Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yep! That's the part in my hair! See all the grey creeping out into all the other colors!
So I get to work this morning, I start work about an hour before we open and after I had let everyone out and back in and fed, I asked one of the techs to take a photo of my hair.
They are used to me and my strange requests.
I mumbled something about showing someone what my hair looks like. I don't phase them anymore and they are kinda used to seeing me with my camera.
I came to work with it wet and combed straight and here it is...not quite dry yet and NOT straight.
You can see the problem....
On Wednesdays I work a half day and after lunch I went to Great Clips with print outs of Jenna Elfman in hand.
I have gone to hair stylists all over town and spent all different amounts of money and I find that just because you spend a lot of money, you don't necessarily get a better cut. In fact a couple of years ago a friend gave me a gift certificate to the most elite expensive salon/spa in town and I got the WORST haircut ever!
My niece has been going to Great Clips and her hair is adorable.
So I gathered together my $12.00 and went in.
The stylist unfolded my print-outs and gasped -
It's really SHORT and STRAIGHT!
I KNOW, and
so she gathered it up into a ponytail and asked again -
So she cut the ponytail off. I could see her looking down at my part and grimacing.
OH! OK......

Afterwards I drove my van to the other side of the mall and tried to take photos of myself.
That was REALLY hard to do!
AND I HATE to post photos of myself.
I am always SHOCKED at how old and fat I look!
HOW did THAT happen?
So, I kept getting awful photos, just my fat face and not my NEW hair.
Finally I pulled the visor down and took photos with my phone.
My make-up has melted off my face.
Did I mention it's in the mid-80's again!
WHERE is FALL? and what happened to my eye make-up?
So, here's the BIG reveal!

Ha! Nita, you didn't think I'd do it, did you! :D


sassypackrat said...

Your hair looks good! And no worries my part has grey exploding out of it! ;0)

Sandy Mastroni said...

so cool to see a GLIMPSE of you
from what I see YOU LOOK GREAT

I'm so glad you look more like Jenna
nothing like Janet

what's your voice like ?
Maybe you look like Jenna but talk like Janet ?
ha ha ha

Nita {ModVintageLife} said... looks adorable! Maybe you should just go ahead and color it. So much for growing the gray out. You look too young to have gray hair. That is what I tell myself anyway. I'm with you on cheap hair cuts. I've gotten better haircuts at Supercuts than at fancy places.

yoborobo said...

You are so cute!!! WHY are we so hard on ourselves? Do men do this? I think not. Well, maybe young guys. Justin Beiber probably does. haha. Stop worrying - I love your new 'do. xox Pam

Garden Girl☺ said...

I LOVE your hair cut!It looks great!!!!!!!!!!

Georgina said...

Oh stop it,'re gorgeous!! We are our worst judges and I know, I'm my own worst next to my mother!! LOL

It's looking good, it. I had this really funny stylist years ago who told me her comb was not a magic wand!! LOL She said some women would come in with these pics of celebs and were very upset that they didn't look just like the pic...very funny. However, lovin' your 'do!! Also, you are one helluva funny crack me up.

Have a good one, my friend.


thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

Looks great!

Have a great day!

Kasey S. said...

Wow, what a difference! Your hair looks amazing. Thank you for stopping in and letting us be a part of such a bold move. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Kasey S.
Great Clips

Robin Kent said...

Love the 'do! Looks great with your looks or the part of it I can see. So contemporary and self confiden.! I don't think you look old or heavy at all. (Maybe it's all relative... I can identify often with the top photo.)

oldblackcatboo said...

Aw Shucks! I'm blushing....
but REALLY, take my word for it, below the haircut, it ain't that pretty, not so much wrinkly but just PUFFY!
But thanks so all the great comments/compliments!
XOXO - Cindi

Gillian said...

That's GOOD HAIR. I like it a lot. : )