Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesdays Pet Tip # 10

When traveling in the car with your dog....

Don't let him drive! He can't possibly reach the pedals!
Seriously though! Don't leave your pet in the car in the hot weather! Even if it's for only a moment to run inside and you have the window cracked open a bit! The temps can soar so much faster than you realize. I found this AWESOME website that is completely devoted to keeping your pet cool and safe! You can even type in your zip code and they will let you know if it's currently TOO HOT to leave your dog in the car!

Please take a moment and check it out!

(now I have to get outside and plant some more flowers!


Georgina said...

My doggies don't like the car. Maya is very sensitive and has a tendency to puke...not fun!! Thank goodness the vet's office is just a few blocks from home!!


yoborobo said...

Hi Cindi! I would never leave either of my dogs in the car, unless it was in winter (and really cold out). Poor Gizmo has trouble enough breathing - lol! And Sophie is running around with a thick fur coat on. :) Thanks for the reminder! xox!