Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Wednesday's are now my day off.
Last Wednesday morning I met a friend for breakfast.
It was kinda the official start of my vacation because
I had used the last of my vacation days and had taken Thursday through Saturday off
and I had Sunday off too!
So that made for a nice group of a few days to get things done
and to relax a little bit.
My throat had felt a little sore the night before so I stopped after breakfast and picked up

throat spray, cough drops and NyQuil so that I could nip it in the bud.

By Thursday I was sick.
Friday I was much worse.
Saturday I had the chills and was sweating and about to call for last rites.
Sunday I woke up still sick but mad

and determined to get some use out of the wasted days so I
made myself do some work around the house and then went outside to finish some yard work 
in an effort to sweat my cold away and get some things done before the cold weather set in for good.

Monday I returned to work and was tired, dizzy and coughing so bad that I left a little after 1:00.
Fortunately the new girl was able to come in and cover my shift. 
I finally got home and when I walked in the door I discovered that Dewey had gotten me a little something.

I'm assuming he thought it would cheer me up.

I feel bad for the little mouse.
The weather is quite cool now
and cold at night.
He probably squeezed his way into the basement
looking to get warm
not knowing what waited for him inside.

Today I went back at work.
Several co-workers urged me to go home.

They thought I sounded worse than I had been on Monday.
I know I was coughing more.
My voice was almost gone too.
Finally one of them, a friend, came back and said to me that she had decided
that I needed to go HOME!
I told her I would...
after I gave a bath to a dog that I had promised his owner that I would
and after I finish up a few things.

Of course there's the financial issue of it as
we only get 24 hours sick time and I burned that up at the beginning of the year.
And I obviously just used up the last of my vacation hours.

Finally I got what needed to be done, done and left.
Luckily almost all the boarders had left
and it would only be a couple of hours until my evening shift worker would be in.

I'm lucky that I have tomorrow off.
Another day to recover!
I'm just bummed because I had so many plans for the last few days.
One was a day trip with a friend to drive to a few cool places
but she had to cancel last minute, so I guess that worked out for the best
and at least I got the outside stuff almost done.
But I wanted to work on figuring out Etsy and set up my shop
and of course work on making Art for Etsy.

I also had several things I wanted to write about and share in blog posts.
Things that happened and I don't want to forget to share!


Oh well!
Enough whining.
I need to stop planning out specific times
and just do things in little bits and it will get done.

Right now though, I think I will curl up in my big chair
with a cup of green tea
and let myself be covered up with my furry critters
and nap until it's time for bed and my Nyquil
but I mostly just wanted to pop in and let everyone know
why I haven't posted in a while.



CheerfulMonk said...

I'm so sorry about your being sick! But thank you for writing and letting us know. Best wishes always.

tammy j said...

your life is a novel.
at the very least it would be a fantastic ebook. and with photos and your illustrations... WOW! a best seller on amazon. i can see it now. all animal lovers would buy it. and simply people who admire humour and continuous courage.
and me first in line to buy it!!!
i'm so glad the new lady is working out. finally someone who SHOWS UP when you need her and that you can count on to actually help.
get well soon dearest little bean!
we are all out here rooting for you.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jean.

Cindi Myers said...

Well, they say everyone has a book in them!
But I need to get busy on the ones I have in my head.
The Kanga one and then Blue.
and the Blue series.
And then Jimmy Chew

Yes, I'm so glad to finally have some good help.
I need to let go a bit and get busy on other parts of my life.
I'm trying to get well, as soon as I can but this thing is really hanging on!
Thanks for the well wishes!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

The best laid plans...

I can sooooo relate to what happened. All of it actually. Not just being sick on your days off, but the little mouse too. As much as I don't want them in my house, I hate to kill them too.

Hope you're feeling better Cindi!


Cindi Myers said...

:D :D :D

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

My mother swears by Ester C, which is a vitamin you can buy at any store. Mom is 87 years old and hasn't been to the doctor in 15 years except to get new glasses. At the first sign of a cold, she takes Ester C several times a day until her cold is past about a week later. She convinced us and we do it too. If you try it, let me know if it helps.

Cindi Myers said...

Is that a brand of Vitamin C ?
My sister told me to take between 2000 - 3000 mg of it a day while I was sick.
I did for a few days and then...
I'm horrible about taking pills!
But now that you mentioned this, I'll go take some right now.
Thank You!