Monday, October 10, 2011


I've been using the last of my vacation days to work on cleaning, sorting and getting rid of STUFF.
I have TOO much stuff and I wasn't even sure what all I had.
I never work on any art projects because my art stuff is here, there and everywhere. I've been organizing like crazy. I'm filling boxes for Goodwill, tossing stuff and "barbecuing" old papers. (There is a burn ban in this town). I'm putting all my little bottles of paint together, rounding up my brushes, putting buttons into jars and beads into containers. I'm find things in drawers that I've forgotten were in there! Wow! I could probably never buy another ART supply again!
I'm trying on clothes and getting rid of stuff that doesn't fit NOW and getting rid of at least half or my T-shirt collection. I have so many darn MUGS that it's ridiculous. Yep, donating most and listing some on EBay.
I've been so busy inside that I haven't started on the YARD yet, but that is next.
I need to get THAT done before the weather changes.
So what am I doing blogging. I needed a break.
I Googled "Mess" "Clutter" "Unorganized" and stumbled onto a "Squalor" website.
OK, I am NOT in the squalor stage but then I started reading.
Apparently there are MANY stages of squalor.
First stage is being unorganized and becoming messy but still letting people inside.
Ah OH......
Guess I'm stage 2, where I don't want to let anyone in!
A little more than a week ago, the electricity went out on the block and I remember worrying about if the repairmen would have to come into my house to work.
OK, no...messy is not squalor but when I fantasy about modern minimalism, dishes in the sink and dust is embarrassing.
I guess I am secretly terrified  of into turning into an Edie.
Though I'd rather be Little Edie than Old Edie.
Here's just ONE of many videos of Edie at Grey Gardens.
This one makes me want to run outside and start working on the yard!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love Little Edie. I fear I could easily be her. I do have a nice collection of scarfs and broaches.

Robin Kent said...

Sounds like your cleaning tear is paying off. I wish I was at the organizing buttons stage after filling a 15 yard dumpster, but not yet.
I imagine it must feel good - like going on a squalor-free vacation with no return ticket!
(PS Grey Gardens and its characters fascinate me!)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I can watch this film over and over just to hear her amazing voice...I hope we never all have the same gardens...fight for the wild flowers. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart