Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well, I have a full house now.
Yes, Yes! I can hear you all out in Blogland screaming that it was already full but....
now it truly is.
I have had some of my cats staying at the vet clinic that I work at for a couple of years. It was nice because they got alot of attention from everyone, the employees and some of the visitors.
They were running loose in the cat room. The Doc had OK'd it but now he wants to redo the room into a Water Therapy room complete with a Water Treadmill. So, I brought my cats home.
I spent the last weekend and I mean the WHOLE weekend, cleaning and PURGING out my basement. I've gotten it all organized and then I set it up with industrial carpet squares and a few rugs. I then used some of the CHAIRS that I just HAD to buy and arranged it into a couple of nice "rooms". The basement is painted cement block walls and completely open.
I used one of the DOORS that I got from ReStore and blocked off a section and put the litter boxes behind it (for their privacy).
The cats now have the whole basement to themselves, well... except for the areas stacked with my vintage finds or my "boards" to paint and other odd and ends, but basically the width and length of the house and they have two windows. I've stacked Rubbermaid containers underneath the windows so that they can lay on top and watch the rabbits eat my flowers and the squirrels jumping in the trees taunting my dogs.

So, who did I bring home?
Kanga, my cat with no front legs.

Horton, my fat cat who is scared of dogs.
and Little Bug, my crippled cat that is scared of NOTHING
Little Bug
and chases Ralphie upstairs when he tries to enter the CAT DOMAIN. (None of the other dogs come downstairs because they are frightened of the openback stairs.) well, wait....sometimes my old Griffin comes down
in search of "kitty granola" but Little Bug bats him away too.

I DO let the cats upstairs, but only when I'm home. I have some furniture upstairs that I would rather not have shredded. They are actually pretty good about not doing that. But of course I trim their nails regularly and they have their scratching posts downstairs. Sometimes I don't let them upstairs while I'm home because some things I can not get accomplished if they are upstairs.
Like cooking.
Cotton, who is my old white cat that is basically a walking skeleton covered in white fur. She has a hyper-thyroid problem and is on medication that must be given twice day. (which she hates and fights twice a day). She likes to sit on my stovetop. I'm assuming it's warm there and she sits on it until the pilot light gets too hot on her bottom and then runs around the top area of the house JUST out of the dogs reach. The little dogs REALLY want to get her for some reason. I know her days are numbered, so I let her eat all the canned food she wants. She has a ravenous appetite.

And then there's Harry.
The cat love of my life. He is always trying to wrap his front legs around my neck and rub his face on my chin. He loves doing that. Hanging on, purring and rubbing. On the other side of me is usually Ghost,
My white cat that was LOST for a month and 3 days. I did my very FIRST post about him.
He follows me room to room and constantly reaches out for me and demands to be held. So...if I'm really trying to accomplish something, I have to keep them downstairs.
So now you know why I work at the vet clinic and probably can't ever quit unless I win the lottery!


Anonymous said...

And I thought having three dogs and two cats was bad enough :-) :-)

But how does Kanga move around? Walking upright like a human?

Have a great day now!

oldblackcatboo said...

Yes Christer, She walks UP most of the time like a Kangaroo. Sometimes she will walk on her stumps for balance. If you click on the link below her photo, you can see photos of her from an old post of mine and sort of see how she walks!
(and Yes! I AM crazy! but REALLY, there will be no more animals coming into my house!!!)

sassypackrat said...

Wow! I couldn't do it. That's a whole lot of furry love for you!

cat girl said...

how many cats and dogs do u have?

oldblackcatboo said...

Cat Girl,
I have Blue, and 2 terriers and a herd of little dogs and a handful of cats.
I know that it sounds like I'm crazy but there's a Congressman that lives in this city that has 10 I think THAT is crazy! LOL!

Sandy Mastroni said...

don't ya love how each cat has such a UNIQUE personality . each one does something different and funny , and each one WANTS something different
I think it's great [ your cats ]
a lot of work , but it's great !!!!

carla ( said...

You get and give a lot of love!!!! They are all so pretty!!!! Ten kids?!!!! Oh My!!!! Well I don't think I could do that...without going crazy....but glad there are some who can...they might have the money for nannys and nurses and housekeepers and such....One time I went to the doc...I had four was something contagious and he told me to stay away from my kids for 4 to 7 days...I asked him if they could stay at his house with his nannys?!!! Who did he think I was?!!!! Queen of something...?!!! hee hee we all made it through it!!!! Thanks for sharing your loves!!!! hugs

oldblackcatboo said...

Sassy, Actually I have a whole routine and maybe it's because I run a boarding kennel that has a whole lot MORE animals (cats and dogs)that my crew doesn't seem that bad. Oh, sure I have BAD days but at least I can put my "kids" in the laundry room and go run errands! If they were "real" kids I'd get in trouble doing that! tee hee

oldblackcatboo said...

Sandy, Yep, they can be work and the worst part is the litter boxes. I scrimp and save on lots of things but NOT cat litter. I get the GOOD stuff (scoopable mixed with crystals) because I NEVER want anyone to smell "cat" when they come to my house. They are ALL rescues (so are all my dogs except Ruby)and I hate to admit it but most of them are no longer youngsters...which means that I might be facing a couple of sad farewells all about the same time. :( When that time comes I won't be rescuing anymore.

oldblackcatboo said...

Carla, FOUR kids! Now THAT sounds like HARD work! :)
That Congressman with the 10 kids runs a small-time pizza parlor, so I'm thinking that his wife takes care of all those kids! (Now I think SHE"S crazy!)But I know what you mean about most Doctors (and Veterinarians!) they live in this fantasy world where money isn't a worry and they can hire help to care for kids (or clean the house)...they just don't get it, how alot of people have budgets and don't have any extra money. That was SO rude of your Doctor to say that to you, but I LOVE your response! That was Great!
XOXO - Cindi

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


wOW I must say that your heart is so big and loving. These babies are happy to have you. I would love three more cats and another dog. I'm an animal lover. I loveeeeeee animals. I have Brook the dog and Sammy the cat my puffy cloud. George doesn't want any more fury. Oh well, one day I will have another cat!

un beso mua!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

Magaly, I hope you are able to get your cat. You have the BIGGEST heart and I know that a kitty would be lucky to have you for a Momma! :) Maybe a cat will find YOU! LOL! That's what happened to me most of the time! I didn't even go looking!

Mundo Mundaca said...

My sweet friend ..
In the heart of a mother always for more and more two .. three ..
All kitten are pretty !!!I've lost the passion to see .you are the most generous person I know.
May God health and money for you to continue your work as it has done magnificently.
The world would be much better and happier if there were more people like you.
I'm proud to be your friend