Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I was thinking last night about how I always have the TV on. I get up in the morning and walk downstairs, let the dogs out and turn the TV on. I make coffee, get ready for work, sit down at the computer and the TV is going in the background. Just before I leave, I corral the little ones up and scoot them into the laundry room. Leash up the others and flick off the TV.
When I return home after work, I walk in, let the dogs out, switch on the TV, change clothes and start dinner. The TV stays on until I go to bed.
Most of the time, I'm not even watching it. It's just background noise.
I do have my favorite programs like:
Modern Family
The Celebrity Apprentice.
And then I will start watching other shows before them, like
The Middle.
I admit that I watched most of "Dancing with the Stars"
but now that it's summer and everything is re-runs anyway and (sob) Oprah is gone, well...........
I've decided to leave the TV off. I get most of my info off of the Internet anyway and besides the Weatherman is never right. Nothing much happens around here in this town but the usual. If something DOES happen, my sister or co-workers can tell me.
Now I'm not going to ban myself completely. I WILL use it to watch my DVDs but I just thought that June 1st (which in MY mind is SUMMER!) would be a good time to turn it off!
Wish me luck! It might prove to be a hard habit to break since it's so automatic!


Georgina said...

Cindi, know what you mean. I used to do the same thing many years ago, but when I entered college, I just never had time to sit and watch except on Fridays, which I officially made a "study free" evening. But, all I did was rent movies and watched those.

Fast forward some years later and I turn on the radio in the a.m. to listen to my favorite local talk show, then shut that off after it's over at 10, then listen to my CD's the rest of the day...I love music. My hubby bought me a new 5 CD stereo, with radio, ports for an MP3 player or other electronic devices, even cassettes, for the studio after I had killed the last one.

I have a huge collection of CD's with all kinds of music. As my hubby said yesterday, "You're having one of those 99.9 moments..." that's the station that plays soft rock!! LOL I usually have a theme going, depending on how I'm feeling that day.

As for television, well, we still watch it at night and yes, the reruns are many, but we have the tier up from basic cable, so we can watch new shows that are popping up on those's our way of just spending time together in the evening. Plus, we love our Netflix movies too.

Wow, as usual, I got really mouthy, but then you know me!! LOL Cindi, just do what gives you joy and satisfaction, whether it be television noise, music or just the sound of your own voice!!


sassypackrat said...

Sounds like a fugal tip to me. Think of the electricity you'll save!

Anonymous said...

I lived without a tv for five years and never missed it for a second :-) But then I had my first hip surgery and couldn´t do much so I got me a new one :-) :-) Now I have a tv but barely watches it because blogs takes so much time :-)

I do like Modern Family but they have moved it to another channel so I can´t see it any longer.

Have a great day!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I do look forward to summer because there is not much on except that I am addicted to BravoTV but they rerun their shows so much that if you miss it can catch it later or later or later or the next day. When I first moved in this house I didn't have cable for like two years and barely got any channels. I read a lot and watched DVDs. I am embarrassed to say the main reason I feel I have to have cable is to watch BravoTV.