Friday, October 21, 2011


It's been a horrible week. Every night I just come home, take care of my critters and go to bed.
Even reading my Fav Blogs isn't helping. I can't think of a thing to say....
So, I reading but not really commenting.
Yesterday I decided to leave work on my lunch hour and treat myself to a Frutista Freeze from Taco Bell.
I thought maybe getting out and driving around a little bit as I sipped on a Freeze might pull me out of my funk. A block away from the drive-through my engine started making a loud whining sound, sort of like a siren. I pulled into the parking lot and it seemed to be not as loud.
I got my Freeze and I drove back to work. Everyone said it was probably a "belt".
I took the van in this morning. It's not a "belt", it's an "alternator".
OH SHUT UP! Terry Prince!
I think someone is "peeing" on my flowers.


Gillian said...

Pee is very good fertiliser if you dilute it... SHUT UP GILLIAN. Okay okay, I hear you.

Some days I feel "meh". Then I just decide not to. My brains works like that...because I force it to. It takes practice.

I hope you get your sparkle back sooner rather than later... try hard! Look at that pretty sunshiney day... at all those happy pets loving you to bits... and your blog-buddies like me wishing you well!
: ) xx

Anonymous said...

I´ve never heard an alternator make a sound of any kind in my life. But one can usually find used and repaired ones that doesn't cost that much. My garage usually looks for used and repoaired things if it is something expensive that has broken down, I hope Yours will do that too.

I cross my fingers for good luck!

sassypackrat said...

Better you got it taken care of straight away instead of being stranded somewhere. Plus you did get your Frutista Freeze. This is my glass half full attempt at cheering you a bit.

Georgina said...

Hey girl, all I can say is that sometimes you're the pigeon and sometimes you're the statue. We all have those kind of days, weeks, hell,'s a total bummer, but I'm sure you'll snap back to your ol' self...ya better!! LOL

Hang in there and yes, I hate those damn posters...give me a break!!


yoborobo said...

Oooh, am I late to the Whine Fest? I hate it when I'm late. I miss all the party favors! Well, what can I say except...yep, life gets like that sometimes. And your alternator went kablooey, too? Honestly, I think they have little timers in them marked "Here's the kick the bucket date!". It's like batteries in watches. Hang tough - xox Pam

PS Let's go water Terry Prince's weeds. he he.

Robin Kent said...

Maybe better to get all the bummer stuff over at once. It's hard, but in my twisted take, there's something comforting in the melancholy? Good to be able to lick your hurt. Just can't drown in it.