Sunday, October 30, 2011


So this whole thing about clowns got me to thinking about my sister. She hates CLOWNS. Not much really scares her but she hates clowns and mannequins.  I really think that you have to have a sister to really understand the bizarre relationship that they can share. They are the only person in the Universe that can drive you completely insane and yet you love with all your heart.
My sister is the only one that was actually THERE during our childhood and understands.
She's the only one that gets the inside jokes.
I remember once trying to play Pictionary with her and a couple of other friends and one of them got mad and said to "just forget it!" and wanted to stop playing. The reason was that I would draw a few lines and my sister would shout out the answer. This friend couldn't understand how some squiggles could be interpreted into a complicated answer.
A sister can be the only person on this earth who you can have ESP with and yet at the same time you can be polar opposites.
At least that is how I am with my sister.
And while I think that we are meant to be here to comfort and support each other, I also think we are here to torment each other. That is one of our missions in life. To push their "button" with GLEE.
I'm not sure why or where her fear of clowns started but I do remember the "mannequin incident".
She was a small girl and we were with our parents shopping in a huge old furniture department store. I remember it being mostly deserted and silent. No music played.
A big bore... following my parents room to room, looking at groupings of furniture. Of course my sister wasn't following.
She was running through the rooms, crawling under tables and hiding behind dressers. She didn't understand that she could be STOLEN even though I had warned her so many times. But I was walking behind my Mom looking back to see where my sibling had gone off to. Worrying.
The store was a stuffy old store and had oddities set all around. One of these odd things was a mannequin dressed as an older woman and sitting on a sofa. As we were getting ready to leave and walking towards the entrance I saw my sister sitting next to the mannequin.
I could see her dark little head bobbing side to side. She was probably talking to the "woman" and then she looked up and realized she wasn't real at all and screamed!
That weird mannequin totally freaked her out.
Like I have mentioned before, she is and has always been fearless. So fast forward many years when she's in high school and I am just out of school. She was working that night at her part-time job and I was at a friend's home helping her clean out the attic and what do we find?
A mannequin!
I was delighted!
We packed up the mannequin, drove over to my Dad's house for my sister's spare car keys and then drove to her workplace. In the dark, we put the mannequin in the passenger seat of her car.
If you don't have a sister, you probably just don't understand why.    
If you do have one, you probably completely understand.

Now fast forward to present day. I will sometimes see little clown figurines at Goodwill or whatever and if they are particularly freaky, I have to get them. Then every once in a while I will "plant" them someplace around my sister's flowers and yard. But I haven't done it for months.
I like the element of surprise and also I've been trying to be very frugal and I'm still sorting through things and clearing out.
It's a LESS is MORE kind of thing.
So I found these two in my cupboard. I had forgotten about them!
I was just going to set them on my steps next to the pumpkins...

but my sister works 3rd shift and I think they would be a nice Halloween surprise for her!


sassypackrat said...

LMAO!!!! I don't have a sister but I do have a brother. Even though I'm much older than he is we still always have tormented each other. Being a boy his torments and mine are more physical but I totally get what you mean. ;0)

Georgina said...

Oooh Cindi, you're so incredibly evil...that's why I love you!! LOLOLOLOL I too have a sister, but she's the oldest of the four of us and sooo bossy!! To this day she still tells me what I should do...oy!! Of course, as you say, we love them but also love tormenting them. I'm not much of a "tormentor," but I get my digs in whenever I can!! Another odd relationship is mother and daughter. I love my kid to pieces, but she's a royal pain in the gazorne...sometimes I love to hate her...kind of like my sister!! LOL

Oh well, I love the little clowns spread about....soooo funny!!

Have a great week and keep up that evil sense of humour...Mwa-hahahahahahaha!!


Anonymous said...

I'm like Your sister, I just can't stand clowns!! I hate them but I don't know where that comes from. Clowns and Santa Claus actually :-) I was relived when I found out he didn't exist :-) :-)

I do understand why You do those things :-) :-) even if I'm five years younger than my sister and more or less could be seen as an only child, they were so much older than me so we didn't do much together when I was a little kid.,

Have a great day!

oldblackcatboo said...

But Christer, he DOES exist!
:D :D :D

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Oooooh! this is a creepy trick to play on your sister...but I do like it. I try to find old bodies of mannequins to make into assemblages. You have been much more creative!!! Happy Halloween! Peace, Mary Helen

Robin Kent said...

I have your love/hate relationship - with not sisters (don't have any) - but clowns. Interesting to look at, but why bother...Now mannequins have a power that can be scary. Pretty funny to use on your sister! Hope she makes friends with them. Wouldn't want them as enemies.