Sunday, October 3, 2010

I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU out to all my wonderful Blogger friends who left me such helpful comments about my computer situation!
I've spent a lot of the weekend researching and I travelled out to Best Buy and talked to a guy (who tried talking me into a discounted Samsung but ultimately admitted that he thought that the Samsung didn't begin to compare to a Mac.) SO....tomorrow my credit union will let me know if I qualified for a loan to get a MAC. So now it's all down to a money issue I guess. The Loan Officer said that my credit score was much better than before...(Why? I have NO idea!) I wanted to ask her if she was sure that she had a right person pulled up on her screen, but I didn't. I'm sure the Powers that Be will decide if she's right about me and whether they will wave that Magic Wand in my direction...
If not or if they decide to just spit out a small amount of cash, then I'm thinking that I will go for a HP laptop. Both of my nieces are pretty happy with theirs....but of course they said that if I could afford it, get a MAC.
So cross your fingers for me! I'll keep you updated! Unless I crash and burn before I able to.
In that case, PLEASE DON"T FORGET about ME! I'll be back!
And/or I'll sneak some time on the computer at my DAY job...during my lunch hour of course! NOT on (ahem) work time!
SO I'm off now, in hopes of transferring some more of my photos to Flickr! (since this thing refuses to SAVE them because it keeps saying to insert the disk!???? and it is, hmm)


Georgina said...

Hey girl, how's you been??? I've been out of the loop for a while, but I'm back. So glad you're getting a new 'puter...great one too.

Take care and give that ol' Blue a hug from me!!


sassypackrat said...

Good luck on getting your computer! ;0) And yes for ease of use the MAC is really the best way to go.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I agree! If You can afford a Mac, buy it! But on the other hand, I know of no better company than HP if You get some problems with Your computer than HP. They are simply fantastic!

Naturally I´ll pop in here now and again to see if You´ve posted anything :-)

Have a great day now!

yoborobo said...

Cindi! Don't leeeeeeeeeaaave me!!!!! :) Just make sure you come back, whether it is with a Mac or an HP or a carrier pigeon named Ralph - just keep in touch. xox!! Pam

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Hope your financing comes through! I loved hearing about your dogs. I think you had no choice but to have Lola. She loves you and trusts you.

My Sally is a little like that. She gets her feelings hurt really easily. My sister brought her to me from a very bad home. For like three months...every time my sister would come over...Sally would get all bug eyed and hold her ears back...because she was afraid that my sister was going to take her back to the bad place.

She finally got over it though and now likes to see her.

But just this Mom came over and she had on white pants with an embroidered design. Sally always jumps and scratches at your legs to get your attention. I've tried and tried to get her to stop but she just won't.

So my Mom came in the house and then said as Sally headed toward her..."Oh no...I shouldn't have worn these pants. No, Sally no". And she held her hand out to keep her away as she stepped over the baby gate into the other room.

This hurt Sally's feelings so much. She pulled her ears back and started shaking. Mom asked what was wrong with her. And I said..."You've hurt her feelings". So I picked her up for Mom to pet her and she started shaking and held her ears back.

Finally, Mom wrapped herself up in a blanket and sat on the sofa and told the dogs all to come sit with her. Sally was the first on top of her and then she was happy. She had felt rejected sensitive.

So little Lola had to have are the only one who understands her. And if people don't get that..there is something wrong with them...not you.