Thursday, June 17, 2010

TWO THINGS that I have been THINKING about....

#1 - I think that when I get OLD, much older than I am now, I want to be like Maxine! I think that you can still be kind to people and caring.... but I want to be more bitchy.
By bitchy I mean that I want to let out all the things that I am thinking instead of being SO passive aggressive. You know when people are RUDE and then they say OH I'M SORRY and you know that they don't really mean it but I reply OH, THAT'S OK....and I don't really mean it either. I want to say things like "Well you should be!" Or when people pull crap on me at my day job and then make a lame excuse...I just want to say-

and then
#2 - I have a few paintings at my day job and apparently some people have acquired about them. I know that I need to get on the ball and make up some business cards but I've also thought that it would be a good idea to include my Etsy shop link on the card. The problem with that is, I don't have anything listed yet...yeah a WHOLE year later and nothin'.
Reminds me of The Beatles song "Baby You Can Drive My Car" ----
...Baby you can drive my car
And maybe I'll love you
I told that girl I could start right away
And she said "listen baby I've got something to say
I got no car and it's breaking my heart
But I've found a driver and that's a start"....
yep, that's me, I get everything set up and then stop, just can't do the most important part....
SO, I'm thinking, (of course! set up the Etsy shop) but maybe I'll set up an additional blog for just photos of my art and my vintage items that I want to sell. I thought it might be a better idea than directing them HERE where they will find me rambling about Heaven knows what and then have to page through all my posts just  to find what they are looking a website but not. (but Maybe someday!) and then I could even show some BIG vintage stuff that would be too hard to mail but if they are local...yeah, I'm kinda liking the idea, a blog for my available FOR SALE creations. So what do you think?


Autumnforest said...

I agree. I always say it like it is, although I admit to being kind to folks cause I figure sometimes by the way they act that I've evolved a bit higher on the foodchain and so I sympathize that life bites them in the ass because they're too stupid to learn from mistakes. I think you should definitely be listing and selling stuff. If you want to do it on a your own website instead of Etsy, more power to you. I know Etsy just is helpful cause more people go there looking for arts and crafts and so it's a great place to just be seen. If you can self promote, that'd be awesome. I want to see yourself selling and you can always put your email address down on your card if folks are interested and include a price on your art where it's hanging.

Suzie said...

I think that it is an excellent idea! I know a number of artsy people who have separate dedicated blogs to promote their creations, putting links from their regular blog to their showcase blog, and back again.

You can also put your etsy link on your blog too. In fact, I love it when people post photos of their artwork on their blogs, because the photos are bigger and you can see more detail.

Go for it!!

P.S. Out of curiosity, what are the "Quad Cities"? I am guessing that Rock Island and Moline are two,but could be wrong! lol We went on the outskirts of your area on Monday, and came back thru yesterday, and are going back again on the 24th. .I sent out a "Hi and a hug" to you!

oldblackcatboo said...

Suzie, I guess a zillion years ago it was called the Tri-Cities:Rock Island, Moline and Davenport, Then it was the Quad Cities, with East Moline added to it, Then Bettendorf got bigger than East Moline and they tried to call if the Quint Cites but no one would go along with that makes 5 towns that make up the "Quad" Cities (which probably clues you in on how things work around here) because each town has separate rules, like in Davenport you can only have 4 pets,(2 dogs & 2 cats, or 3 of a kind, like 3 dogs and 1 cat) but in Rock Island you can have as many as you want as long as they are vaccinated and licensed. SO! as you have probably guessed, I live in Rock Island! LOL! and work in Davenport! Also in one town you have to shovel snow off of the sidewalk within 24 hours and another is 48, another, well..I'm not sure but in Rock Island, you don't have to clear it but if the mailman can't get in, you don't get your mail! (More info than you wanted! Right?!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh God .... you just crack me up
You're like the most sincere real genuine person ... ever
YOU are so sweet and funny
Don't worry
Pray about it all and then trust
There's a lot you want to do [ I know , me too > I have so much I want to do ! ]
but we have to pray on it and God will lead us
God bless you Cindi ....

wyanne said...

