Sunday, October 2, 2011


I am on a self-imposed buying strike. Nothing but essentials.
I'm trying to get RID of stuff and not drag anything else home.
I am taking the last of my vacation days in about a week and since I'm broke, I'm staying home.
Clearing out the clutter, both in my mind and my house.
I would think about having a garage sale but I don't have a garage.
Ba Ba Bing!
Seriously though, the thought of a YARD sale makes my teeth hurt and I really don't think anyone would want to BUY my junk. So I will be bagging it up for Goodwill or dragging it to the curb.
It's amazing what people will take when it's free.
I MIGHT list some stuff on EBay but.....
I kinda just want it all out of here.
We will see.
I'm sick sick sick of all the clutter and I'm bound and determined to turn over a new leaf.
In the future when I need something, I will make every effort to recycle and/or rescue as much as possible.
That being said.....
LAST WEEK, I bought TWO outdoor, weather/water/stain repellent chair pads at a 75% discount at Target.  They had several but only TWO that would go with my DECOR.
And what did I need these for?
I cut all the tags and lacing's off of them and left the little loops.
I figured that if I need to "rinse" them off, I could and then hang them to dry outside by the loop.
At $3.74, I think I got a great buy. I only wish they had a couple of more.
 (Rosie and Louie)
 (Rosie and Louie)
(Rosie, Louie and Ruby)


Robin Kent said...

They are so cute! Looks like they like the 'beds'.
I did a big 'purge,' too. (barn) Felt tired but better afterwards. I still have to do the house where it matters most. Know I'll be less frustrated afterwards.
BTW, how's Rosie feeling these days?

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

I think Nova might have enough space to have one of those as a bed :-) But she preferes my bed :-) :-)

Why not put all things on ebay? You never know who is interested in what. Thankfully my cottage is so small I can´t have a lot of things :-) :-)

I hope You'll have a great vacation! I've saved my last week and compensation hours until Christmas and at the momentit feels like years until that happens :-) :-)

Have a great day!

yoborobo said...

You have my sympathy!!!! All I have done for weeks is try to get rid of stuff, either here, or at my mom's. I even dream about it - lol! Every little bit helps. Just do what you can. I have a new rule: an hour a day on getting organized. I'll be done in 2043. Come over, I'll show you my clean house. haha. xox! Pam

ODD imagination said...

I can hardly stand the cuteness! I would hug these little rascals every day! :o)