanding.
and about the blogs and the followers...
I think you are probably right!
Just an hour or so again I was visiting the blog of an artist I've always Followed and she had written a post how she probably wouldn't be around a lot but instead on Instagram and Facebook because she needs to be painting!
I already follow her own those sites too and I thought, OH! LOL! YES! she's so right.
and here I am, trying to start another blog.
After all this, I might just do one after all.
Yep, much to think about!
Thanks for commenting!
and for your wise words.

CheerfulMonk said...

I think you should keep both blogs. I put both of them in my toolbar and check them every day. I've now subscribed to both.

Cindi Myers said...

I will.
Although the Art blog might not always have any writing.
Just a photo of my work.
An online journal of sorts.

Ellen said...

PS. I'm going to carry on with my blog though......just getting over flu so I've not been doing much at all over the last couple of weeks, but am determined to keep going with it.....going against the flow LOL xx

tammy j said...

you have to go into the grocery store to get the gift card and put money on it.
but then when you get your gas...
you just slide the card in first...remove it. pump the gas.
I only usually put 10.. 15.. or 20... on the card... depending how low I am.
then you just drive off. it asks you if you want a receipt.
sometimes I get one... sometimes I don't. easy.
no standing in line to pay for gas. nobody sees the transaction.
not like you're using a credit card or even a debit card.
your name is not even on the card!
you can use the same card over and over and over. it's really convenient and saves money on gas too. I have one I only use for gas.
of course... it ONLY works at the walmarts with the murphy (at least that's their name here) gas stations. I love it.

Cindi Myers said...

I think that's a great idea!
Yay! to blogging!

Cindi Myers said...

I don't usually go there, I usually go to a little gas station down in the East Village. They always bet everyone's prices. Even those with a discount.
But there are scary people inside, so I lock my car and pump the gas and jump back in when I'm done and sped away!
But when I do go to the Walmart Murphy's one, they usually send me an application for a Walmart Credit card within a few days.
If I got one, I'd get the discount....
I could do the card you do but that means actually going inside WALMART!
Ugh! Hahahahaha!
and I really hate going in there.
I'm gonna have to think about this one!

Cindi Myers said...

I THINK I fixed it... but still not sure.
Fingers closed!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

The Jimmy painting is really really cute! I like everything in one place, but I don't know what is better for business. Google discontinued some kind of "connect" for people who didn't have google, so that's why we lost followers :( Scary on the credit issue. Someone close to my family has lots of pets, and he takes such good care of them. .. Some people don't understand... Internet is not the best form of communication at times :( I hope this week is better.
xoxo Su

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much Su!
I'm so glad you liked the painting.
Jean sent me a link to how Google discontinued that connection and now you are telling me about it too!
I totally missed that announcement.
Jeez, not very fair of them!
But at least I know why now!

Yes, about the # of pets.
I have taken care of pets here at work and they are the ONLY pet the people own and they are not taken care of as they should be.
They will come in with long nails and crusty eyes.
Their beds will be filthy and their toys dirty.
Sometimes the food bowls will have this built up film on it...GAG!
I always send their things home with them after their stay here, freshly laundered (sometimes bleached) and their bowls squeaky clean.

My multitudes at home have their bowls scrubbed nightly and beds washed weekly and I trim their nails more than I do my own!
I know I'm a bit over the top but...
The # of pets mean nothing. It's the owners and their level of care that matter.
OK, off of my soapbox! LOL!
and thank you again!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Cindi, two things...Everyone on blogspot is losing followers. It is because, just recently, blogger cut the followers who didn't switch to Goggle plus or some such thing. It is heartbreaking to lose people who've stuck with you, but there's nothing you can do except let people know. I read a post on it on one of the blogs.

Most important, I've waited til you posted Jimmy Chew's painting before I posted about receiving it because I wanted you to take the first "bow" and also because I want to link to your post so people can understand how you created it. And please let everyone know that I am tickled to death with it! It really captures the picture of Jimmy Chew in the hooded outfit and the story of his knocking over the dog food for everyone. I am smitten with that dog and it will break my heart if he passes, as much as if he were mine! Thank you again for creating this wonderful artwork for me.

Vicki said...

