Friday, June 25, 2010

Some People are So Thoughtless and STUPID!

There is a woman that comes into where I work. She is one of our clients. She has seen my dog Blue and apparently she used to have a white deaf Great Dane too. She always asks how he is doing, makes a little conversation and then always ends up saying something about how Danes don't live that long. Or asks if I know what the life expectancy of a Great Dane is?! I usually try to act like I haven't heard her or make some sort of comment about how Blue is going to live forever.
SO... Today she comes in with her daughter who is in her late teens, early twenties and asks if I'm working and do I have Blue with me? Well, of course I do. He's always with me at work. So she asks the girls in the reception area if they can come back to my area to see him. So they call me and I say.....................yes. What else could I say? So after visiting with him, the daughter says in this whiny voice. "Mom, I want another Great Dane!" to which she replies "Oh NO! They die too young! Ours died at 6!" then she looks at me and asks how old Blue is. (I just told her his age last month!) So, I say- "He'll be 5 in November" and she purses her lips and raises her eyebrows. At that point I pulled her head down by her bangs and knee'd her in the nose!
OK, I didn't really but I WANTED to. So...even though I know Blue has many many years ahead of him, asinine remarks like that leave me with a lump in my throat and my eyes blurred.
Well, my friends!  Anyone have a good retort for me to use next time?


sassypackrat said...

I'd tell her you don't appreciate her telling you every time she comes in that Great Danes don't live long. Tell her it's a very hurtful thing to say to a dog owner and that you are so sorry she lost her dog but you'd very much appreciate if she kept those comments to herself from now on.

I think this is to the point without too much snark. She obviously needs to be set straight cause either she knows she's doing or she doesn't and either way needs to know you won't put up with it. Well anyway that's what I'd do. HUGS to you and Blue!

carla ( said...

No good retort here...pull her down by her bangs and knee her in the nose!!!! hee hee!!! Too funny!!! I remember wanting to do that before too!!!! Sounds like she is traumatized and can't quit thinking about it...Maybe you could say... something like I am going to enjoy this time with him and love him while I can...I think some people feel so hurt due to the loss that they make themselves believe that they just shouldn't love than take a chance on loving again...usually and hopefully they will be able to love another again... sorry bout the book here...hugs

Autumnforest said...

Next time, tell her he's "15." Hahaha

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I know of a Greate Dane that became over ten years old, so naturally Blue will too :-)

When I had my gardencentre/nurcery I had a customer that always asked when I was putting my oldest dog to sleep (she was a big dog and the customer always said that these big dogs died young). She was twelve by that time and I always told her that as long as she was happy she would stay.

I hated when that woman came in and the day I had to do what I had to do I swear I could see a smile in her eyes. It was real close I did what You wanted to do then :-) :-)
Have a great Midsummers day!

Kimber said...

Next time she asks how old he is tell her he is 17! Let her react...
I know easy for me to say but try not to let her get to you.
Some people, huh?

Abi said...

A few choice words spring to mind :O)