Thursday, October 6, 2016


The Universe hears what you think about.
And delivers.
Sometimes you wish for something
and when it happens, you get scared.

Or maybe that's just me.

So, FOREVER I've been wanting help and relief at work.
I do have some very good help
but they are part-time and they all work full-time jobs elsewhere.
So that has still left me working 6 days a week.
Well... Not anymore!

I've hired someone who is an adult.
Someone who has known Doc for a very long time,
although he had no idea that she was looking for a job.
She had told our Hospital Administer that she was looking for employment.
The H.A. knows her because they are both dog breeders.
One of the vet techs knows her very well also,
because she is a breeder too.

I must mention here that they are all legitimate breeders of Show Dogs
and not the backyard variety.
Anyway, apparently dog breeders are a community and all know each other.

So I hired this woman who cares for her own multiply dogs daily.
So she knows hard work.
She's had to administer drugs to them, so she has no problem giving medications.
She's somewhere in my age group
and she loves dogs.
She's very nice and pleasant.
So what more could I ask for?

Now I have Wednesday's off!
Can you imagine me having two days off in one week!?
I'm in Heaven.

So I had yesterday off and I had a lot of plans for my day.

First I met my friend for an early (6am) breakfast
and then I came home to tackle 2 BIG projects.
Since Thursdays are trash day, I decided to pick up a little bit around the house first
so I could get rid of some things.
Somehow I ended up sorting through and rearranging two rooms!
I worked on it all day and had a HUGE contractor bag full of stuff for the trash.
I've decided that on Wednesday I will always spend a little bit of time to throw away a few things.
And also load a few items in the car to donate.
I felt good even though I had not gotten to the 2 BIG projects!

So I returned to work today and had my usual notes
and several phone messages to return
and reservations to make and...
Then I noticed a note of my desk.

The new woman had made a boarding appointment in the computer
and asked if she had done it right and if so, could I call and confirm with the client.
I had not taught her this step yet.
I looked at the reservation and it appeared that she had done everything right.
But how had she done it ? and who had taught her?

I went and asked the Hospital Administer if she had come to her for help
while I was off but she was surprised and said No!
The H.A. asked how did she know the program for it?
I shrugged and went back to my area.

Later that morning the new woman dropped by.
She had an appointment for one of her dogs but wanted to know
if I had seen the note and if had she done the reservation right.
I told her Yes. She had done it correctly but how did she know how to?
She replied that she just figured it out! LOL!
I said if she had down it wrong or messed up the schedule I might have been upset
but since she did it right, that everything was fine and then I kinda laughed.

A little bit later I went up and told the Hospital Administer that she had "just figured it out"
to which she replied "Wow!"
I said "Yeah, I know!"
and then (although I've had this in the back of my mind since Day One)
I said "Yeah, and she tidied up the area next to the cabinet where everyone tosses stuff!"
I paused and then added -
"Yep! She's after my job and but she can't have it!"
Everyone laughed and I went back to my area.

A half hour later I went to get my hoodie
but it wasn't jammed on the shelf by my desk.
I looked around and there it was! Hanging on a hook!

Later when I had to go back up front to the office area with some files
I walked over to the bin and put the files in it and turned around and said
to the Hospital Administer and the other office girls -
"She hung up my hoodie!"
and as I walked away as they all started laughing.

But to be honest,
it's a good thing.
I was scribbling down ideas all day on scratch paper and post-its.
Ideas of things I want to do and create.
All plans for my Art.
News ideas and game plans.
The Universe has sent me just what I've been needing.
I've been putting everything BEFORE my Art and I need to re-focus.
My Art needs to more important.
I've been on the edge and I just needed a push.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

How wonderful for you!! I hope you and "new girl" continue to work well together, and she continues to do those little things that really do add up to something big and make a difference!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I'm very optimistic!
I just think I don't know how to handle having REAL help.
I'm so used to doing everything myself!
This should let me ease back a bit and pursue things that I've been wanting to do
but never had enough time or energy!
Yes, definitely a good thing!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Cindi, I'm not an overly religious person, but I think this saying I heard from my very religious friend once is perfect for you: Let Go, Let God.
So happy you have more time for you. The answer always comes, it just sometimes not what you expect.

Cindi Myers said...

I'm not very religious either but I get it and it like it!
Let go and let God!
Thank you!

CheerfulMonk said...

How wonderful! My fingers are crossed that it continues. :)

tammy j said...

i think she already sees how you've needed REAL help for a long time now.
and she's just pitching in!
and (heehee)... neatniks tend to hang up hoodies and straighten pictures and put things in order! LOLOL. it's sort of like breathing to us and just what we do. it offends some people i think. i'm glad you took it the right way! maybe the rest of that bunch will catch on and not use your area as a dumping place!!!
and i'm SO THRILLED you get to spend time now on your ART! and that you won't be exhausted!
and she LOVES animals too!

Cindi Myers said...

My fingers are crossed too!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, Actually I think I had slowly given up with some of the small details.
There were stupid silly things like the last girl would put the litter boxes, after they had been washed, onto the top of the refrigerator!
Instead of walking into the cat room and putting them on the shelf where the others were stacked!
That drove my crazy.
And the racks where we keep the towels and sheets and blankets?
She would kinda fold/roll them! and some were still damp!
I told the girls that when people walk in and see the racks in a big messy hodge podge they will think we treat everything with such casual disregard. I know they thought I was being way too picky but I figured they could refold and stack things nicely if they had time to be on their phones!
and mostly though, because now I can get down to the business of my Art!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I'm doing a happy dance for you Cindi! Finally!!

Like Tammy said, neat people just can't help themselves, so I'm glad you took it the right way. It's all good, and hopefully will only get better and better.

Now maybe you can spend more time on YOU!

Cindi Myers said...

I know! It's finally happened!
She also said if I ever get sick, just give her a call.
In the past, I would go in and work and get what I had to get done and then leave.
Usually I'd work to at least noon! Even if I was dying.
Hopefully, I won't be getting sick but it's nice to know I will finally have a backup
AND now I can finally get my act together with everything else!