Wednesday, May 20, 2015


OK, You might want to grab a beverage, and get comfortable because this is one of my longer post! LOL!
So, here is my BIG news.
Actually it's two things, but they are sort of tied together.
At least in my mind.
The first thing is, I am no longer going to feel like this:

I've been feeling like this for a very long long time.

Much too long and I'm finally going to do something about it.
No, I'm not quitting my job.
Well, not quite yet.
But I shall see what manifests and then be OPEN to it.
I'm talking about practicing the 
If you aren't familiar with it, I found some definitions and clarifications by Remez Sasson
and you can find more HERE
  1. This law is a manifestation of the creative power of the Universe.
  2. It is through this law that everything is created: galaxies, planets, metals, rocks and even plants, animals and people.
  3. Like attracts like.
  4. Thoughts attract corresponding situations and circumstances.
  5. You get what you think about.
  6. You attract into your life whatever you focus on.
  7. Positive thoughts attract positive events. Negative thoughts attract negative events.
  8. If you entertain feelings and thoughts about hardships and obstacles, then this is what you get.
  9. If you keep thinking and expecting success, and don't allow doubts enter your mind, you will eventually achieve success.
  10. It is not enough just to wish for something, you need strong desire and faith to manifest what you want.
  11. In order for your thoughts to manifest, you have to repeat them often, and add feelings, desire and interest.
  12. The mind acts like a magnet.
  13. Similar energy attracts similar energy.
  14. Your thoughts determine the way you live.
  15. This law is used by everyone, though mostly unconsciously.
  16. Filling the mind with worries and anxieties brings stress and unhappiness.
17. Filling the mind with happy thoughts will attract happiness into your life. 

So, you might be asking what made me decide this and the answer is...
I'm tired of petty people sucking the joy out of my life and causing me stress and unhappiness. 
I had ANOTHER incident happen (I won't go into it here but) and I had to defend myself and straighten out what had actually transpired and... I'm done.
Done with the politics, cliques and general meanness.
Life is too short.
I'm focusing on what I want in my life and kicking the negativity behind me. I'm going to visualize myself into a better happier life!
Now, for the second part of BIG NEWS.

I've used visualization before but not a huge grand scale.
I've done it without actually even thinking about it.
I thought about my little Poppy when she was someone else's dog and boarded with me often. I was actually driving home and the thought of her popped in my head and I found myself thinking about her when my cell phone started to ring and I pulled over and it was the receptionist from work calling to tell me that Poppy's owners wanted to know if I would adopt her.
Another time I was at work and saying that I won't mind some day having a little dachshund, I was very specific. I said I wanted a smaller one, a female, a dapple and her temperament had to sweet and loving. Not even 10 minutes later, a woman walked into the clinic with a dog that was exactly as I described. The co-worker I had been talking to got wide eyed and then we were both shocked when the client told me I could have her if I wanted her.
So I guess I visualized them into my life.
A few posts back I was saying that I wish I had a energetic playmate, a poodle for my toy poodle Ping.
Pretty much all my other dogs are elderly and just don't want to play with her.
So when my friend who works at the Humane Society, asked me to paint her little dachshund (the painting I just posted a few days ago) I told her that I'd give her a discounted price if she'd keep her eyes open for a Toy Poodle with LOTS of energy and it had to be female. She laughed and said "Of Course!"
Now I want to point out that I am almost daily turning down dogs. 
You would not believe how many people offer to give me their dogs and I say No!
Recently I helped find homes for 2 Labs and now I'm trying to find a home for a Doberman.
(The Labs were victims of divorce and the Dobie, the owner is moving out of the country.)
Then the other day, four little tiny Shih-tzu mix puppies came in to be fixed from the Humane Society. One of the little females didn't have a home yet and one of the techs held her up to the window to me and I mouthed the words back to her
"She's not a Toy Poodle" and shook my head No.
I telling you this so that you know I don't drag home EVERYONE, although it might seem so.
Well, my friend text me again that she loved her painting and she had a little dog for me to meet but it wasn't a poodle. I told her I'd stop by on my way home but I highly doubted it because I wanted someone like Ping.
When I got there, she took me to a room and brought the dog in. I was told she was just over a year old and they thought she was maybe a  Shih-tzu mix?
After meeting her I think she's likely a Yorkie and maybe Affenpinscher mix.
The little dog walked in on a leash as my friend slipped it off and she just zoomed around the room! She was so happy! She jumped up and down and all around and when I called to her she flew into my lap. I couldn't help but laugh at her.
Apparently she had been fostered while she had her puppies!

