Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I started blogging in June of 2009.
It won't be long until it becomes 3 years. What started as a little hobby has taken control of my life.
I look at everything as whether it would make for a good "post". I'm on the computer all the time.
I want to change my blog around and bring more Followers in.
I want to treat it more like a Business and have it more organized around things I've created and/or written.
Instead I feel it's just become a hodge-podge of ramblings and rants...
and that's what Facebook is for right? LOL! Not my blog.
I choose the name OLDBLACKCATBOO, that was the name I used when I had sold some paintings on Ebay and I liked that it was in memory of my special little cat. My sister had thought it might make people think that my blog was just about cats and I had defended it by saying that it someone didn't like cats, I didn't want them to follow me anyway. While this still holds true, I don't want it to appear that it's only centered around cats and of course the funny thing is that I think that I've written more about my dogs!
Anyway, I digress.
I want to change things around and become more known by my name.
I've noticed that most Artists and Writers just use their names for their blogs.
I thought about using Cindi, but there is already a well-known author out there with my name and actually Cindi is just my nickname.
So I decided to use Cynthia. There was a famous Playboy bunny named that and that's what comes up first if you Google my name.
She apparently was the very first "Playmate" and also was in the "Valley of the Dolls" movie. She passed away this year.
There is also a glass artist that comes up right after that.
So, I guess it really doesn't matter what I go by but Cynthia is what I've decided on.
But back to my addiction with the computer.
I'm on Pinterest constantly. I love it. But then I still have to read all the blogs I'm following and leave comments.
and I check in on Facebook.
I've considered doing the Twitter thing too.
Then I have to figure out what to talk about on MY blog.
I find that ALL I do is TALK anymore. I never seem to DO anything.
I get some much JOY out of seeing that I have a comment waiting to be posted that I'm always checking to see if there's something that needs to be moderated.
I need to back away. and DO some stuff.
I need to REALLY work on my book about BLUE and I have all these ideas for an inspirational book about Kanga....
and I want to be painting again.
I need to sit down and figure out JUST how I want my blog to be and how I want it to look.
So....that's what I'll be doing. Working on things for awhile.
Actually DOING instead of just talking about it.
That being said, I'm not dropping out, just dialing back.
XOXOXO - Cindi


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Whatever you do for whatever reason....I always walk away smiling when I visit you Cynthia :0)! Continue on lady bug! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sandy Mastroni said...

yeah ?..... and when are you going to do the brown paper bag thing on your kitchen counter ??? ha ha
I feel the same way Cindi-Cynthia !!!!
and now I've got this Pandora thing going ...[ my new toy ]
we'll figure this all out . I'm thinking of not doing Face book , just blog and Flickr and Etsy

An Urban Cottage said...

I don't blame you at all. It's really easy to be consumed by all this. Sometimes I wish I could just close the computer and move on with my life without it.

Robin Kent said...

I thought I could feel the wheels turning slower. Your writings and rambling are always so interesting and heartfelt, I'll miss the frequency, but hopefully not miss any of the ones your choose to do. I only do my blog. Don't think I could handle anything more.
I find posting is a good balance to doing. Do/post/do/post, etc. Hope you find that balance and stay in touch. I look forward to it. xoxox

Christer said...

That's the problems with computers and the internet, we tend to get lost :-) :-) So many things to see and read so we forget the life outside this world :-)

Have a great day!

yoborobo said...

Cindi - blogger hates me. I am having SO MUCH FUN trying to post today. Not. I am dialing back, too. And I am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. ;) Happy weekend - xox!