Thursday, October 10, 2013

Working like a Dog?

So I worked like a dog yesterday.
I've completely cleared the ravine and started on terracing it.
I had a lot of brush and small trees to cut down.
I apparently cut one of the little trees at a sharp angle leaving it as a sort of "spear" jutting out of the ground.
Most of the brush was dried but had big clusters of round prickly burrs.

I was trying to weave in and under this stuff, cutting the branches without the burrs sticking to me and as I did this, I stepped on the "spear".
Luckily I had my thick old gardening Crocs on and the sole took much of it.
But still, it hurt and there was blood.
I figured I better go clean it out and bandage it up and as I was hobbled past my patio area and I suddenly realized that "dog" is not the proper word for my level of exertion!


Blue Dragon Arts said...

oh my, they could be cats they way they are lounging about! Good for you for so much yard work though, made me sweat just reading about it! would love to see pics of the terracing.

An Urban Cottage said...

That photo of the four dogs on the chaise lounge has to be one the cutest things I've seen in a long, long time. It just makes me smile!, I mean, I'm so sorry to hear about the foot.

Anonymous said...

Thos wounds can be nasty so keep a close yey on it for a while!

You and I really spend our vacations in very different ways :-) I'm more like Your dogs :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!