Monday, February 22, 2010

Some of My Paintings ....

Last Spring at the veterinarian clinic that I work at, my friend Amber (who is the Head Tech) and I decided that the exam rooms and the public bathroom needed to be repainted. We picked out colors and got the Doc to go pick up the paint and we set out to redo all the rooms. As it usually happens when the two of us start a project, it kinda snowballed into a whole redecorating thing. We ended up also redoing his office and collecting a lot of Feng Shui friendly items for his space. I had found an old desk at an estate sale and got him to go get it and we repainted it a matte black. We found 2 metal chest of drawers and repainted those. We swiped photos of his kids out of his drawer and had them blown up to fit into some silver metal frames. Then we got a jade plant, a small fountain, hung a crystal in the window and basically did a complete makeover. I did a collage painting that incorporated a photo of his elderly german shepherd (who has since passed on) and wrote the words "Old Friends are the Best Friends" over it. We needed more paintings for the exam rooms and restroom so I brought in some of my paintings (that hadn't sold on Ebay!) and hung them in the different rooms. Here are a few, but not all of them. Of course I am critical of most of them but I thought I'd show you a sampling of my work. The bird painting at the start of this post is in the restroom. This one is also
in there.

This is the one in the Doctors office -

 and then the next one is in the cat exam room

and this one too-
this one is in the Euthanasia Room, It's a collage with a photo of "Mika" an old Saint Bernard that I took care of for YEARS and who passed on last year -

So, that's a sampling, the girls at work said I should put some prices on some of them and try to sell maybe I will.


sassypackrat said...

I think they are all wonderful!

yoborobo said...

Wow, Cindi - they are all fabulous. I love the charming yellow bird with his quizzical look, your cats and dogs (of course!), and the one at the end made me tear up. You have a lot of talent. I wish there was some way you could advertise your art to other vet offices, the one we go to is BORING and could sure use it, and I'm betting they all need some warmth and sweet humor. xoxoxoxo Pam

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Sassy!

Thanks Pam! I've been thinking about creating some other pet related items (I grow my own catnip...hmmmm) and I have some ideas about some "signs" AND also I am going to paint some paintings for the DOG exam rooms. I think I am finally getting out of the blah blue mood and starting to get back in the creating mode! (Thanks to my wonderful blog friends!)
XOXOX - Cindi

ODD imagination said...

Awww... I think your paintings are really, really great! They make me smile. How generous you are to donate your time and art to brighten up a space that can leave people feeling anxious if they are worried about the furry loved one.
Just a wonderful post!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hello You!!

First these are sooo great and I love them!! And those carrots yum yum!! Well Cindy cutie pie I'm back and well but very very achy. Recovering! the things that some women have to go through in order to have a child and a healthier life. I'm so happy I don't have this fibroid in me anymore. Now I just Have to wait 6 weeks and 4 months to have a child. Anyways don't want to bore you with this. Thank you for your warm words it brings a big smile to my face. Here's to motherhood,to womanhood and to lovely friendships.

Mua Mua!!

Un beso!