Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weight Problems!!!

I know that it seems like everyone is battling with weight problems. I myself have yoyo'd up and down most of my life. I remember being a chubby little kid and then getting thin in high school and then starting to gain again in college and then dropping out and losing and then going up and down and up and down. Lately it's just been going up and up! A few posts back I wrote about Blue's weight issue and then the other day I took a picture of "Dewey" and realized I had made him FAT too!
Dewey was a little teenager cat that one of the girls I work with brought in to the vet clinic. He was found at her mothers home in the country. Crying at her door. He was skinny and had big patches of hair missing. We kept him back in my boarding area and to our dismay he continued to pull out hunks of his own hair! Everyone at the clinic came back throughout the day, everyday to visit him. Slowly with a lot of love from everyone his hair started to come back. Then our Veterinarian said it was time to find him a home and it needed to be ASAP! Everyone wanted him but it seemed that they all either had a husband or a mother that refused to let them adopt Dewey. So I took him home until a "proper" home could be found. Well... all my little dogs adored him immediately and he is now part of MY family! So, the little skinny bald kitty is now a FAT cat.
Then there's Horton.

When I lost my cat "Ghost",  I answered a found ad and it wasn't Ghost but some other white male affectionate cat. He was terrorized by my dogs the moment I brought him home so he lives at the clinic, where's he's safe from dogs chasing him everywhere. He is living at the clinic until I can find him a good safe home with no dogs. He started out a big bone cat he needs to go on to "The Biggest Loser".
I just recently found out that Mandy, one of the vet techs at the clinic, has her own blog   it's devoted to getting weight off of her cat Midnight. Mandy is one of those girls who is young,(so young she could be my daughter!) pretty, skinny and scary smart! Honestly I could hate her out of jealousy except she's also very sweet and caring. She's always concerned about everyone, the animals and people and to top it off, she's always so cheerful. Ugh!!!!!!!!
LOL! So check out her blog! I know I need to follow it!


suze said...

Ahhh, your kitties are sweet. My daughter has a 20 pounder...all black and fluffy. I try to stay away from Pet Smart because I want to take home ALL of the cats! I feel so bad for them.

Suzie said...

Three of our rescued cats are now "tubbies" too, and they were terribly scrawny and malnourished when they found our door. And they are all older. It is like their bodies are making up for lost time. :-)

The younger ones that we've rescued have maintained their normal weight once they gained it.

I honestly don't know if age is a factor or not. They are all neutured or spayed too, and I know that they have a tendency to gain after that little operation.

And two of the three are also FIV positive. Our Vet is amazed, since it is usually hard for FIV kitties to gain weight. He says that we must be doing something right! If so, I don't know what it is, except lots of love!

I love the photos of your kitties. They look well loved, too!!

yoborobo said...

Oh, Cindi! I know exactly what you mean. I can hardly pick up Luna. I am serious. She doesn't look that fat, but when I try and pick her up, I have to 'bend with my knees'! LOL! I think Luna has decided that she needs to eat more that our other two cats. She is at that bowl before them, and I think she stays there nibbling to show them who is boss. And as for me, I have been trying to lose 20 pounds (I gave up trying to lose what I REALLY need to lose, which is closer to 50) for about 20 years. I lose 5, gain 5, lose 10, gain...well, you get the idea. I know I need to get more exercise, but winter is not a good season for me and the outdoors. ;) So I'm right there with you, my friend. And Mandy sounds lovely and adorable and kind - I will try not to hate her. LOL!! Stay warm! xox

wyanne said...

Oh....but they are so happy....not to mention adorable and cute. :)

Georgina said...

Oh I love your little chubby guys...I know their pain too!!! LOL

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hello! You are just too adorable, you know that!!

I love visiting your blog! You are bluntly honest about you post here and I love it. My cat is not heavy - he does not eat a lot but he eats! And lays around and then plays buck wild with my puppy who doesn't seem to understand that being too aggressive with Sammy is not a good idea. And when she does get a slap in the face she turns her back in the corner and peeks slowly to see if Sammy is behind her. It's funny how these two interact. They get along great but when Sammy don't feel like playing he will let her know right away and then comes me who gets in the middle and they both walk away. Cute! hehehehehe They look at me and I can feel them just knowing that they can't play rough nononono! And so they both get their own toys and yarn and play! Well sweetie pie I hope you are having an awesome time creating or just having a beautiful day doing what ever you are doing at the moment.

FatCat No More said...

Thanks for sending people to my blog Cindi :) It was very sweet, though you make me blush!

oldblackcatboo said...

WOW! I guess there ARE a lot of chubby cats out there! LOL!
Thanks EVERYONE! for all the great comments!

Amg-Arts said...

I have two cats I got them both when I was working in the Veterinary Hospital I used to work in, but when I got married I had to leave them with my mam and dad cos Oscar the dog doesnt like cats :'( but I see them often :)

Beautiful cats btw

MyPinkTurtle said...


Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments regularly! You are so sweet! But ... You think Dewey is a fat cat! Well, I got news for you! My Mickey has to be the fatest cat alive! When he runs across our house, he sounds like a poney and I can hardly lift him up without a crane! Your animals are so cute! Life would be so boring without them, don't you think! Take care, LuLu

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


HELLO THERE HOW ARE YOU? THANK YOU FOR COMING BY!! It's always lovely when you do. Hope you had an awesome day!! BIG HUGSSSSSSS FOR YOU SWEETIE!!

night night!!