Those puppies were HER babies.
Then she was adopted for 2 weeks, only to be returned because she had an ear infection and the people didn't want to deal with it.
So my friend had been caring for her at the shelter, treating her ears and she had just been given the OK to go to the Adoption Floor by their Doctor that very day.
My friend was in love with her and wanted her to go to the right home after all the little dog had been through in her short life.
The Director of the Shelter came in and laughed at me. She is a very good friend of mine too and she said
"I thought you wanted a Poodle!". I told her yes but most importantly I wanted high energy and a SWEET dog.
She knows me very well and she said she thought the little dog would be a perfect playmate for Ping. 
So here's the funny cosmic part. Or at least I believe it to be so.
Her name is Toodles! I told them that I had been thinking and saying POODLE but apparently the Universe heard Toodles!
Everyone laughed and I took her home last Thursday.
She walked in and greeted everyone right on the spot..
She was a bit of a mess from all the ear meds and being in the shelter.
She immediately started playing 

and then a miracle happened, she wore out Jimmy Chew.
When he gave up, she and Ping played

until I grabbed Toodles and gave her a good bath which she loved. Then I set her down and she was back to playing.
Every day since, all she does is play with Ping. they are even sleeping together.
The best of buddies.
Blue just watches her from his sofa and sometimes she will grab Nora's ball and RUN and Nora will chase her around to get it back and finally she will drop it and go back to Ping or Jimmy and play.
In fact as I type this, all three of them are tumbling and bouncy around the room.
It's amazing how this just clicked and worked.
I do plan on changing her name. I've tried out several.
I thought about ZIGZAG but she doesn't answer to it.
I've called her Tallulah but that's kind of a long name to say.
I tried calling her Tammy, because she's so sweet but she didn't come to that either.
I like the name Swoosie but I find it hard to say repeatedly.
Today I've been calling her Evie. So that might be her name.

So, maybe it's a stretch in some peoples mind but I clearly see this as a product of positive thinking and the power of visualizing the perfect dog to fit in the final puzzle piece of my fur family.
I think it was so easy because I believed it could be so in my heart.
Now, I must work on the rest of my life.
To remain positive, to have faith in knowing it WILL be so!
That HAPPINESS is in my power!
So, to me...that's BIG NEWS.


tammy j said...

i completely believe in the law of attraction.
the first time i read it was in the early 70's. you can still find the little book ...
written by doctor venus bloodworth. the name of the small book is 'the key to life.'
it's FABULOUS!!!
you might check it out on the net just for fun. i read almost a whole synopsis of it that way.
and the new family addition...
i think you could call her
toodles! another play on the universe translation of your vision. hahahaha. XOXO♥
hugs to every member of your little family. . . AND YOU!
you're just the greatest think since gluten free sliced bread!
LOLOL!!! ♥♥♥

Nita Stacy said...

She looks like a little maniac! High energy in deed. So nice that Ping loves Franklin still prefers Sally over Harvey. I used to practice the power of attraction early in my life...I didn't even know what it was day dreaming or planning but many of the things that I planned did occur. I got out of practice of it after some not so good things happened and I thought I was silly to spend so much time thinking of how I wanted things to be. I even had thought about living in this neighborhood long long ago. So I'm going to do it too...I'm going to start imagining again the future I really want.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia.

