Wednesday, February 29, 2012


OK. I have no idea what is going on!
I just came home from work and the green light on my modem is flickering and the phone has a dial tone! I ran to the computer and YES!  I have Internet!
The guy is coming tomorrow to disconnect my phone and set up the line for "wireless without a phone". When the guy came out to my house on Monday he said that there was NOT a problem with the line OUTSIDE (which would have been free to fix), so it had to be INSIDE, which would mean that I would be charged $110.00.
Luckily I wasn't home for him to get inside.
Whew! Dodged that bill!
So that's what got me thinking about possibly going with cable. But first I decided to call the telephone company and she waived the INSIDE inspection charge and new hook-up charge and I would start getting wireless for $10 a month less than I HAD been paying. Such a deal!
Today we are having 50 mile an hour winds...and everything is working (for now anyway.)
The phone line goes from the house and up through my weeping willow tree and across the backyard to the giant power pole at the corner of the yard.
Me thinks it was OUTSIDE!
SCAMMERS! Grrrr, Spit, Phew!
At least the customer service woman on the phone was nice.
So, now on to moderating comments.
I just posted Robin's question on the last post about "word verification" and I will answer her here:
Go to your Dashboard page, then to "Settings", then under "Comments" scroll done to "show word verification" and click on NO instead of YES.
BUT make sure you have checked ALWAYS under "comment verification"...
because as SOON as I took word verification off the comments I had a bunch of comments waiting in my email to be moderated from Anonymous and they were links to Porn, Body-Part Enlargements and of them had maybe 25 links attached to it! Luckily I had the ability to delete them all.
So there ya go! I'm going to go read some other emails now before the wind blows the line around and disconnects me again!


An Urban Cottage said...

I love the header. Very creative!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Lord have links from your wonderful blog!!! Peace, Mary Helen

Anonymous said...

I haven't had that problem since I left Blogger. But That's because I have to approve everyone that leaves a comment in my blog the first time. I do get that kind of spam though but WordPress removes it every time :-)

Have a great day!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Cindi. Will give it a try and hope to keep the creepy zombies out.
Have you read Billy Collins' poem called 'No Time'? i love his writings!
Source:Poetry (12/2000)

No Time
In a rush this weekday morning,
I tap the horn as I speed past the cemetery
where my parents are buried
side by side beneath a slab of smooth granite.

Then, all day, I think of him rising up
to give me that look
of knowing disapproval
while my mother calmly tells him to lie back down.