It's never to late for Etsy. Like you, I opened my shop and then took over a year to fill it with the first item. I started selling on Ebay and it was hard to make the transition. But, I did...and now I have NEVER looked back. I think setting up the blog for your art and vintage items is a great idea. You can always link the two blogs together. So people can visit between the two if they choose. I think once you get'll find it to be really fun and empowering.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I love these cartoons You show today! :-) :-)
You should have a web site to show what You are doing! My brother started one a while ago and now he gets mails from all over the world. But I don´t know if he sells anything via that site though :-) Haven´t asked him. I have a link on the top right in my blog to his site.
Have a great day now!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i am laughing here nice of you to stop by and say Hi and check on us. Teddy and me are doing so great....and it's funny..cause just a few minutes ago i was petting kitty..and then here comes RACING over and wanting attention is whiskey sour i am petting the both of them..and here comes little too mommy !!! so i am petting all 3 at once telling them that mommy loves everybody the too...LOVE my gang !!!!! they are THE BEST thing in my life !!!! TRUE LOVE !!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday you and little Louie and everybody !!!

sending love,
kary, teddy, whiskey and dande

Suzie said...

Thanks for all of the info! We stop in Davenport for lunch, since it is the half-way point. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday when we are going through once again.

I think that you ought to figure out a way to include Blue in your art blog name. .he is such a special boy, he deserves some special recognition. You could even draw a big blue dog as your logo.

oldblackcatboo said...

Suzie! I'm laughing at your comment because I've been searching Etsy AND Googling Blue's name for my new blog!
Apparently several people have MY DOG BLUE or something similar!
But I'm working on it!

OH! I like Texas Roadhouse next to the I-74 Interstate exit in Davenport - great steaks!

suze said...

Thanks for the laughs! I have thought about selling from the blog but didn't know if it was legal or not. I need to do the ETSY but I'm afraid I won't know how.

oldblackcatboo said...

Suze! Oh Dear! I hadn't thought of that either! I need to check into the legal stuff too. That kind of stuff just freezes me up!
Thanks so much for reminding me!
(I'll go check the rules and regulations section and find out.)

Suzie said...

There are a lot of artists that sell from their blogs. Some artist groups also sell from their group blog, like Spookytime Jingles. Scott Smith just had a huge sale from his blog, and he, along with 4 other artists have regularly scheduled sales of their work of the challenges that they give each other.

If you sell from your blog, then you have people e-mail you, or leave comments (first come, first serve, then you get in contact with them off your blog to arrange payment, via PayPal, M.O., etc.

I'm not surprised that you have been trying to work Blue into your art blog name. lol And I'm not surprised that other people are already using it. Have you tried instead of Blue Dog, Dog Blue. .such as My Dog Blue Designs? Or leave off the "my".

Thanks for the tour invite! I've saved the directions, and hopefully you'll give me a rain check! Hubs isn't feeling that great right now, so we'll be anxious to get to our motel so that he can try and relax. Like I said before, we are making this trip quite often, so I hope that sometime soon, I can meet Blue. .oh! And you too of course! lol I'll let you know, of course, so as not to surprise you!


The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Cindy Love this post sweets.

I say jump on it, go for it, it's a great idea. You are so darn cooool brilliant, warm hearted and soooooo adorable. You make me laugh all the time always making me smile. I think once you find what makes you tick and excited there's no stopping you. Your idea is great woman. As for the bitchy part. If someone is rude or lying to me and I say stop the freaking bullshit and be real. I ain't got time for this shit. I just tell them how it is if I smell bullshit. I love honesty the real deal. If that person can be real with me I just move on. Speak your mind woman say what you got to say to these people. You don't have time nor the energy for nonsense. You are so genuine and down to earth I love that about you!!! Hugsssssssssss from me dear!

tammy j said...

OMG!!!! LOLOLOL!!! I love this.
I've always loved maxine too.
it has taken me my entire life to finally get to a place of maxine.
I was once helping a co-worker in our office carry heavy parcels to be mailed. we were literally walking carefully on the ice.
it was mid january. a college boy was careening and goofing off in front of us. he knew we were trying to be careful. he would call out every now and then and laugh at us... daring us to have some fun.
THEN... he fell. he fell BIG TIME. and he knocked us both over.
packages went flying. actually it was painful. the ice was hard.
he sheepishly apologized.
my co-worker (already a maxine) replied...
"don't worry. when you walk behind a jack ass you expect to get kicked"
LOLOL!!! he just kind of slunked away. walking carefully now.
I can never think of something like that QUICKLY enough. I always come up with something hours later that I wish I'd said!