Saturday, March 19, 2011


I forgot to mention that I recently sold some paintings at my job at the vet clinic.  I have several paintings hanging in the exam rooms and the bathroom but I hadn't put any prices on them.
I have such a hard time trying to price my work but finally I did and SURPRISE! I sold two! Then last Tuesday someone asked if I painted horses. I said that I had never really tried but I'd give it a go. I warned her that it might come out looking like a hound dog.
Then on Wednesday, I had ANOTHER person ask me if I paint horses! I told her that I planned on trying and I'd let her know when I got one done and see what she thought. (She also wants me to paint one of her dachshunds).
So I will be researching horses.

I think the reason that I've never tried painting horses is because I don't want to think about them.
When I was in grade school I remember that towards the end of the day the music teacher would put on a"record" and tell us to sit quietly at our desks and close our eyes and listen to the music and to make a daydream in our heads as we listened to the music. I realize now that she just wanted us to quiet down but I LOVED listening to the music and my daydreams were ALWAYS the same. Horses. Horses running. Horse jumping. Me on a horse flying through green grass.
I remember during summer breaks playing "skits" with my sister and our friends out in our backyard. It was usually centered around us pretending that we lived on a ranch and rode horses. Or sometimes I'd just go out to our swings and swing as high as I could and feel the wind on my face and pretend that I was on a horse.
I remember my best birthday ever when my Mom organized a birthday party for me and my friends and we all went horseback riding.
We went riding a couple of times after that and then she started talking about how I could probably get a horse when I turned sixteen. I was only 11 or 12 but I was so excited! Unfortunately life doesn't always turn out as we plan. She passed away when I was 14. When I turned 16 there was no party and definitely no horse.

I remember making a new friend when I was in junior high school and I would hang out at her house as much as possible. I would walk to and from her house that was about 2 miles away. One day I decided to cut through some of the backyards and across a field to go home. As I walked through the grassy field I noticed a fence running parallel to it. I wandered over and there stood a HORSE. It came to the fence and I would rub it's nose. I always walked that way home from then on, hoping to see the horse.
That was probably the last time I was around a horse...

Some dreams aren't meant to be. So I just prefer not to think about them.
Sigh...but now I guess I'll have to.


Georgina said...

Horses tend to be something quite wonderful when you're a child, especially our gender. I too loved horses as a child, funny, since I've always been a city slicker. I suppose there's something very liberating about riding horses or thinking about riding horses. I used to draw them as a child and my parents took us to the stables now and then up the valley.

I recall once asking my father if he would buy me a horse, and he said "Yes, how about one for every day of the week!" I stormed off saying I wish he were like other father's and just say "NO!" Such a comic he was!! LOL

So good luck in painting your equines and please don't forget to post them when your done...and hey, how about posting your other paintings too!! Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

When my oldest brother, who is an artist, was going to have his first exhibition the gallery owner said it had to be about horses.

My brother can´t paint a horse so that it actually looks like a horse so he made modern art of horses :-) :-) But I have to say that he managed really well and I have five of those paintings in my living room. I really like them.

But it is hard to draw or paint a horse but I´m confident that You will succeed! Congratulations on selling those paintings too!

Have a great day now!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

When I was a child my Dad had a couple of horses for about a year. He actually was taking care of them for his brother. I had thought I wanted one but as soon as we had one...I was over it. I didn't like riding. I felt like I was going to fall off. Even though one of the horses was very very sweet and old. His name was "Old Yeller". I did like him but didn't want to ride him.

Now cows, I love cows! I guess because my Grandad had them always. I like how slow they are ...most of the time. I love watching them graze. My Grandfather had cows and after he Dad had them. My father had cows or calves always up till the day he died. I've painted cows but never have had the desire to paint horses. Although....I once had to for a job. I had to paint Robert E Lee's white horse. Thankfully, only from the chest up.

That is fantastic that you are selling your art out of the vet's office. This could really turn into something. Would love to see what you've sold. Way to go.

I hated reading about how much your life changed after the death of your Mother. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

oldblackcatboo said...

Georgina- My Dad would have said No too! but he never said no to my Mom. Even though he was a very dominant type of person, he would always melt for my Mom who was kind and gentle and would just say "Oh! I think the girls need rabbits" and he'd go out a build a hutch. He loved her so much that he just wanted her to be happy!

I will look for the photo of the one painting but the other one I never photographed because I was never happy with it! Hmmm....kinda funny!? But I'll post the horse one whether I like it or not!
XOXO - Cindi

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Christer! and I would love to see a post showing your brother's horse paintings!
I will give it a try and post the results!
I'm thinking they will probably look like Blue! LOL!
:) - Cindi

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Nita!
I like cows but nothing like the way I feel about horses. I also could not get familiar with a cow and then go eat one. I didn't eat red meat for 8 years and then one day I just HAD to have steak! (I'm such a hypocrite)...that's why I don't want to know any chickens either!
And...I really debated about mentioning my Mom. I don't want people to pity me or for me to come off as "oh woe is me" at least I had her for a while and life was good. Some kids never get that.
XOXO - Cindi

Mundo Mundaca said...

You have the ability to make me go from laughter to tears in a few lines.
I am very sorry about your mother have gone up to God so soon.
I think you have the soul of an untamed horse at times .., free.
I'm veryyyy happy with the sales of paintings and I think you will do very well in this new challenge:)
Do not be afraid to take risks, not afraid to let go and let the painting is a Balm in their memories.
think his work will bring smile to the face of someone .. and that alone makes a lot of good ... and some more U.S. dollars are also very welcome and now that his family grew hairy .. right?!

yoborobo said...

Cindi, I am very lucky. I have two "retired" horses that live next door. But I hardly ever go over there to see them up close. I do like looking at them every morning - they are gorgeous. I used to want a horse, but I know a lot of people that have them, and honestly, they are too much work for me. I guess in my heart I am a dog/cat person. :) I want to see your paintings when you are done! So cool that you sold some! :)))) xox Pam

Gillian said...

Good job on selling some art! See, sometimes things start to happen without you actually having to DO too much. Other times you work like a slave and "nothing".
Don't let the momentum slip away. Keep those walls filled!

: )

carla ( said...

Hi!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Congrats on your sales!!!! Put those feelings on canvas and I am sure they will be wonderful!! You have a very warm and real personality that shows in your blog!!! hugs

Abi said...

Oh I love horses. They calm me. Although mine never really calmed me... he was always so naughty :O)
Looking forward to seeing some horse paintings. Congratulations on the sales too.
Have the kitties settled?