First of all, a hearty congratulations on your new family member. Toodles/Evie is adorable. (Personally, I would have kept the name Toodles but if that's what her former humans called her and if they were not good owners, she may not want to be reminded of her previous life through that name.) It sounds like she fits in amazingly well with all the others and it's nice to know that Ping has someone who can keep up with her and who will cuddle with her too.

As for the positive thinking -- I think that instead of "thinking" they should call it positive believing. Because I don't think it's enough to change your thoughts, I really think you have to truly believe that you deserve better and that good things are not only possible but that they are a natural occurrence. Have you ever heard of Louise Hay? She wrote a book called "You Can Heal Your Life" and I highly recommend it. I can honestly say that it changed my life because it made me change the way I "talked" to myself. A lot of us go through life being nice to everyone around us, saying encouraging and supportive things to others but when it comes to ourselves, we can be very harsh and critical. Sometimes we are downright verbally abusive to ourselves when we make a mistake or do not do something as well as we had hoped. That is so harmful to our psyche! I think that when you go through a lifetime of criticizing yourself and focusing on the bad instead of the good, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy and it just never ends.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with the new dog and with your new outlook on life.


CheerfulMonk said...

Yes! This post was worth waiting for. I'm so happy for you all! And I'm so glad you're saying no to negativity. As you say, life is way to short to waste it.

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm so glad you weren't disappointed!
I'm definitely going to Google that book. Thank you for suggesting it!
I'm still not sure about her name but I've narrowed it down to either keeping Toodles or Evie. She's been running right up to me when I call her Evie, so... who knows.
Thank you SO MUCH for all your KIND words!

Cynthia Myers said...

She IS a maniac! LOL!
Just a moment ago she was running full tilt from the front of the house to the back and back again! But she is also the sweetest little thing. When I scoop her up all she does is give kisses.
I understand just what you are saying about being positive and thinking/dreaming how you want your life to be and feeling silly because I think the negative people have made us feel that way. Just today I was talking to someone close to me and I started to describe how I wanted to imagine my life and she kept interrupting and telling me to go back to school. When I said I'd be in my 60's by the time I finished and how it's hard for someone that age to find a job and how there's nothing I wanted to go to school for but how I wanted to simplify my life and work on creating Art and books....she made me start to feel embarrassed and silly as I said it and as I drove away I felt like I was going to cry. Then I realized that it's NOT silly! That if I can dream it, I can do it. I think we have let others beat us down in the past and we need to push their words away, distance ourselves from that and think happy and positive thoughts. The same person shut her eyes and shook her head as I told her about my little dog...sigh.
That hurt my heart but I have to let that kind of thing go and focus on Happy!
XOXO to Nita! You can do it!

Cynthia Myers said...

Your comment really hit home to me.
In fact it brought tears.
Thank you thank you for these wise and caring words. I will make sure to find that book.
You are so right, when it's worked in my life, it's only because I believed it and I wasn't just wishing it.
I hate to admit this but I don't think a day goes by that I'm not upset with myself in some way. And I always feel like I haven't gotten enough accomplished in a day. You hit the nail on the head. I have to get that book! Thanks again.
And little Toodles or maybe it's Evie has finally given up for the night and is curled up in a little ball with the others.
Yep a perfect fit!
Thanks for the great comment!

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes I am going to change my way of thinking and of believing!
Life is too short not to be Happy.
I'm sure there will be some days that are harder than others but I will focus on what I am grateful for and what my life will soon BE.
After crying several days in a row at work, something finally snapped in my head and told me that I had to step out of this miserable state of mind I was in and do something.
... and I'm so glad that this post was worth the wait! LOL!
XOXO Thank so much!

tammy j said...

