Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My friend Yasmin Mundaca, Illustrator, Artist and Graphic Designer was inspired by a photo of my Twinkle in her Halloween Costume when I entered Twinkle and Blue in a contest (they went as "Dancing with the Dogs")
and I am totally blown away with the results! She captured her perfectly. I love the "eyes". So many artists never seem to be able to capture the right look when it comes to the eyes. Yasmin has achieved perfection! That's my Twinkle! What a great honor to have such a talented artist paint my Twink!
Please take a moment to stop by Yasmin's blog.

She is a sweet and caring person with such a BIG heart, and a FANTASTIC artist!
Sometimes she's in Brazil, sometimes Portugal and sometimes Cleveland!!! She shares my love for animals and I'm proud to call her my friend.
She also has an Etsy shop filled with her fabulous prints! Here's a link to it:
Thank You, Yasmin! I adore the painting and YOU!
XOXO - Cindi


Mundo Mundaca said...

My sweet friend, you kill me with emotion ... I'm speechless!!!

Georgina said...

I LOVE THE PAINTING!! And I also just adore Yasmin...she has such a beautiful spirit!! Love the pic of Blue too!!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...this is a great painting of Twinkle! How darling is she in that Tutu! Love her other works too....thanks for the link to her Etsy store.

yoborobo said...

Holy moly, Cindi! I LOVE THAT PAINTING! lol! Yasmin is so talented. I am hopping over to her etsy shop just as soon as I finish my dessert - hahaha! You are so right. We all have far too much on our plates. I hope you get some time to create today. xoxox!!! Pam

sassypackrat said...

How adorable is Twinkle! What a fabulous painting of her!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Yasmin's painting of Twinkle is SO fantastic !
I just LOVE it !!
I'm off to look at her blog now !!!!