I'm having to do a catch up here in blogland... where I haven't been for quite a while, sadly.
But I hope you don't think I'm one who has dropped off - I love your IG account and reply when I see a new image - although, sometimes, I don't see them until a day or so later - time differences I suppose. I'm asleep when you post, and vice versa.
So, from now on, I'm going to check your account everyday to see whats new :)

Annnywaaay, I LOVE what you've been doing lately.
Jimmy Chew Chew is a true delight... cheeky boy, and you've captured his character so, so well.
You ARE the animal whisperer, and can tap into their special personalities. And even more impressive - capture them on the page!
And they capture our hearts in turn. Clever girl.

Ignore those back stabbing comments by jealous tossers.
People who say stupid things, have NO comprehension of true empathy... for they have NONE of their own.
What they don't understand, they try to drag down to their low level.
People with no heart and shallow minds, stay in tiny shallow circles with like minded types.

You are better than that. Your heart is bigger than Phar Lap's - and THAT'S HUGE!

It is better to have a full, kind heart and be LOVED by animals and people who understand and know the beautiful soul that you are, than to travel in packs of mean spirited piss-ants.

As for the loss of our furbabes. You know how sorry I was to hear of dear Rosie ♥
It squeezes my heart to go too far into this, as I see my darling fifteen year old Jack, and am grateful for every extra day I have with him now.
Having been told by a vet that Blue Heelers don't live much beyond 12 or 13, I consider myself privileged indeed that he is still with me.
I have him on certain herbs which I know do him well and have helped him through crisis.
But, I also know that even the best herbs will not keep him with me forever. And, I'll never let him suffer, just for me. Never.
I'll know. He'll tell me.
...and I'm sobbing, so must get off this topic...
But I hear you. I know what you're saying about your beautiful Blue and wonderful fur crew.

I've had my card hacked - through an online purchase.
These bloody hackers are clever buggers!
And it's so inconvenient.
It's just good that the banks alert us in time.
Better some inconvenience through a small hack, than loss of all our money, I think.

So... keep being YOU, sweet Cindi.
Focus always on what matters, and push pass the rest with resilient resolve.

You have people that matter, who LOVE YOU.

And, I am honoured that you regard me as a friend ♥
For, I can't even begin to tell you how much I respect you IMMENSELY, without babbling for the next hour - and there isn't enough room in your comments box, lolol.

You and Tam mean the world to me. Seriously.
I WISH we lived closer to each other.

...and now more tears.

Jeez, menopause and tears go together like wine and cheese, lol.


Cindi Myers said...

I'm glad that I mentioned losing Followers now! LOL!
I would have silently just thought it was because of me and now I know it was Google!
How irritating of them!

I'm Over the Moon HAPPY that you love the painting!
That makes me feel so WONDERFUL and happy.
Jimmy is certainly the character alright and he got into trouble again today!
I HAD a little clay birdbath that is suspended by a thin rope that I usually hung in my tree.
But since it's winter, I had taken it down and put inside my porch. Well, I was rearranging the porch, so I moved it inside to my work table for safe keeping during the rearranging.
This afternoon after returning from an errand, I let the dogs out of their room to go outside and everyone raced for the back door. Jimmy of course was in the "herd" but as he ran past the table for some reason he turned and in an instant he jumped up in the air and caught the edge of the rope and pulled the birdbath down and it broke in two.
He merrily ran off even while I screamed his name and made fast for the back door.
Some days I could wring his little neck but he's too quick for me to catch!
(only kidding!)
Seriously though, I'm so happy that you love him and the painting AND
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the wonderful post you wrote about me.
I'm so glad and fortunate to have such a great friend and big supporter!

Cindi Myers said...

Now you have ME crying!
I feel the same way about you.
I thank my lucky stars the day that I found Tammy.
She is truly an angel and because of her, I've meet you and Jean and now I continue to meet wonderful dear new friends.
I'm humbled by the good fortune I've had to cross paths with friends that I feel closer to than most people that I know in my "real" life.
I hate that world -"real", not the right word, but you know what I mean.

I'm so sorry to make you worry and cry about your boy Jack.
I understand too well how frightening it is to be told the typical life-span of our loved ones breed.
Every single time that someone asks Blue's age and I say 10, their eyes get wide. I hate that.
Their facial expressions tells me what they are thinking. I can't bare to think about it any longer either as my eyes fill with tears at the thought.
Nope, let's change the subject except to say how blessed we both are to have our boys in our lives.

I sometimes have missed your IG posts too so I recently just started to check your account to be double sure! LOL!
Thank you for your kind words and all your support. They mean the world to me!
Thank you so much for being you!

leslie said...

people said WHAT? god, people are so damn weird.

Cindi Myers said...

Weird is one word that I would use
but I have other words for them too.
Thanks for commenting!