Sunday, May 3, 2015


Just a quick post before I go outside to work in the yard!
Today is my baby girl's birthday.


She's only 2!
I usually talk about Blue and my other dogs don't always get proper mention
but I do love them ALL dearly.
To be honest, Ping has a very special place in my heart even though I haven't had her as long as my senior dogs.
Sometimes that just happens. Someone creeps in under the radar and steals your heart
and she and Poppy have done that.
(SSSSSH, don't tell the others).
Poppy is the second youngest,

only 4 years old but she refuses to play with Ping.
In fact she will close her eyes if Ping runs up to her to play.
I'm not sure if Poppy is trying to just ignore her
or maybe wish her away.
I know this sounds INSANE but I have thought about getting Ping a playmate!
The others will play with her for a couple of minutes but then just walk away
and Ping is still ping-ponging around the room until she stops and sees they have all left.
Anyway, I love this little one.
(This is a photo of Ping when she somehow jumped up on top of the cabinet
and got into one of the cat beds so that she could look out the window!)

Other news
Yesterday after working the morning at the clinic, me and my sister took a little road trip.
We try to go to Sunnyfield's Garden Center every Spring
and last Christmas I had given my sister a handmade "gift certificate" which said
I would buy her one flower/plant from there.
So I bought her a plant and she bought some more!
and I bought a couple for my garden.

Speaking of my garden...
I woke up to rain this morning
and when it started to let up I went outside and took a couple of photos.
Here's my Gerber Daisy that I kept inside all winter.

My Lilacs are in full bloom and are almost done.

All my Hostas are growing HUGE and I'm not done transplanting them!

And this is one of my birdhouses sitting on one of my wooden boxes that I have "collected".
It's surrounded by my Lilies, a burning bush and a clematis

(It cost me $2.00 and is sitting on a stool that cost me 50 cents.)
I have decided to use all my STUFF that I can in my garden.
I plan on painting everything different colors.

Yep, I'm going to use what I can and donate the rest.....
that's the plan.

It's not raining any longer!
I MUST get outside.
Have a wonderful SUNDAY!


tammy j said...

oh dearest bean!!!!
those adorable little faces looking up at us!
maybe YOU could be ping's playmate... then when they see that ... they'll ALL want to play.
kids are like that. LOLOL.
i LOVE the sound of your garden with all different things in different beautiful colors.
can't wait to see it!
you have a GREEN thumb.
seeing the lilacs takes me right back to wonderful memories of upstate new york. my favorites.
i'm hoping to awaken to rain tomorrow myself. for sure on tuesday anyway.
i love this happy post... and the new look of your blog. it's just so uplifting! and well...
happy birthday little ping pong!

Cheerful Monk said...

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Cynthia Myers said...

They ARE pretty sweet, those too.
I play with Ping but if it gets too intense then Nora kinda freaks like I'm being hurt or something and runs around in a panic. Or Jimmy will jump in and start a little fight.
I won't actively look for anyone else but I am constantly turning away pets (although I do my best to help find them homes) so unless the perfect one shows up, I'd say don't worry about me getting anyone else. LOL!
Yeah, I got the idea as we walked around the Garden Center and I noticed all the tables and things and I suddenly thought I'd make my own garden kinda like that too!
I hope you get rain tomorrow and I'm glad you like this post and the look of the blog!

Cynthia Myers said...

I DID have a really good day!
I'm exhausted from weeding and sunburned too. I didn't think it was that hot but now I'm noticing it in the mirror.
But of course I do burn pretty easy and now all my freckles have returned!
I'll probably be sore tomorrow because I'm moving my fence around and I lugged wood posts across the yard and I mixed cement in a bucket and staggered over to the post holes to set the posts, but even if I end up sore, it will be a good sore!
I hope you had a Wonderful day too!

denise said...

They are both cuties but that Ping is a beauty in that photo.

If you get her a playmate, that new munchkin might not want the play in playmate either. :)

I can't believe the flowers you have already! There's a blogger in Vancouver that has a garden full already. My tulips just popped into bloom. I do live in a shaded area and am always a bit behind but this is crazy. I think we're all a little behind this season here in the Northeast. It only started to feel like Spring a few days ago.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Oh my goodness! She is adorable. I can't believe she jumped that high. My toy poodle has 4 cat siblings and thinks he is one of them, so he would like that cat bed. xoxo

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you, I do think she's very pretty!
A new playmate would have to be another Toy Poodle because for some reason, she always goes to the other poodles to play first before she tries anyone else. And it would have to be young and with lots of energy and of course, it would need to be someone who needed a home, I would never go out and buy chances are not good. :)
The weather has been indeed weird.
Yesterday it hit 80 and that's unusual but I'll take it! LOL!
Hey, thanks for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

I know! It's so high that I think she had to have taken a scary route... like jump on a kitchen chair, then the table, then leap a couple of feet! I hope not, but it's kinda high otherwise.
I just found her there, so who knows!
(but the cabinet has been moved now! LOL!)
Ping tries to play with my cats but they shrug her off and run away. Except for Charlie, he wrestles but he's so much bigger than her that I worry.
Thanks for commenting!