Sunday, March 27, 2011


Michael Sowa is one of my favorite artists. I first discovered his work in the movie - "Amélie".
I love that movie! Yes, it's in French but the subtitles just flow along the bottom of the screen and are so easy to follow. Visually it's such a beautiful movie to watch. I adore the music and the storyline is wonderful.
And then there's Michael Sowa's artwork. I love the prints hanging in Amelie's bedroom!
You've probably seen the "Diving Pig" print before.
Or maybe the "Girl with Bear".
My niece Maggie loves rabbits, so I've gotten her several of the different "Bunny" prints.

I'm thinking of getting some of THESE prints for myself:

Maybe one of these in my dining area -
This is such a small sample of his work.
I love how there's a "story" in each one. Here's one entitled "Duck flees Manor".
I love how his work is so unique.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I´ve never seen his work before, even though I´ve seen that movie. But from what You´ve shown here I do like it.

But I never really got that movie. I love french film and we always have subtitles in foreign movies (and I have studied french for five years even if most of it is gone now) so that wasn´t the problem. I just got tired of her :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

yoborobo said...

I love him!!!! He is crazy and in a good way. Now I want to buy some prints. :) I love the last one - lol! xox Pam

Georgina said...

Cindee, I love these paintings. Thanks for introducing us to his it!!

Very funny and I think I'm going to send the last one to my daughter...that Easter bunny means bidness!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Yes, yes....I love his work too. Especially the one with the wiener know i love that. I've been thinking of getting that one for awhile for my own home. But then I think....I just need to paint some of my own dogs.s

Mundo Mundaca said...

Michael's work is really fabulous.
I love this dog with his head stuck in a abajour movie amelie.
I like paintings that tell stories.

Garden Girl☺ said...

I love those paintings! The pig has always been my favorite! Who could resist it!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Cindi hey you!

I love the photos. I must say that Amelie movie is one of my favorite for everything really. The music is brilliant. I love the bunny looking at himself in the mirror as well as the pig diving into the lake.

sending kisses and warm hugs!

DoodleDesign said...

Thanks for sharing some info & artworks pieces of the artist. Awesome :)

Becky said...

could you please please please tell me where I can find these prints? I've been searching for the rabbit on the train and others for several years. I have the raabbit dressing up, but no others I want e.g. Killer Cat. They never seem to issue the ones I want. ANY help with signposting would be HUGELY appreciated. Becky