Friday, October 25, 2013


I need them.
Someone at work asked me to do a painting of their dog.
"No rush" she said "Whenever".
That's been months ago.
I had it almost finished and she brought her dog to work and I looked at him and said
"Why is his face so skinny!?"
and of course it's always been a narrow little face
and I had painted a round-faced dog.
So I started over and then... just stopped.

I met my best friend for breakfast the other day.
Every time we talk I always end up feeling pumped up, motivated and ready to create something!
She is my biggest cheerleader and the most positive person I know.
We were talking about my Art and I was saying how I needed to get painting and then get my work out there.
I said that the vet clinic really needed some art work and that I had put some paintings up before and sold several but then I never made more.
I told her how the girls at work were always asking for my paintings.
But I haven't painted anything except for the Halloween pumpkins.

My friend and I got to talking about how I was missing a big opportunity
because most everyone that walks into the clinic loves cats or/and dogs.
I seriously don't know what my problem is.
Fear of Success?
Fear of Failure?
Massive Procrastination.
I don't think that I'm lazy, so there must be something stopping me.
Sigh, anyway -
I talked with the girls at work, I said that I needed to get a "bunch" of paintings done and then bring them in all at once and hang them.
I wanted to do it in one big swoop.
But when?
The clinic is always very very busy.
But the girls were so excited and that helped with my insecurities.
Then we got to talking how Doc would be out of town in mid-November for several days and that always slows the work pace.
He has a HUGE following. Mostly for his animal chiropractic procedures.
So that is the goal.
Three weeks to create as many paintings as possible.
Oh, the pressure!
But I think it's just what I need to get it rolling.
It's like my vacation that I just took.
I knew I only had a week and I crammed in as much work as I could.
So, I won't disappear. I will still need coffee breaks and paint drying breaks.
and there's the fact that I'm addicted to the computer! Ha!
Wish me luck!
and after these 3 weeks, I still have some other topics to ramble on about.
Stuff that I haven't shared yet.

Oh, and one last thing.
Is it just me or does that monkey 

kinda look like my Jimmy Chew?


Nita Stacy said...

I had this same conversation with one of my neighbors last week. She stopped by my house and found me deep in the middle of painting the living room and the dining room full of sweater pumpkins. She saw the latest painting I did for a customer and said, "You have no reason to be poor". "if I had all this talent, I'd be raking it in and so should you!" Of course she has a husband that pays for everything. She doesn't have to worry about paying bills and being inspired.

Deadlines work for me too. I used to get tons done if I had a show I was working towards. I'll be so glad when I have the living room and dining room done cause I to need to light a fire under myself.

I have customers all day long complimenting me on my good taste and help. I scribble down my blog. I must get cards. Cards for the blog. Cards for my design business and cards for dog paintings.

I'm feeling pretty good emotionally, lately. Which is a big deal for lets encourage each other!

Love sister from a different Mother!

sarah @ homeologymodernvintage said...

for me, the absolute most difficult part is simply starting a project. if i can manage to get that step out of the way (you know, just getting all the stuff out) i can get on a roll. but there's nothing like a deadline to jump start the motivation!

Anonymous said...

I'm much the same. I need that last date to get things going no matter what I do :-)

Yes that monkey does look a bit like Jimmy Chew :-)

Have a great day!

An Urban Cottage said...

I need deadlines too. I'm famous for starting things and not finishing them. I could paint a whole room, except for the bottom inch of the baseboards just because I hate doing that part. And then leave it that way for months. I'm learning to start with the worst part.

Yes! Jimmy DOES look like monkey! That's so cute.

Good luck with your project.