evie it is!
yes. perfect.
and cindi...
the lady who was the downer and knew EXACTLY what you should do...
people like that will always tromp on your vision.
and VISION is is.
not a hope. not a dream.
the little book i spoke about says to keep it secret and close to your heart. she says it's very important to do so.
at first i didn't understand that.
but that encounter with the lady is the precise reason.
we are affected by those people... like it or not.
i'm so glad you brought this all up again. i intend to get venice's little book ... it's a treasure! and i also want to own louise hay's book grace spoke of too. i've read it but i want to own it. to hold it and re read it.
she's beautiful! in her 80's and totally inspiring. she beat cancer. and early abuse as a child.
she's just amazing.
i'm as excited as you are now! LOL!
this post was wonderful.
sorry for this overlong reply.
sigh. as always! XOXOXO

Cynthia Myers said...

Yeah, I'm thinking it might be Evie because every time I say it she stops what she's doing and runs to me.
Toodles is cute but, I don't know.
and yes, this "lady" also said to me that she agrees with her husband in his observation that people who don't have an education have no right to expect better. That it's their own fault for not getting a degree that would enable them to make more money.
Of course she knows that I don't have a degree....
And when I told her about Evie, after the sneer, she said - I thought you weren't getting anymore dogs.
And then there was a comment about what I was wearing but, Whatever!
I'm not being positive here! LOL!
I must think positive!
I have my fingers in my ears!
I can't hear her, even in my head! I'm deleting her words from memory!

and I don't think this is an overlong reply at all!
I LOVE that I have my blog friends that I'm able to "talk" to and I hold these conversations close to my heart!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...


Awww. Thank you for your kind words about my comment.

As you eloquently described in your blog post, there are no coincidences. The universe responds to the energy we put out there. (When I read your post on Tuesday, I had no idea what you meant when you said you needed to improve your "enunciation" but, of course, now I think it's hilarious.)

I think your post last night came at a really good time for me too. I think that every once in a while we all need to be reminded to focus on the good instead of the bad for our own peace of mind so that we don't get mired in negativity.

Although I do believe we create our own "reality" I don't agree with your friend about how a person's station in life is automatically better if they go to college and that it's their fault if they didn't. Unfortunately, our society values and rewards certain skills and talents more than others. Why should an artist or writer give away their work when people who have other skills and talents are able to charge through the nose for them? You are such a creative artist and writer and people just expect you to give away your art for free. Somehow it's okay to ask an artist to give away their work but we'd never dream of asking a plumber or attorney to work for free. I think a lot of it has to do with devaluing our own creativity and our own abilities. In recent years I have met so many creative people who seem to have a hard time marketing themselves. I don't know why that is -- it's not as though creating art isn't hard because it IS. Not everyone can draw like you can. Not everyone sees the world in the quirky way you do. Your paintings show such a droll unique perspective that so many people don't have and will never have. But everyone who sees your artwork connects with it and is touched by it because it is so thoughtful and amusing.

I think art and literature are just as important (if not more for some of us) than science or technology but because you can master art and literature without a degree, they are not valued as much. It's just crazy. Science and technology have made my life easier in some ways but it wouldn't even be worth living without art and literature. You are so lucky that you are able to create both and bring so much pleasure to others with your creativity.


Cynthia Myers said...

It's been a bit of a long day for me today and I finally sit down and find this comment and you've got me crying again!
But don't worry, they are Happy Tears, Joyful and full of Gratitude. I am overwhelmed by the friendship I have found here in blog world.
(I wish you had a blog I could visit!)
Once again, your words meant so much.
I know that you are right, that education doesn't make a person any better than another and they are not necessarily smarter either. I have known several "book smart" people who are completely clueless in the social sense and reversely I've known people who didn't graduate but pulled themselves up and learned on their own and were quite successful.
and Omg, you are so right about creating Art for free.
I hate to admit this but I illustrate all the monthly posters at work that hang in the front lobby. Clients are always telling the receptionists how much they like them.
And I drew out a rough sketch for the clinic's logo and Doc took it to someone at a design company who cleaned it up on the computer and it's now our logo.
I painted cat and dog faces on pumpkins for the clinic and I picked out and planted all the flowers and....
I didn't get paid anything extra for any of it.
It's just expected.
But, OH well! That's in the past and I am Positive Believing myself into a new happy productive artistic life that I will make a good living at!
Yep, I'm repeating that over and over and believing it into reality!
Oh, this is running really long!...
Thanks again for EVERYTHING but then again, it was meant to be!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Your new addition is adorable! And perfect! And it must be the attraction you are talking about. xoxo Su

Doreen@househoneys said...

