Thursday, February 25, 2010

THURSDAY is Estate Sale Day!

I decided that THIS year I am taking Thursdays as my day off at my DAY job. I've worked there 8 years and always worked around everyone elses schedule so I finally decided I was going to think of myself for a change and schedule ME off on Thursdays! Thursdays are the first day of Estate Sales. They start at 9:00 am but you have to go earlier and get a number and then line up at the door. Promptly at 9 they open the door and everyone hurries in and scatters all over the house to find "treasures". A lot of the time my sister and her husband will meet up with me and it works out well because we are never attracted to the same stuff. A friend of mine used to go with me but she said that it bothered her to go through someone elses things. I understood but I pointed out that I LOVE my finds and they make me so HAPPY and if I thought that other people would love and cherish my "stuff" when I'm gone, that I would be happy too. She prefers to stick to garage sales and Goodwill (and I secretly think that she just doesn't want to get up early! LOL!)
So, there was an Estate Sale today across the river and my sister said she would probably pass on it but I had to go because... I took Thursdays off to go!
I'm SO Happy I went! Here's some pics of what I got-
First off is the painting, it's in the photo at the beginning of the post. Well, the actual painting is not my style but I LOVE the frame! AND I've been looking for just the right one for my print of my Skelly that I got from Pam aka   it's  perfect and it only cost $5.00! The quilted little blue blanket below it cost $4.00 and I'm going to use that in my car for Blue to lay down on. Then I found these for my little dogs, I thought they would make good dog food dishes and they cost 25 cents a piece!
and this was $1.00

and this for a water bowl - $3.50

and this was$2.00, I think it will go into the kitchen and hold "something" that I will find...

and this was $2.00 and I'll use it as a reed diffuser -

and this pot was $1.00 and it will replace the one I accidently broke, it will go outside on the front steps (when if finally warms up!) -

and the grand total came to $18.00! Waahoo!!!!!

I was on a roll so I drove over to Lowes and found 2 gallons of mis-tinted but quality paint in just the right "mocha" color I've been thinking about. They were $5.00 a piece and then I also got 2 quarts of mis-tints, one a creamy color and the other a grey for $2.50! My color scheme in my house is white, and more white and more white and then brown, black, gold, silver. All the walls on the main floor are white and I've been thinking of painting one of the rooms a Mocha, most likely the kitchen, but maybe not. Maybe the bathroom. The bathroom is already a brownish but it has this god awful border in there ( I have no idea why I put THAT up) anyway it needs repainting. Goodness, it sounds like I  have a BIG house, but I don't. It's a VERY tall but VERY skinny house, really! Many people have commented on the fact. When I say skinny, I'm talking 15 feet across! It's kinda odd but I love it, it's different, it's like someone said, hey I bet we could squeeze a house in there!
I digress.
So then off I went to Target! and I found this perfect doggie gate for the bottom of the stairs. I needed something because the little ones kept running up there and getting into no good. A regular baby gate just wouldn't fit properly between the wall and banister and it looked so ugly! So I had this thought and what do you know! They were on clearance! for $9.98.  so here's the doggie gate -

OK, so you might be saying "that's a fire screen"! but the little ones don't know that. They just walk up to it and look at it and walk away! And it's pretty.
Well, that's enough gloating for now, I'm off to figure out what room to paint.
Oh, and guess who I ran into at the Estate Sale? My sister! Scammer.


Mundo Mundaca said...

Ops!.. forgives me for the gaffe.. to change your name was really unforgivable.. lately my head of the turns... I feel as a butterfly.. no that I get to fly but same small brain.. hahahaha.
I adored yours to buy and me leaning that that fireplace grating will be beautiful in the bottom of the stairway.. I adore that style.

sassypackrat said...

Estate sales are awesome! You can find just the best stuff! Looks like you had a great time and came away with good useful things.

wyanne said...

I love estate sales! You got some great things! I love the fire screen doggie clever! You could buy vintage things and resell them on Etsy. Seems like you have a good eye for it.

oldblackcatboo said...

LOL! That's OK Yasmin, no big deal!
(I love smart butterflies!) and I'm glad you liked my doggie gate idea!

Hi Sassy! I did have a "Good" day!
That makes me think of when my niece was a little girl and we would do things together and she'd look up at me and say -"This is a Good DaY!"... sigh, I miss that little kid, now she's a surly teenager!

Wyanne- I know! Aren't estate sales SO FUN to go to! and yes, I have had that idea too. In fact I have a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff in my basement that I've gotten from previous sales that I thought some day of listing!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

great grabs!!!! i love seeing what others find at thrift shops and especially like to know what they cost!

ODD imagination said...

I wish my sister lived close enough to run into (and I concur she scammed on you)! Wow, your day just about exhausted me... LOL
I do love all the wonderful things you found and the doggie gate, not that was a neat idea and you are right - pretty!

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Jaz! I know from YOUR blog that if we were at the same sale, there would probably be a TUGfest!
LOL! Since we like the same things!

Hey ODD! Yeah, I love my sister, but she's a scammer! and I always love something that's "pretty"!

yoborobo said...

OH, I am green, green, green with envy!! LOL! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the frame, and the skelly is going to look so cool in that. Nice score on that, and all the cute dishes, and I love the vase you are going to put on the porch. Oh, and the doggy gate. Oh, heck I love all if it, and I am so happy you had fun. I would have gone with you, no matter how early I had to get up! ;) xo Pam