Saturday, October 12, 2013

SPEKULATIUS, Memories and a Question.

So, I was looking at a grocery ad and I saw Windmill cookies!
OK, they were calling them "Spekulatius Spiced Cookies" but they were Windmill Cookies
and I immediately thought "OH! I have to get some of those!"
Then I stopped and thought how I actually like so many other cookies more than those, so why?
Then it hit me. 
My grandparents always had Windmill Cookies at their house.
Hmm. I guess I like eating them because they make me think of my grandparents who passed when I was 12 and that was a zillion years ago.
So I was wondering, what "food" do YOU like just because of the memories?
And WHO is the memory of?


Anonymous said...

Well it would be my mothers meatballs, they have always been truly nasty :-) She really can't cook but is fantastic when it comes to gravey :-) So every time I eat a funny tasting meatball I think of my mother :-)

Have a great day!

An Urban Cottage said...

I've never seen these windmill cookies before. They're so cute.

My grandmother always had a bag of Heath bars in her refrigerator. (And RC cola.) I still think of her whenever I see a Heath bar.