Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day of the Dead and Chippiannock Cemetery

This post is in reference to the Day of the Dead, the day that follows Halloween.

I didn't used to know about Day of the Dead,
the celebration of those who have passed
and how they come out one night a year to visit and rejoice with loved ones.

HERE is a link to explain it better if you are not familiar with it.

It's also about one of the local cemeteries here in Rock Island.
A cemetery that is listed as one of America's top haunted spots.
Chippiannock Cemetery.
There's a lot of statues and monuments in the cemetery and I believe I've written a post a few years back about them, complete with photos but I will share a few of them here again.
You can also go HERE for more info.

Here's a few of my photos:

These were taken with my old camera.
I apologize for the blurriness.

It's a big cemetery and then across the road is another cemetery -
Calvary Cemetery.
Here's a couple of photos from there:

I went to find the post that I had written about the time my sister talked me into going to the cemetery at night during Day of the Dead.
I thought it was just a couple of years ago but evidently it was FIVE!
It kinda freaks me out how time is flying!

Ever since then she's tried talking me into going back.
Last year I can't remember my excuse.
Maybe it had rained
or it was really cold
or I had to work the next day and didn't want to be out late.

Unfortunately this year I just realized the weather it supposed to be in the 70's during the day
and no rain
and I have the next day, Wednesday off.
I still don't want to go back,
not after what showed up on my photos from the first time we went!
But I have a feeling that my sister will really push me to go.
Last time I was told it probably was moisture on my camera lens.
If I were to go this year, I'd be using my iPhone....
but I'm not going!

Anyway, HERE is the post.
Complete with photos of what was in the cemetery that night.


tammy j said...

i remember that post very well!
and if she wants to go then let her go. without you.
the only excuse you have to give is that you don't want to go.
but oh my.
what a beautiful cemetery it is.
some of the headstones are such works of art.
the day of the dead is celebrated here because we have a large hispanic ommunity and i think it originated in mexico. you have made me want to know more about it.
thanks for the link. i'll go there and read about it.
couldn't sleep. it's 4am and i'm having coffee in the cool and quiet of the morning.
thinking of you now and all your little furries. and of course big blue. XO♥

tammy j said...

that was a link to the cemetery's history! i thought it would be 'the day of the dead.'
i still found it so interesting though. what a treasure it is.
like doreen... i love old cemeteries. in the daytime. :)
now i'll look up the celebration of day of the dead.

Summer said...

Kind of spooky☺ ♥ Happy Monday!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I remember that post, and I think you should go! Don't be a woos!! LOL


Cindi Myers said...

The very first "HERE" is the one to the Day of the Dead".
and I can't let her go alone!
Maybe she will forget about it
but I don't plan on reminding her! LOL!
It IS a beautiful cemetery, I almost would like to have a headstone there when I go. Maybe I will and THEN have my ashes scattered!
My parents are at another cemetery, (the one on my street) and entombed in a mausoleum... Yeah, I don't want that!
But I think it's interesting to look up all the history.
I hope your weather stays cool for your Halloween!

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks so much for commenting!
It is spooky there.
I "feel" it more than the other cemeteries.
Makes for a scary Halloween/Day of the Dead!

Cindi Myers said...

That's me alright!
A big fat woos!
I won't let her go alone
but hopefully she'll forget!
Happy Halloween!

CheerfulMonk said...

Let us know if you go or not! Good luck if you do. :)