Saturday, May 30, 2015


I'm back!
I went home sick from work Tuesday and Thursday
and I had off Wednesday so that helped.
But I had to work yesterday because I had someone coming in for a job interview.
I lead her around and showed her everything that we do in my boarding area.
I told her about the hours we would need her
and she stood and watched me and the head vet tech try to get an angry cat into a kennel. 
This is an actual photo of the cat:

Anyway, I also happen to be boarding a Rabies Watch, a quarantined dog that has to stay the mandatory 10 days before it can be released by a Veterinarian.
Actually most of our quarantines tend to be nice friendly dogs and the bites were not really their faults.
I mean it was a stranger coming into the yard type of thing or a little kid being rough or not playing nice...
But once in a while we do get some that we have to be very cautious with.
I was still coughing and it was raining hard outside and I just didn't have the energy to sugar coat the job.
I mean really, they need to know that it's not just playing with puppies.
So.. she said she had to discuss the hours with her husband but I know that
I will never see her again. I could read it in her face
and she had no enthusiasm for the job .
Oh well.
I do have another interview scheduled for Monday
and she sounded excited, so I'm crossing my fingers!

I do have a lot to share, lots of stuff about positive thinking/believing
and how it's already begun to work and people and things coming into my life,
but... I'll save it for later.
I need to get to bed.
I had to work today and then I tried to move some bags of cement out of my vehicle with a dolly and when it dropped on the dolly,
the top metal bar slammed forward and hit me hard in the side of the head.
I was rubbing the pain away and trying not to cry.
So I got it together and pulled another bag out of the back of the van, making sure to turn my head this time
and the dang thing hit me so hard in the nose that I thought it was broken at first.
I have a small nose and it was on the top of it, on that bone about halfway down.
I went inside and iced it and left the other two bags in the van where they will stay.
Obviously I'm an idiot, but I hope my neighbors weren't looking out their living room window that runs next to my driveway
or they might have had a good laugh.
So I've done some laundry and tried to catch up on a couple of people's blogs but...
I've got to get to bed because I have a busy day tomorrow.
I just want to thank everyone VERY MUCH for all the well wishes.
It really meant A LOT to me.
I mean that!
My sister did call today to see if I was feeling better yet
and I told her that she could cancel the funeral 
to which she she replied "Funeral? All I had done was rent a backhoe".
I know that she's kidding but still, it was so nice to have you all check in on me and... "everything".

I'll leave you with this story.
This is Addy,

a little dog that I've taken care of for YEARS. Her mom dropped her off for boarding yesterday and said this is the last time she will be staying with me.
Her family is moving to South Africa. Her owner said Addy's airfare will cost more than both her and her husbands and their child's combined.
So you know what they are doing? They are buying her a ticket!
Because THAT'S WHAT YOU DO when you move!
You take all your family members with you! Yep, FINALLY a happy ending story.
(Although I will miss her very much.)

Again thanks! I hope to post again soon with paintings and good stuff.


CheerfulMonk said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, but I'm sorry you couldn't have had more time off. Addy's humans warm my heart. :)

Good luck on hiring someone who loves animals and wants the job!

Hartwood Roses said...

Best to make sure that any potential hire totally understands the good AND the frustrating, not-so-good with the job they applied for. If not, you're gonna end up with an employee that doesn't stick around once the going gets 'real'.

I totally understand the frustration/wanna-scream-and-cry that you were feeling. Triggered by something seemingly minor (not that being hit in the head with the handle of a dolly is minor, you understand), all the pent up feelings spill out. Usually I cry and swear. Catharsis.

Love the feel-good Addy story. Those are good people.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Didn't know whether to laugh or cry for you, but of course with the picture of dropping the cement on the dolly and whacking yourself, not once but twice, laughing overcame my sorrow for you! Hope you get better soon. Loved the doggie story. Made my day.

tammy j said...

oh good lord. on top of a bad cold... a concussion and a broken nose.
i think you might have two black eyes after that.
i hope you find some GOOD help soon.
cats like the one pictured scare me to death.
i lived next door to one. i would pet her for a little while and then out of nowhere and seemingly for no reason she would do that face and draw blood from me! i fell for it every time. she was so beautiful.
she was the neighbor's cat. maybe she just didn't like having me for a neighbor! LOL.
still doing the positive visualizations here too! i believe them.
they do work! it's just keeping the momentum.
love addy's story! and the happy ending. XOXOXOXO♥

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm just happy that I had my day off in the middle of it all so that it didn't hit my pocketbook so hard and I was able to take more time than I usually would. Also I had a few sick hours left so I'm fine.
When I was in high school, I was never allowed to stay home sick. My Dad always made me muscle through it so it feels strange to take too much time off and honestly, I start going into panic mode emotionally. I don't know if that makes sense but...I'm so much better now. Just an occasional coughing fit and a few pains including the top of my nose!
Thanks for your kind words.
I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrows interview!
And I'm so happy that Addy has a happy story too!

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes, a sometimes a good cry helps me but I'm definitely a crier anyway.
I swear too but only for special occasions. Being hit by the dolly would have been one but I reined that in since the neighbors have their little grandson living with them and I wasn't sure if their windows were open or not.
I agree about not so good stuff. I tell them that they will have to work every holiday but that's not always true. I try to be fair about it but I think it's best if they think the worse and then they are pleasantly surprised!
Yes, Addy's people are really GOOD people! Thank goodness!

Cynthia Myers said...

I know! If it didn't hurt so much, I would have laughed.
I'm dumb and dumber, all by myself!
Finally I'm feeling better! Thank you so much for the well wishes!
And I glad that Addy's story made your day!

Cynthia Myers said...

It's a miracle but my eyes didn't turn black!
I'm glad that I thought to apply ice right away.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE cats but still, I hate when they act that way.
Of course, to me, that makes it a challenge.
It makes me bound and determined to get them to like me.
It doesn't always work but I've had a few times where super mean cats ended up loving me. One was so bad it would "scream" if you got near it's kennel. Towards the end of it's stay, I made a video of it rubbing up against me per the owners request, so she could see that her cat really could be nice. The owner was amazing but kinda irritated too.
(Yep, people can be strange.)
It doesn't always work, but I'm thrilled when it does.

I believe too!
The other day when my dizziness started to go away, my first thought was 'Tammy said she'd worked on my dizziness! her thoughts are working! LOL!'
and I've had a few other things happen lately too! I'm so excited!

I'm so thankful that Addy's family did the right thing.
I just got done finding two Labs a home and one turned out great and the other...awful. I'm just so glad to have a happy ending to this one!
Thanks again! for EVERYTHING!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Ok, is it terrible that I kinda laughed when you got gabonged? Just a little?

Can't believe that about the airfare. Why in the world is it so expensive? I took Charlie to Singapore and that wasn't the case at all. Glad they're doing the right thing, but that kind of stuff just perpetuates dogs and cats being abandoned,

I hate it when someone says 'I'll check with my husband'. It's such bullshit. This isn't 1902. It's just a 'socially acceptable' way of brushing people off without having to come right out and say 'I'm not interested'. Hang in there. You'll eventually find the right person for the job.

Cynthia Myers said...

It's OK, I would laugh too.
and yes, I have no idea why it costs so much but she said at least Addy won't be quarantined.

I SO AGREE! about that "check with my husband" line.
And even if it WAS true, then I'd be afraid that she wouldn't be available to work when I need her sometimes...because her husband might make other plans. :p
Thanks for commenting!

leslie said...


three cheers for addy's people. seriously.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yeah, ouch. Both my face and my ego!
and yes, thank god for Addy's people.
there's hope left in this world.