Monday, June 7, 2010

How My Weekend Went...and OMG! All those hours without Blogger!

Thank God Blogger is finally up and running again! I was going through withdrawals, last night in the middle of this post, everything stopped! Finally we're up and running!
SO! Here's how MY weekend went! -

At my Day Job, (running the Boarding kennel at the Veterinarian Center) my day off used to be Thursdays. But the technician who covered for me is needed up front to assist in surgeries now that one of the techs (Mandy) moved to Ohio to finished her college work at the Ohio Zoo. (MANDY are you out there? reading this?) So that meant I would have to take Saturdays off (boo hoo) and actually start having the weekends off. Wow, this is going to be nice! So Friday night I stayed up very late (figuring out how to put fonts on my photos and things) and what the H! I didn't have to be up early. Usually the latest I get up is 5:30 and get to work somewhere between 7 - 7:30 to let the dogs out. As soon as I step in the door they are barking and got their legs crossed to go outside! So on Saturday I slept in until a quarter to 9!!!! I haven't done that in years! I washed my face, let the dogs out and sat down to check my emails. At 9:30 the phone rang! The office girls had JUST discovered that there was NO ONE working in the boarding area. The weekend girl was a NO-SHOW! I told them to start letting the dogs out and I'd get there as soon as I could. I always put on eye make-up because my lashes and pale and look non-existent.

And I always try to fix my hair even though it usually decides to do it's own thing anyway. (If one more person tells me how lucky I am to have curly wavy hair! @#*# !!!! Anyway I ran upstairs, brushed my teeth and left. Thank God, my hair hadn't done it's "Kramer" bed head thing! I called my niece Lily and woke her up and asked her if she could be ready in a couple of minutes (she's a HUGE dog lover too). So the 2 of us got there by a little after 10:00, talk about flying! My job is across the river (in another state!) but we got there in record time! We ran in and Lily started letting everyone out while I cleaned out there kennels and made their breakfasts. Boy. talk about being pissed.

But Lily calmed me down and said nothing bad had really happened, it's over, everything's fine. Yeah, a 15yr old is the calm one. I don't get mad about too much EXCEPT my animals and those under my care. I'm very particular about how the Boarding kennel is run and I worry about it all the time. I know I need to let it go and stop fretting but look what happens! AAAARRGGHHH!!
So I called the girl, no answer, right to voice mail, then I text her later and even now on Sunday night, NO reply. Doc said that she's DONE. He said she could have at least called and I definitely agree.
Later, I started worrying that maybe something had happened to her but....we would have heard something by now if that was the case. So I didn't get home until mid-afternoon and with all that adrenaline going, I rearranged my house and worked on sorting through some stuff.
Sunday morning, read some blogs and left to buy some more flowers because I'm addicted. Then I spent the whole day outside. I was only going to spend a little time but.... Here's just a little bit of what I did.
I planted more flowers under the tree

I cut back my daisies and planted some more perennials. I got a whole bunch of them FREE last Thursday after work. I was at a store and saw that they had thrown out a bunch and I asked the garden girl if I could have them and she said SURE they are just going to waste! So as I'm loading them in my van, I see the store manager come out to leave and she stops by her car and stares at me. I don't know what's happened to me lately but I thought, Hey! She's going to have to do more just than stare at me! So I see her get out her cell phone and then she leaves. A couple of minutes later this guy comes out and started moving the carts full of plants (that are tossed upside down and these carts are parked next to the dumpster) so I said to him. "What? You don't want me to take them?" and he replies that they are supposed to be thrown away. But he says I could BUY them if I want! What the Hell? Why would I buy something that's basically in the trash? So, I look at the plant in my hand and I set it inside my van and close the door, walked around and drove away. WHATEVER DUDE! Who is he? The Dumpster police? So I took them home and watered the hell out of them and by Sunday, they had come back to life!

SCORE! Look at all the plants I saved from dying in the dumpster!
So I started weeding and I am always pulling weeds out of the crack in the step to my sidewalk and also around the paving blocks I put down for the mailman so that he won't walk through my flowers. I suddenly decided to planted my purchase of the day "moss roses" in the cracks.

So while I'm doing some of this, I see the elderly lady who walks her little Shih-tzu coming down the sidewalk with her walker. (Almost everyone in town walks on this street) anyway she gets up to my house and we chat about my yard, my dogs and how I have a big backyard for them to run in and about how she has to use a walker now because she has fallen several times but her little dog likes to go on walks. Then she's on her way to the neighbors yard and stops under their tree and pulls down something on the walker and sits on it and watches me garden......after a while I see her get up and cross the busy street with her little dog.

She makes it across and stumbles at the curb and loses the grip on the leash and her dog runs across that yard. OK, so I drop my spade and sprint across the street as I'm yelling "Has she gotten away from you?!" and she tells me "Oh! She'll come back" and then the little dog turns and comes running full speed towards us AND the busy street. The lady does this slow "Tim Conway" motion of bending over to get the leash. But instead I step on it and scoop the little dog up. I tell the lady that she has to be careful on these busy streets and I say to her maybe we can tie this leash to her walker. But she starts telling me about going down to Sunset Marina. And how no one's down there and her little dog loves it. (OH! LORD! I try to put the image out of my mind!) Then she's off walking down the street and I go back to my yard and watch her. She has stopped and is talking to the guy who plants tulips all over his yard......OK, he can worry about her now. So I putter around some more, thinking "where's her family?" and maybe I could make some sort of belt for her to wear and attach the leash to it. I look up and I don't see her anymore...God Darn It! I can't worry about everyone!..........but I do.


sassypackrat said...

You are a sweet and loving person! I'm now worried about the little old lady too!

Autumnforest said...

The world, your work, your family, and your neighbors and your yard are all better cause you're in it...oh, and the blog world too.

oldblackcatboo said...

Hey you two! You're gonna make me cry!
XOXO - Cindi

Sandy Mastroni said...

I used to plant LOTS of flowers .... I miss doing that !
I was SO happy doing that . Those flowers in the cracks are Portulaca ? I love those
I love your stories .
You're a good girl .

Georgina said...

Where did you get that pic of the woman with the luggage under her eyes?? What a laugh riot!!

What's with those people at the nursery...what a bunch of jerks. I recall some years back my buddy and I went up to Santa Fe, NM to buy some stuff for her shop she was opening up. They have this great garden and gift shop called the "Jackalope" and we bought pots and little religious icons for my collection. As we were leaving, we noticed the dumpster was full of neat stuff especially colourful broken pottery, so we asked one of the workers that was close by if we could help ourselves to their dumpster treasures and he gave us the fact, he helped us load the van!! We made some wonderful mosaics for her shop and I had a blast breaking those pieces of pottery into shards...used the hammer with great zeal...was going through my divorce!! LOL

You are such a sweet and kind person, but you're right, you can't worry about everything and everybody, but I bet that little old lady has crossed your mind a few times since..right?

Have a good one.


oldblackcatboo said...

Oh Georgina! You know me too well!
I even think I have figured out something to clip to both her walker and her dogs leash. You know those clips they use to go rock climbing...but smaller of course!
Thanks for stopping by my friend!

FatCat No More said...

You should check by the dollar tree...the one here in Ohio has some dog shaped caribeaners that would be perfect for her!

I am keeping up, I check in on your blog about once a week to see all the excitement in your life. Though I wish it wasn't the excitement of being called in when employees don't show up...though Blue's heroic moment was very good :)

Hope all is well with you, reading your blog makes me miss you all the more!