Wednesday, October 12, 2011


but I have so much going on in my head as I clean and sort and well.....
This is the only kind of deer that you would find on my wall -

Another woman at work also took time off for vacation starting last weekend.
But she's going HUNTING.
We basically get along, as well as you could expect I suppose, given that she LOVES to hunt and fish.
We both pulled tendons in our arms recently. Hers was from a combination of "casting" as she fished. (?) and BOW-HUNTING.
Mine, I'm not really sure what I did. I'm always moving stuff and carrying stuff around at home and it's the arm I use to hold the leashes of large rowdy dogs at work.....
Just before we each left for vacation, I asked her to help me move this huge heavy plastic thing and as we were tugging it into the other room, she said not to mess up her arm again as it was almost healed.
I said, yeah- that it was my MASTER PLAN. to ruin her hunting weekend.
She started trying to explain again why she hunts.
There were others around at this point listening to us.
She said that she hunts for food. That her sister and HER family once were so poor that they depended on it to survive. I told her that I understand THAT.
I said I am a HUGE hypocrite. That I let others do my killing for me and hand it to me through a drive-up window, (although I don't eat pork and try to limit my meat intake to chicken.)
But I told her that what bothered me was the JOY and the EXCITED ANTICIPATION of the ACT.
I said that I felt that it should be done with GREAT SADNESS and REVERENCE to the SACRIFICE of LIFE. 
As I walked away I felt like the others were looking after me and thinking me odd.
Oh well...
I just don't understand how you can CARE for animals all week and then KILL them on the weekends.
But then, there is SO MUCH that I don't understand.


sassypackrat said...

I agree with you! You are not odd! The joy and excitement people feel about hunting is gross. Native people viewed hunting as a necessity but with reverence to the life that was taken to sustain them. If you need to hunt to survive, then by all means go for it but if you are doing it to kill something for fun, that I really don't understand.

Garden Girl☺ said...

This is why I would never be able to raise animals for meat. I would NEVER be able to do that. I would cry for dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys. :( I eat meat but I was looking at pictures of piglets on the internet one night and have not eaten ham since then.

Robin Kent said...

I don't think what you said as odd either. Native Americans had it right when they offer thanks to the animal's spirit for its sacrifice. Hard to come to terms with it all.