Friday, March 11, 2011


OK, when I tell everyone this, I'm sure there will be eye-rolling and people thinking that I made this up but it's true!

There are times when I can sort of know what a dog is thinking. I'm not saying that they are "communicating" clear "full" complete sentences to me. I personally do not believe that they think like that. I think that the interpretation is sometimes easier for people to understand  if someone "translates" it into a sentence but I feel like it's more like a telepathic message. It's like when a dog will look at me and I will just know that he won't bite me. Or at work when a dog looks at me and I will see that his look is different from all the other dogs in a row of runs and just KNOW that he has to go outside to potty. And there have been times when I know that something is wrong. Unfortunately, I don't get a full clear message like "My tummy hurts" it's just a feeling that something is wrong.
Now I've never really thought about it being the other way around. Where they might be reading MY mind...until yesterday.

You see, when Blue sits in my front passenger seat the weight of him makes the seat belt buzzer go off. So if I plan for him to sit up front I have to him get in and then I reach across so that the belt is across his chest and I buckle him in like a person. Then when we get home he jumps out of the seat and the belt has stayed buckled. The other day I put him in the back of the van where I keep the kennel for my terriers to ride in but I also have a couple of comforters draped out for Blue to lounge on. So a few days ago as I'm driving, Blue figures out that he can squeeze between the front seats and climb up front. Because the belt was still buckled the buzzer didn't go off. Then yesterday as we are driving home, he once again climbed up into the front. I look over at him for a moment. We are sailing down the Interstate in evening traffic. There are alot of drivers switching lanes and merging off ramps and I am wishing that I had driven home through town instead. I start thinking to myself that if Blue is going to continue insisting on riding up front, then I am going to have to make sure that the seat belt is across his chest because if one of these frenzied drivers causes an accident I don't want Blue to go sailing head first through the windshield. I just had this thought and I see out of the corner of my eye, Blue stand up on the seat. I think - Oh My God what is he doing?! He's awfully big to be pulling this stunt. I try to maintain my  speed and I can't take my eyes off the road but in my peripheral vision I can see him making some circles on the seat and then he sits down. I keep my eyes on the road and just shake my head. What was he doing? Getting more comfortable? I approach our off- ramp and merge into the lanes leading into town and pull up to the stoplight. I turn now and look at him. He's sitting in the seat like a person. He's on his butt and his back is against the window with his hind legs straight out pointing towards me. In his "turning of circles" he has somehow walked himself into the snapped seat belt. He's got the strap across his chest....

I drive on and stop at the library. I pull out my camera out and take some photos of him. I wish I would have had enough room to back up in so that I could have shown his legs but you can see the strap in place. I never touched it.
Hmmm, who's reading whose mind?


yoborobo said...

Hee hee! I love Blue. He knew he was supposed to be buckled up for safety and he got your mental message and acted on it! :)) Dogs are so cool. Give him a hug from me. xox Pam

Mundo Mundaca said...

I believe that more sensitive people and that truly love the animals get of some will read what happens with them.. a fine syntony.. a more refined frequency we make to feel what is going them in the soul.. as well as they also know how to read our emotions
have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

sassypackrat said...

Oh I knew Blue was a smart boy! What a clever dog! I can read my Lita's mind. I almost always know what she wants and it freaks my family out. ;0)

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

That's amazing. He decided...I better put my seat belt on Mom. I know I could tell with my old dog Puddin when she felt uneasy about heavy traffic. I totally can tell what a dog is thinking a lot of time. A dog will just look at me and I know. And I'm not talking about my own dogs but other's. Let's see if Blue decides to buckle himself in every time now.

My Newman always comes running when he feels my anxiety over something I'm watching on tv. If it's something upsetting....even without me saying anything he senses it and climbs in to my lap to comfort me. He's the first one that comes to see what is wrong if I am crying.

I'd like to give that Blue a great big hug. He's got pretty white fur like my Harvey.

Garden Girl☺ said...

That is so amazing! I am pretty sure that my dog can read my mind, but she never does it! I will just start to think that I will tell her to lay down. At the same second, she will look at me with the "I know what you want me to do, and I'm not gonna do it!" look on her face. Then she runs out of the room.

Anonymous said...

Smart dog that Blue :-)

Of course they can read our minds, sometimes better and sometimes not at all :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

carla ( said...

Wow!!! That is wild!!!! I think dogs and cats understand a lot more than we usually think they do.. I think they can tell when we don't feel good too!!! hugs