Friday, July 23, 2010


OK, I know that everyone is suffering from the heat and it's hard to stay cool and calm but some people REALLY need some ANGER Management!
This is what happened to me today.
I get up and it's HOT. I bathe, blow dry my hair and put on some clean fresh work clothes. I gather up my dogs and head out the door. It has begun to rain. It's actually POURING outside. We run to the van, I get everyone inside and I jump in. I am soaking wet. I drive to work and I can feel my hair dripping down my neck. The weatherman on the radio is saying there's a 30% chance of rain.

I get to work and try to let the boarding dogs out but it's raining. No one wants to go outside.
Finally the rain stops. Now it's steaming HOT out. I take everyone out again and follow them around and "scoop".
At lunch time, I run an errand and by the time I'm finished, my eyes are burning from the sweat.
I get back to work. Some dogs go home and I clean. Some dogs come in and outside we go.
Even with the AIR on it's HOT. I pull out the little hair dryer that I sometimes use on the little dogs and try to blow my own hair. It's a big FRIZZ ball. I put my headband back on.
Finally it's time to go home. I have filled the back of my van with items from my lunch hour run, so I put Blue in the front passenger seat and buckle him in.
I'm driving home, there's construction everywhere. One of my regular routes going home has 2 lanes going one way and 2 the other, the outer lanes on either side are barricaded off for construction. I see a construction worker holding a stop sign toward me but there's no one coming the other way.

I slow up, maybe someone is going to step out in to the lane or maybe a truck will be pulling out. I stop. I'm smiling and I mouth through the window "Do you want me to STOP"?
The worker violently throws the sign down on the road and SCREAMS. I can read his lips. I don't want to offend anyone but he said  "Jesus F#@*ing Christ There's NOT anyone coming!" The worker next to him looked kinda shocked and then started to laugh. I am still smiling at this point, but I raise my eyebrows and crinkle my forehead. I wish I could say that I gave him the PEACE sign...but I didn't. I gave him the other one.

I don't know, maybe that's what the other worker was laughing about but....COME ON!
We are all HOT! I mean, it would have been wrong for me to just blow past the STOP sign! How totally rude. This guy needs some major anger management and I pity the people in his life.
I was home ten minutes later and as I was letting my dogs outside, I noticed a few rain drops. Five minutes later I was hurrying them inside because it was pouring rain and the winds had really picked up. It made me smile, hopefully it was cooling that guy off!


yoborobo said...

He reminds me of a guy I saw doing security at LAX once. Some poor teenage girl was trying to get through security with a carton of eggs (I know, it is weird, but eh). Anyway, I know we live in this crazy post-911 world, but this guy totally lost his temper and screamed at her. As a mom, I was so 'not-in-my-happy-place' - lol!! Couldn't he have just taken them from her and explained? Some people seriously DO need to take anger management classes. Their reaction to things is not NORMAL!!!! Oh, and I am very ready for cooler weather. ;)) xox! Pam

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I guess he being outside in the heat all day just made him loose it, but I think You gave him the right sign :-) :-) I would have stopped too, way to many raod workers has lost their lives over here since people doesn´t care about the signs.
Take care in th heat now, over here the temperature never got higher than 63F today.

Georgina said...

Oh Cindi, I'm reeling with laughter!!! Lady, you done good and that's that. I can only imagine your frustration but sometimes, one just has to blow and you did with such great humour...great story...and don't beat yourself up...that's one hell of a good one!!

Have a better weekend and just "chill" if possible!! Still laughing!!


Abi said...

Phew, I thought is was a rant about a mindless animal abuser, so I am happy...sorry tee hee:O)