Monday, July 19, 2010

This is what Jimmy Chew did for MY Birthday!

He chewed up my cell phone! Sometimes he really lives up to his name! AAAARRGGGHHH!!!!
I was moving some furniture around and went into the laundry room and there he was! Munching on my phone! I tell you, sometimes I feel like I can't have anything nice! Everything was a ding or scratch or is covered up! Grrrrr. Today at work when I tried to "unlock" it and it started to dial "*******'s". My friend pulled the grill thing off and now it's working but I'm still irritated. I could get it replace but that at least $50 and I don't want a shiny new phone that bad.
Anyway! My Birthday was very nice! My sister had asked if I wanted to come over and they would grill out and we could have cocktails but I told her I'd rather have HELP. So......she came over and stripped the wallpaper of the wall in my bathroom and we organized and moved things around and I was SO HAPPY to have help! After she left, I felt so relieved to have that bathroom wallpaper task done!
My middle niece Maggie baked a dessert from scratch for me!

Yum! It's chocolate chip cookie dough topped with strawberry cream cheese and cool whip, topped with sliced strawberries and almonds and drizzled with fudge topping! It was Heaven! (Calories don't count on your birthday!)

 I got some great gifts!

The pink bag says"PARIS" and inside it was the magnet of the 2 dogs that says "People are Weird" and a gift card from Target (love that store!) Maggie got me the Black Cat bank (which I adore!) and I got my Favorite print! (Hercule) from Pam! It was a GREAT birthday with my sister and 2 of my nieces (the oldest one had to go to Chicago but she called me and wished me a Happy B-Day). Next week I'm going out to dinner with two of my best friends...Steak and Cocktails!
A GREAT start to a GREAT Year!


sassypackrat said...

Glad you had a good time, you deserve it!

Sandy Mastroni said...

you have two girlfriends named Steak and Cocktail ? !
That's weird .

well . I love your cat bank and I love the saying " People are weird "

happy day after birthday !

Mariann said...

Happy Birthday from me and Albert..... who says if he had been there he would have chewed some on your cake too...... cindi... is Albert a nice boy? He sure has a way with words.....or not...???

:o)) Mariann

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

That cake looks delicious and thankfully calories doesn´t stuck on birthdays, they just fall down to the floor just when one is about to eat :-) :-)

Thankfully there´s not much chewing here any more, well at least not when I´m at home. But if I do have to leave my dogs inside for an hour or two I always leave something more tasty for them to chew on.

Yesterday for instance I put a plastic bottle with some orange marmelade in it on the kitchen sink :-) They know that they´re not supposed to take anything, but if it is standing there they know it´s almost ok to take it :-) :-)

Have a great day now!