Sunday, October 2, 2016


On the day that Blue had his surgery, something happened that I didn't share.
Something kinda funny.
It had nothing to do with Blue
but just something that happened that day when I went out for lunch.

That day we were taking x-rays of Blue hourly.
It was nearing lunchtime and
I was waiting for Doc to look at the latest x-ray taken
but he had several appointments left to do.
So I decided to run and get something for lunch and get some gas.
I thought I would have Blue with me when I went home that night
and I don't like stopping anywhere with him in the car.

So I went and got gas and saw a long line at my usual lunch drive-through
and decided last minute to go to another place.
As I drove back to work, I decided to take the backstreets because that route would be less busy.

As I travelled up the road I noticed that the driver ahead of me
had pulled over suddenly.
I slowed up as I passed her and glanced over and
I saw she was leaning over a dog
So I pulled over  and stopped a little bit ahead of her.
I got out and she had a hold of the dog's collar.
She looked up at me and asked me if it was my dog.
I replied, No and that I had just stopped because I thought she might need some help.

So, she's holding onto this dog and said -
"I saw him in the middle of the road and he was on his back and I thought he had been hit by a car!"
Then she continued and said "But apparently there's a dead squirrel here in the road and he was just rubbing his back on it!"
We both kinda laughed and she said he had a tag with his name and a number.
I went and got my phone and called the number but no one answered.
I left a message.

So she was looking around for a moment
and I said "Well...
I could take him with me to work, I work at a vet clinic not far from here."
She was very relieved as it turned out that she was on her way to pick up her kid from the daycare center on the corner of the block.

So I took ahold of his collar
and I looked at his name tag.
"Come on Champ" I said.
He didn't look at me but just walked with me to my car.
I opened the passenger side door and he jumped in.
I walked around and got in my side.
He sat like a person and silently looked out the window.
Looking at him made me kinda laugh as we drove back to work.

I had a spare leash in the car so I looped it around his head when we got there
and lead him inside and then out to the potty area in boarding.

I called the number again, no answer but I left a message as to where Champ was.

A few minutes passed and his owner called.
He was up on his roof working but he would drive over shortly to get him.
In the meantime I got Champ some water.
Soon his dad arrived and thanked me.
He said they lived right on the corner where we found him
and that he had just been in the yard moments before I called.
I told him how the other driver had seen him
in the middle of the road and had stopped thinking he had been hit.
Then I told him about the squirrel.
He laughed and thanked me again
and said he was glad Champ hadn't gotten hit by a car
while rolling on a squirrel.

"Especially on National Dog Day!" the owner exclaimed.
I had forgotten that, what with all that was going on with Blue.

So I went and got Champ, who was instantly happy to see his owner.
He jumped up on him and his tail was wagging like crazy.

I'm glad that it all turned out so well.
Then I went up front to see what Doc thought about Blue's latest x-ray.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your post is a perfect example of not knowing why you do something, like go another way, and then realize why you did it. I'm glad that Champ was safe while having a "squirrel moment!"

And thank-you for your thoughts on my last post. I totally agree with you, we both should be nicer to ourselves, and not forget that we are doing the best that we can -- But it's hard, isn't it? Take care, and be good to yourself, and I'll try to be too - Deal?? :-)

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I thing there's a reason for such things. In fact, I no longer get upset if the draw-span is open on the bridge and I have to turn around. Or if a driver in front of me drives really slow. I figure it's part of the plan. ;)

And you're welcome. Your post was very timely for me. HA! Ha! Obviously perfect timing! ;)
and although it's hard to do most of the time, I'll try too! Deal!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Wayne Dyer used to say in his talks that you should be grateful when a driver cuts you off or drives too slow in front of you. He said that driver that cut you off may have saved you from a wreck. Since I heard him say that, I let everyone go ahead of me. I just tell myself they want to get somewhere faster than I do. It drives my husband nuts, but that's kind of a benefit too!

CheerfulMonk said...

What a great story. I"m still laughing. :D

Cindi Myers said...

That's exactly what I was thinking!
That if I was a few minutes quicker, I might be in some sort of accident!
:D :D :D
Yep, I believe there are reasons!

Cindi Myers said...

I'm glad you liked the story and that it gave you a good laugh!

tammy j said...

what a great ending!
i found myself sort of holding my breath.
and you know...
i think it's your karma to just instinctively know to help where any animal is concerned.
you were probably lead there! :)
i know champ is glad you did!
a great story that ended so happily! XOXO♥

Janneke said...

Lovely story Cindy and the fun is, that nobody was in a hurry that day.
You took another road, the woman was driving slow in front of you and the dog was rubbing his back on a squirrel in the middle of the road..... than the owner came to collect him and Champ went happily home with him. End good all good!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Love, love, love this story! Champ is adorable, and he sounds like a hoot! I've never heard of a dog doing that. Kinda gross, not to mention dangerous, but funny!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! I'm so glad it was a happy ending!
and I think that the woman who stopped was supposed to be there
and I was supposed to take the back route too!
Kinda like we were pieces in a puzzle!

Cindi Myers said...

You are right!
No one was in a big hurry
and it all clicked into place!
End good all good!
I like that saying!

Cindi Myers said...

Glad you liked the story!
You've never heard of that? LOL!
Seems like the dogs I know are always sniffing the ground and then rolling in it!
But yes, he was a cutie and very funny!