Sunday, July 25, 2010

And Buried under Some Papers..............

I found another unfinished collage painting.............

So I finished it.

I'm kinda frustrated. I create ...."CUTE" not EDGY. I don't want SCARY, but maybe just a little DARK.
I want to create something "HAUNTING" or "MYSTICAL". Maybe a little "TWISTED" without being GOREY.  
Hmmmm, now Edward HIS work.

I want "R" and I keep coming up with "GP-13".............
I want to paint something I'd actually want to hang in my ECLECTIC home.
Stay tuned.....It might get a little bit BIZARRE! (But that would be a GOOD thing! LOL!)


sassypackrat said...

Good luck! I love dark and twisted but can't seem to create that way! All my stuff is cute and happy when I don't really feel that way.

I really like your cute art. I've learned that sometimes you have to let the art be what it wants to be and not what you want it to be. But I do eagerly await your delving into the realm of dark and slightly twisted. Hopefully you can share how you went about it so I can do it too! Best wishes!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I do like that cat painting!

yoborobo said...

All you have to do is get in touch with your sinister side, Cindi - lol!! I adore Edward Gorey's drawings, too. Why can't you do both? I have pretty much given up trying to make sense of what I do. One minute I am painting skellys, and then I am painting a cute little owl, and then I am drawing a very scary girl. It's all me. And your art is all you, too. Your love of animals is so obvious in these pieces. Maybe you need to make your sinister work with people. Come up with an evil girl - lol!! Ok, enough from me. xox!!

Georgina said...

Love your little kitty make adorable animals art. Love Edward Gory...have many illustrated books of into him many years ago when I first watched "Mystery" on always started with Gory figures!!

Have a great week, Cindi!!


oldblackcatboo said...

Thank you EVERYONE!
and Thanks Pam.....I will continue with my dogs & cats....
But I BET I could come up with an evil angry construction worker!

carla ( said...

Hee hee that would be cute!!! I want to show my construction working hubby!!!! I love the kitty painting!!!! I am afraid to go to the dark side!!! nO NO NO!!! Don't go!!!! Ok just kidding!!! hugs

Sandy Mastroni said...

get creepy
and be cute too
Take a minute and go see what Meg did with lamps > you will be inspired
go to my blog , look in my links for
Priscillamae art
and tell me what you think ! It would be what we could do before we try the birdbath
scroll down in her blog and look at her porch too
oh my dear God > I want a porch like hers !


Oh my ... your blog is a blast. I love it's bizarre quirkiness. It's creative, it's fun and I can't stop laughing after Edward Gorey's book. I now know why you and Sandy are good friends. I have quite a few of Sandy's wonderfully strange little girls. You both should do a show together.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself to me.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

God I missed out on a lot of your posts darn! Hey Cindi sweets I Love your paintings. The cat real cute!

How are you and thanks for visiting me!

night night!