I'm not sure the Law of Attraction works. I've been dreaming about waking up to find Clooney lying next to me, walking to the mirror and seeing Gisele Bundchen staring back, and looking at my back statement and seeing a balance that would rival Bill Gates. Go figure.

Your new pup is perfect! I vote for the name Toodles. Fits her energetic personality :).

People don't value artists' work as much as that of 'professionals' because they know they are compelled to create, in other words, you have to hate your job (like most do), dread waking up every day and going to work, and dream about retirement for anyone to respect and value what you do. Crazy world we live in.


Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Su,
I do think she's a cutie-patootie!
Definitely meant to be type of thing.
She's fit in perfectly!

Cynthia Myers said...

LOL! You are too funny!
and if it worked that way I would have George Clooney!!! HAHAHAHAHA!
But it's not like magic or a wishing type of thing. At least that's not how I understand it.
It's more about being positive and believing the possibility into reality.
Hard to explain... but if you want something to be and FOCUS on it, not just wish for it, you unconsciously line up other things in your life to make it possible.
OK, I'm not explaining it right...
Here's an example. There was a woman who wanted to visit France. She believed that some way, somehow she would even though she didn't have the funds for it.
Because she BELIEVED it, she went and got a passport. Then one day someone she knew had to back out of their trip last minute and because she had believed and gotten her passport, she was able to go! If she hadn't believed it in the beginning, had faith that it would happen, she wouldn't have been ready.
I'm still not explaining properly but I do believe we have the power to make things happen.
Not physical changes like making my old body look like Taylor Swift's or waking up to a movie star but...
I think you can pull like-minded people to you!
Like all my blogger friends!
I don't think it's an accident that I've crossed paths with such wonderful people!

and YES, what a crazy world we live in where people are paid millions of dollars to run around after a ball and teachers who teach in poor underfunded cities trying to help little kids actually learn are paid so little.
Yep. Crazy.
Thanks for commenting!

sassypackrat said...

Congrats on your new pup! I really need to try this type of thinking. I feel so negative all the time, even when good things happen.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Jen!
I adore her already!

YES, please try this. Sometimes I think when we have negative people around us all the time, we start being negative too because we are just used to it and we can't have a Happy life if we don't think positive!
Good Luck!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Just blog-hopped over to your blog, which was quirky because yesterday while de-cluttering and reorganizing my books I put my favorite on the coffee table to re-read. It's called, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. In the 1980's I read an article about the best advice you ever received. A movie star said someone gave him this book and it changed his life. This book was written long, long ago (Dr Murphy died in 1980) and IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Still being re-printed. It's only about $15, but the best money you can spend. I have given it to many people and I used it in Career Workshops while I was a training manager.

leslie said...

i've tried the law of attraction, and visualizing, and sometimes it's worked and sometimes not. pretty sure it's me not always doing it right.

your story is great. welcome to the newest member of your family. the world is sure lucky to have you, c.

Cynthia Myers said...

At R C,
I'll call you RC, since I don't know your name. :)
Thank you so much for the recommendation!
I ordered it off of Amazon for less than $10.00 and I can't wait to read it.
It definitely must have been a meant to be, to have you blog hop over here!

Cynthia Myers said...

You are so sweet to say that!
Yes, I think that Law of Attraction can work but I think it's hard to get our minds in that mindset sometimes because of all the negative people and things whirling around us.
But, I'm going to do it! In fact I already am feeling some of the effects!
Thanks for commenting!