Wednesday, October 27, 2010


He's dressed in a Woolrich shirt and Gap pants purchased from Goodwill for a grand total of $3.38 plus tax! He's stuffed with straw, my dying tomato plants, trimmings from my apple tree and sticks that were from the neighbors hedge that I trimmed a few months ago but left the branches in his yard for him...and they were still there, so....I used them.
I put him up on the border of my yard. There's a fence post running up his pant leg and up the back of his shirt. I started putting up the fence and then pulled out all the posts except this one. I just couldn't make up my mind about the I made small flowerbeds surrounded by rocks along the drive and then sprayed my neighbors weeds that hung over them with weed killer. I also planted 3 Lilac bushes along the border and a Peach tree. I'm thinking of adding one more small flowering or fruit tree. Eventually I'll just "block" the neighbors (weeds) yard from my sight.

That's my neighbors house and HIS weeds.(it's NOT my yard)...he only cut his lawn ONCE this summer that I know of!!! But HEY! At least he's not parking all his cars on the front lawn any more.

The scarecrow, my Halloween house flag, mums in the yard and on the steps with a little pumpkin plus some small ghosts flying in the trees...that's my decorating for Halloween this year.

UPDATE: The scarecrow might not have been my best idea! It's been up for a couple of days now and my little dog "Louie" looks out the living room window and trembles in fear and barks furiously!  At first I couldn't figure it out. What in the H was he barking at!? But it's the scarecrow. Then at night, when he and Ruby are upstairs with me in bed, they peer out the window and see him standing down there in the darkness and they start a chorus of howling. I gotta say...he kinda of scares me too, when I look down and see him there in the night.................anyway! Another

UPDATE: I'm now on the laptop and totally wireless and now I have to figure out how to load pictures on this shiny new fangled thing. That fact and my latest

UPDATE: I finally got the call for a booth space at the Antique/Junk Mall! I've been on the waiting list FOREVER. They get A LOT of traffic. They have a large building with over 170 booths and a smaller (and I think nicer) building with 80 booths. I got a nice CORNER one in the small building! I'm SO thrilled! I had actually called a storage unit rental place earlier that morning because I have SO many projects that I want to work on and NO space to do it.
And being the procrastinator that I am well....
So, the cosmic forces had my name pop up and I have a booth! I can't get it until next week but that will give me some time to get working on the items I want to create for it. I'm much better under pressure about creating. I remember once in school I had an assignment to create a calligraphy book. I had 3 weeks to work on it. So, the night before my Dad is yelling at me because I just started working on it. I stayed up until 4 o'clock. I created a pop-up book and got an A+.  (but of course Dad wasn't impressed).
So now that I'm so much older and wiser....I won't wait until the last moment (Or have I?)
So, I might not be posting very often, or at least until after Sunday Nov 7th.....
(but I'll be reading your blogs while on BREAK at my day job!)
Take care! XOXO - Cindi


sassypackrat said...

Love the scarecrow but he is kinda creepy! Congrats on the laptop and the booth space! I know you'll do wonderfully!

yoborobo said...

I ADORE your scarecrow! I wish I had him. :) And I know what you mean about little dogs and barking. I think Gizmo needs glasses. I had a box on the front porch once (ready to get picked up for donations) and he would NOT stop barking at it. lol!! And I am SO happy (and jealous!) about your new booth. You have to post pics!!! Happy Halloween, my friend! xoxo

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I love the scarecrow. THat is funny that it scares the dogs. With all the Halloween I put'd think it would scare my dogs. Well, Newman is the only one that really gets up in the windows and he watches me put out all the stuff so he knows what it is and he doesn't bark at it but he barks at everything else!

That is so exciting that you got the booth wasn't that long ago that you wrote me telling me that you were wishing you could have it and now you've got it. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Good luck with all your preparations. I know all about creating under pressure. I've done it for years and years on project after project and have decided...I'm over it...I don't want to work like that any more.

But...we'll see....something will come along that I'll have to push myself on once again.

Good luck...hope to hear and update soon.

Anonymous said...

It´s nice when the cosmic forces works with us for once :-) :-)

Great scare crow! I can imagine how Your dogs feels about him :-) :-) :-)
By the way, how´s Button?

It takes some time to understand a new computer :-) :-) I still gets surprised by mine and I have had it for almost half a year now :-) :-)

Happy Halloween!