Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Numbers and Color

What's my number?
This gets brought up now and again, usually it's someone at work 
or someone who doesn't REALLY know me, and I always feel my back go up on the topic.
Like a cat, my hair feels like it's standing up and I'm backing away.
Because people can be mean and hateful... for no reason.
It's about my numbers.
How many pets I have?
When asked on how many dogs I have, I generally say 4.
1. Blue
2. Nora
3. Jimmy
and 4. My herd of tiny dogs, (who run as a small pack so therefore count as 1)
with a handful of cats.

That's actually why I don't always post about every single one of them,
or if I do, I just randomly squeeze them in.
Kinda hoping they go unnoticed and uncounted
and then sometimes something HUGE happens and I just have to blog about it.
Like the clothesline post falling on Rosie
or when Griff had that tumor and so many old age issues.
but I don't write about ALL of them because either I fear judgement 
or because they are just so good that there is nothing exciting to say.
Sure, anyone with a lot of time on their hands could go through past posts 
or even zip over to my Flickr account
but why?
Why does it matter to people?
Working at a vet clinic and running the boarding kennel I see a lot of dogs who are the only dog in the family and to be honest, they are not always cared for or as happy as my own.
The other day I was talking to one of my kennel girls and she was telling me how a dog came in that reeked of cat pee.
Not dog pee but CAT pee.
She said it quickly filled the air with the odor so she bathed the dog and all of the bedding the owners had brought.
We felt so bad for that little guy.
Now here's the really odd part. The owner is someone who has questioned my "numbers" to me.
I've laughed it off and said Four as I always do but inside I was seething.
I asked my kennel girl if my dogs ever smell bad, I told her to be very truthful and I wouldn't be mad.
She just laughed and said "NO! I mean, your dogs don't even smell like DOGS!"
I felt relieved.
I do wash their bedding, daily.
Yes, it might sound extreme but really, I do it every night.
and I bathe everyone on a regular basis.
Especially Blue. I mean I sort have to because he's WHITE.
and he tends to have skin problems otherwise.
And the ones that need a "haircut"? I am fortunate enough to be able to supply my groomer with chocolate and alcohol in exchange for grooming.
I've also painted her several "signs" for her fruit/vegetable stand that she has at her farm.

Now, to the issue of color.
Yes, my house is mostly WHITE.
(My Blue)
I am trying to force myself to paint some rooms in other colors

but I like WHITE.
People shake their heads over pets and white but it's actually so practical.
You can bleach white.
You can scrub white.
I don't want camouflage or patterns to hide stains or dirt.
So, yeah. I'm constantly defending my choice of color.
Or lack of it. 
I've been told it's cold.
But it's not when covered in critters and Art and toys.
So there! I'm done with this rant
and on that note, here's my Vera.
Vera Wag.
I've had her for years and years and she's a perfect dog.
She too had a horrible story. One about being found running with another dog,
with her coat so matted that they didn't even know at first that she was a poodle.
There's of course more to her story but I'll leave it at this.
My perfect Vera.
Housebroken, loving and who has never caused a problem from day one.
and for those who might be counting, add her to your list.


sassypackrat said...

Vera is adorable! I know how well you take care of all your animals and you are right so many people with only one or two dogs don't care for them at all. My neighbor has between 2 to 4 Westies. We aren't sure of the real number cause they dig under the fence and run away and I've only seen 2 recently. Anyway these poor pups are outside a good 18 hours a day in all seasons, rain or snow or extreme heat and covered in mud all the time. They are the worst do owners I've every seen. My neighbor on the other side has just one dog who always is dirty an has untreated eye problems. I'm not the best doggie mommy in the world but my pup is fed, walked, played with, cleaned, groomed, loved and provided with medical care as needed.

An Urban Cottage said...

I was reading every word until I saw the photo with the portrait on the wall above Blue. I love that that. And then there were cats. And then the big finish with Vera Wag.

What were you saying?

Pamela Smallcomb said...

Next time around, I am coming back as one of your dogs. :) xo

Anonymous said...

QWould it really matter if they called You a crazy dog lady :-):-) There are much worse things to be called to be honest.

I usually have four or five dogs but then muý dogs are usually rather big :-) I'm not sure they call me crazy dog man but I'm pretty sure they think it :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!